Five Features that Will Distinguish the Best School Management Software from the Rest

When it comes to schools, there is no magic bullet. Each school has a different curriculum, different motives and different approach to teaching and learning. However, school administration makes the difference in managing and developing respective schools.

Modern Schools Need an Efficient School Management System

Undoubtedly, school administration plays a vital role in the development and success of any school. A responsible and well-groomed administration of a school, works for twelve months in a year. Additionally, their duties vary from developing curriculum, managing fees to disciplining the students. Since school administration is so critical and complex, why not empower them with a fully scalable and easily customizable School Management Software.

Of course, when you are ready to invest in a quality School Management System your first priority would be its performance. However, it is harder for you to understand the parameters and distinctive features that will distinguish the best software from the rest. Rather than doing in-depth analysis of features, technicalities and specifications of the software, Look out for these five specific features that will entail the Scalability and compatibility of the software.

Determining Efficiency of Comprehensive School Management Software

1.    How Many Users Can Access the Software At One Time?

Very few software’s are designed to seamlessly coordinate through all the administrative functions of the school. Prefer software that allows you to coordinate and manage all these functions on one elegant Dashboard.

When you are purchasing a school and tuition management software, you are determined to streamline all the school activities at one place. Remember, well-designed and precisely programmed software will be able to tackle all types of school administration activities online. It is irrelevant, if the tasks range from admissions to transfer, exams to mark-lists, attendance to payroll or from parent coordination to online payment of fees.

Prefer software that allows you enough scope for customization, letting you implement a centralized dashboard, eventually optimizing management and administration tasks in one dashboard. Ensure that the software is multitasking and devoid of paper. Nevertheless, sharing, sending and correlating between data must be a prime feature of the software.

Lastly, make sure that the software you are choosing should allow multiple users to login at one point through cloud based or web based platform. By delivering filtered results and functioning accurately to its fullest strength is required in a comprehensive school and tuition management software. Having invested your money in such software will not only reduce administration time but will bring value to time and money.

2.    Does Software Deliver Measurable Performance or Not?

When you are purchasing software then obviously you are looking to reduce paperwork and manual efforts needed to manage school activities. When it comes to educational institution, then reliability is the most primary factor. This is because; the data generated at an educational Institution is huge, precise and need to be kept secure.

Prefer Software that allows systematic processing of the data, eventually leading to flawless school management in an automated manner. Such software will help you secure and organize management of data, which will lead to increased productivity and enhanced efficiency.

Do not forget, cloud computing or cloud based software is the need the hour. With the cloud based school and tuition management software, your data is not only maintained safely, but it is also backed up automatically. Having preferred cloud based software you will no longer have to worry about data loss. Nevertheless, if you are looking for round the clock data access up to 100% faster speed, then preferring web-based software will help most of the times.

3.    How the Software will integrate with Teachers, Students and Parents?

Initiating and enhancing the involvement of parents in the school activities and allowing them to participate in informed discussion on material thoughts is very much necessary to bring about overall development of the school.

Prefer software that would increase participation of parents in school activities. A comprehensive School and Tuition Management Software allow Parents to access coursework, timetable, mark-lists and more. With such portal that can be accessed by Students, parents and teachers, Parents are empowered to track progress of their children. Additionally, parents do not have to wait until teachers meet to understand the progress of their child as progress of the student can be accessed via specifically designed parent’s dashboard.

Auto SMS feature and secure online payment module are the two essential must have features in School Management Software. Therefore, before finalizing your decision do think about this.

4.    How easy it is to Generate and Print Reports?

Apart from an easy user interface, one of the main elements that can be used to determine the compatibility of the School and Tuition Management Software is the ease it offers in report generation. As the educational institute generates vast amounts of data, the software should provide relative ease in retrieving data for the specified field.

Comprehensive software allows users to generate reports and download them in various formats in a well-structured format. Al the manual tasks are automated with elegantly developed software, all users have to do is feed data and update records on a regular basis.

Prefer software with which it becomes easier to generate reports and print them whenever applicable and from whatever place. With reduced workload of administration to generate reports, this saved time and efforts can be utilized for improving overall administration efficiency.

5.    What are the Provisions offered to Manage School Finances?

Schools, although being educational institutions they have to handle many tasks involving money management. This process is not only complex, but also it is time consuming. In addition to that, if the administration is handling, fees, payroll and school expenses, then, it is very hard for them to correlate different finances instantly.

It will be beneficial if you start looking for the Software that offers single click management to control and track the funds coming in and going out. Apart from that by offering safe online payment portal, the software should allow parents to deposit their kids’ fees in a timely manner. Provision for sending an automated SMS, upon defaulting fee payments via SMS or mail is an added advantage of a comprehensive School and Tuition Management Software.

Bottom Line

All the points discussed above will give you a brief guideline for selecting the best school management software. With the revolution in Information and Technology sector, it is expected that a platform like school management software will also undergo vast changes. Cloud based software is one such IT enhancement brought about this niche. Therefore, it is recommended that whether a web based, cloud based or both, you have to choose the school management software with open eyes and with precise information.