Do u tongue-tied easily ?Here r tips to help u open up to people --Use your network for all it's worth,that should actually be your only channel for finding a job -- Go East ,young man-the future belongs to Asia, particularly China,India,Japan --Unhappy with the way your life is shaping up ? Here are six ways to improve --

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Win friends and influence people

Do you get tongue-tied easily? Here are tips to help you open up to people.

DEAR COACH, I is a friendly guy but I tend to have only a few good friends. I like to have quiet dinners with people where we can talk about what were thinking and feeling. Ive always hated fraternity parties and mega events where you go to be seen. I guess youd call me an introvert. Ive been told by my boss that I need to be more outgoing and do more schmoozing if I want to get to the executive level in the company. Im afraid thats just not me, even though I really enjoy my work in finance. Do you think my career is dead-ended? And where could I go to find work where networking and selling yourself are not important? – Will

     The career coach: Dont despair and bail out yet. Schmoozing can definitely be learned. Thats the good news. The news you probably dont want to hear is that in todays communication-driven world, just about everybody has to do it, even people in nonprofit organizations. So there isnt any place to hide. But help is definitely available. Companies like Boston-based, in fact, are now offering virtual online networking as an essential professional activity. They call themselves corporate relationship builders. Still other companies actually teach entrepreneurs, executives and nonprofit leaders alike how to connect and schmooze effectively. One way to start in an arena thats familiar to you would be to visit the association for finance professionals and see what they have to offer.

     The four steps below are perfect for introverts who dont easily open up to people. Try these four simple strategies and see if the act of creative connecting doesnt end up seeming a little less odious to you.

Script success: Before a social or community event, spend half an hour scripting a few questions or ideals for discussion that might come up. Then identify someone youll seek out at the event, and find a way to discuss your scripted topics. When youve completed your conversation, you can spend the rest of the time enjoying the food, the activities and some intense conversation with people you are close to. You might get to like this game and want to do more but that will be your choice, because your homework is done.

Friends on call: Make a list of everybody you know who has some relevance to your professional or community life. Put the names, along with their phone numbers, addresses and emails in a file box. Keep them alphabetically, adding names from time to time, watching the networking possibilities grow. Then, once a month leaf through the cards to pick out a name for one call – a different person to call each month – to talk about whats new, react to events in your field or set up a lunch or some other kind of networking opportunity. Keep the contact dates on the card, along with a brief note of what you discussed. Go through the cards periodically to remind yourself whos out there for you.

Fun factor: Think about all the people you know and identify a person who thinks youre interesting and fun to be with. Ask that person to make a list stating what makes you good company. This might seem like a weird assignment, particularly for a person who values privacy, but its part of helping you to feel less self-conscious about putting yourself out there”.

Right mentor: By all means, find yourself a coach who can help you get this schmoozing thing in perspective, so that you can do it in a way thats consistent with your view of yourself. Lisa Gansky, founder and CEO of Global Network Navigator, the first commercial site on the web, advocates building your own brand,” no matter what field youre in. Heres what she suggested in the magazine, Fast Company, “One of the best ways Ive found to keep enhancing your qualifications is to build a network of talented people to think and grow with”. A coach can help you think of network-ing in this way and polish the skills to make it seem more natural for you.


Use your network for all it’s worth. That should actually be your only channel for finding a job.

UK financial and business services sector is likely to shed 1,10,000 jobs in 2008-2009, says management consultants, the Hay Group. In the US, the epicenter of the crisis, things are worse still. Its expected that Lehman Brothers entire 25,000 global workforce could soon be on the hunt for new jobs,” says the Financial Post. “A big chunk of Merrill Lynch 60,000 worldwide workforce also might get the axe”. This is in addition to the 1,00,000 jobs already lost this year in the US financial services sector.

      In India, the National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSC) has admitted that the meltdown could affect business process outsourcing (BPO) firms and select IT companies. Some 60% of the Indian BPO sector caters to western finance companies and banks.

      Some IT companies have admitted that they are slowing down on fresh recruitment. They have also been asking non-performers to leave. But most claim that they are not particularly affected. The same is true of the BPO sector. The finance sector, where people are better paid, makes no bones about its problems. If Merrill Lynch has to sack 2,500 people in India, they are all very sure they will land another job.  

