MAMTE (Mississippi Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators) welcomes anyone interested in the preparation of K-12 mathematics teachers, including but not limited to: college professors of mathematics and/or mathematics education; teacher leaders and/or coordinators of mathematics instruction; and graduate students in