      The situation in India is very different from that in the West, where there is a danger of the US – the worlds largest economy – slipping into recession. Here the worst-case scenario is a 7% rate of GDP growth. There are still jobs aplenty for the qualified. If, however, you are one of the unlucky few that happens to have been given the pink slip, you need to chart out your campaign to land a new job. The chances are that you will be back in action soon. It will be sooner yet if you go about things the right way.

      The advice I give people here is different from what I would tell jobseekers in the US,” says Mumbai-based HR consultant Shashi Rao. “Also, it is very different from what I would tell people who have lost their jobs through some fault of their own. This is only for people who are victims of circumstances”.

      First, says Rao, dont start handing around your CV. Give a biodata only if someone specifically asks for it. And each biodata should be tailored to the company you are applying to. There is nothing more irritating than for Company Y to receive an application for a job in Company Z. It happens far more often than you think if you are sending off half-a-dozen applications every day.

      Dont make cold calls; ring up first (or send an email) and see is you can meet someone in the HR department. And never leave a CV with the receptionist. It never reaches the person concerned but could well reach the wrong hands.

      Use your network for all its worth. That should actually be your only channel for finding a job. If you cant get a job through your friends, there is something seriously wrong with either you or your friends.

      When you get into negotiating mode, never agree to a pay cut. Agree to a lower cost to company but work as a consultant instead of a regular employee. That way you preserve your self-respect and your new colleagues will also respect you. Say that you will work six hours a day. You will end up working 16; they know it and so do you. But when the issue arises of becoming a regular employee, you are in a better bargaining position.


Money matters: The private sector economy has become extremely bottom line oriented. Employers categorize employees into one of two distinct groups: those who help make money and those who help save money. Be in one of these buckets and make sure your bosses know it.

Become indispensable: Dont hide away in your office or cubicle. Look around you. Take notice of those roles, projects or activities that seem to be getting a higher level of attention or involvement from the management.

Manage or produce: When considered for a promotion from a production job to a junior manager role, think about how that could play out in a worsening economy. It may be to your advantage to keep your hand in production, as junior managers tend to be among the most expendable when a company downsizes.

Dust off your Rolodex: The time to cultivate your network is now, not when you need a favor. Make a list of friends and colleagues you havent spoken with for a while. Email them. Reconnect.

Educate yourself: Increase your profit value to your employer by continually updating your knowledge and skills.

      Finally, says Rao, unless you are in desperate need of money, dont look for a job – take a break. If you take three months off for an all-India pilgrimage, your savings should see you through unless you start worrying about what happens later. This is probably true even if you have EMIs and kids fees to pay.

      Don’t worry; be happy,” says Rao. “You may even discover a better world beyond the rat race”.


                            GO EAST ,YOUNG MAN


Kenneth Haywood has become a familiar name in India. He is the expert living in Navy Mumbai whose Wi-Fi connection was used by terrorists to send a threatening email. He is one of the influx of expatriates living and working in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and elsewhere in booming India,” says an article on Rediff by Matthew Schneeberger (incidentally, another expert). You see them every–where these days. And their numbers are set to increase as the financial meltdown in the West takes its toll of jobs.

    The outcry against the whole world depriving the US of its legitimate jobs is increasing. Heres a slightly risqué take on that attributed to Marc Faber, investment analyst and publisher of the monthly investment newsletter The Gloom Boom & Doom Report. (He may have said it, but various versions of it have been doing the rounds of the Net for several months). “The Federal government is sending each of us a $600 rebate. If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, the money goes to China. If we spend it on gasoline, it goes to the Arabs. If we buy a computer it will go to India. If we purchase fruit and vegetables, it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. If we purchase a good car, it will go to Germany. If we purchase useless crap, it will go to Taiwan. None of it will help the American economy. The only way to keep that money here at home is to spend it on prostitutes and beer, as these are the only products still produced in the US. Ive been doing my part”. 

    This is obviously a joke. But there is an underlying truth that needs to be recognized. In financial and other markets, there is a power shift underway. The future belongs to Asia, particularly China, India and Japan. 

    The technology shift has already commenced and begun to be accepted. This is not so much in companies like Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys, which are only now beginning to shed their robes of cyber cooliedom. It is in the research labs and cutting-edge knowledge centers that a new generation of thought leaders is being groomed. Many foreign companies came to India because scientific talent was cheaper. They have stayed on and enlarged their operations because it is better. Not all were early converts. But fools who came to scoff, remained to pray.

    Today, more and more Americans are prepared to leave the safe environs of their own country (see box). (They dont have terrorists as in India; its only their own school students running amok with guns).

    They will go where the jobs are. And just as the average Indian in the US is much better qualified than the folks he has left behind and the people he has embraced, the expert will be a superior specimen of his countrymen.

    The outcry against that influx has already started. But it is really beneficial for India. There is a brain regain, as IITians and others desert a mentally emaciated land that will wallow in the woes of Wall Street for many years to come. And experts – who, if nothing else, have a spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship – are flocking to India. 

    Who are we exporting? Labor to the Gulf. Nurses to the UK. Janitors to Canada. Electricians to Germany. Indians abroad have always been mentally classified as ignorant, indentured labor, until the techies of Silicon Valley gave them some respectability. In terms of migration, that image will only be strengthened.  

    If you want to go West young man, train to be a barber or a masseur. There are some professionals, as Faber points out, that age doesnt wither.  


The results three surveys in the US.

51% are worried about finding a new job if they lose their current one.

45% are troubled by the increasing cost to workers of employer-sponsored healthcare plans.

37% fear losing their job due to poor economic conditions.

28% are concerned about fewer job opportunities due to outsourcing.

80% college graduates are prepared to relocate within the US.

70% would be happy to relocate abroad.

50% workers want to return to the relative sanctuary of university.                


Drink life to the lees

Unhappy with the way your life is shaping up? Here are six ways to improve.

A LIFE WELL LIVED is one, which has a sense of purpose. All too often, we believe that a great life requires us to do something heroic and involves a grand gesture that makes us stand out. That, however, is not the case. All we need is to be the best possible person we can be on a daily basis and consistently commit acts of minor greatness that will, over the course of a lifetime, add up to a significant contribution. Here are six ways that will help take a persons life to the next level.

Love all:

A life is defined by the quality of relationships you build. On the deathbed, a person wont ask the nurse to wheel in the new car or the money in the bank. People just want their loved ones around them in their final moments. If relationships are important then, they should be important now too. If you lack fulfillment in life, dedicate yourself to nurturing personal and professional relationships and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Passion play:

As you lie in bed tonight, ask yourself whether youre still doing the things you love. Do you love your career? Do you have hobbies that make your heart sing? Do you enjoy the people you surround yourself with? If the answer to any of these questions is no, ask yourself what changes you should make to improve things. To renew your zest for life, get back to the things that you love.

Stay true:

A lot of us live the lives of other people. We take up a certain career because it is what our parents want us to do. We act in a certain way because we believe that is what society wants from us. But the greater the difference between your private and public personal, the greater is the dissatisfaction. Stop doing thing because it is expected of you and start listening to your heart. Your life will automatically improve.

Make a mark:

One of the deepest human needs is to live for something greater than us. What will future generations remember you by? The good news is, it has never been so easy to make your mark. Through techno–logy, one idea can transform lives everywhere. And you need not leave a mark at a global level. A single person committed to helping others in a community, in a school or even in a family, is exceptionally worthy.

Blame game:

To become a success, you have to first take complete responsibility for everything in your life. Often we blame others for our unhappiness and dissatisfaction. But blaming others is nothing more than excusing you. And each time you point the finger at someone else, you are assigning away a little bit more of your power as a human being. If you continue to blame others for your relationship troubles, your career dissatisfaction or your health issues, eventually you will grow into a powerless human being.

Fun factor:

One of the best ways to stay enthusiastic is to inject a sense of adventure into your days. Take small risks to spice up your life. Read books you never thought you would read. Try food you never thought you would try. Pick up the phone and get to know people you never thought you could meet. Stretch yourself and you will be surprised by the rewards. You will not only feel better about yourself but also have an incredible amount of fun.                 

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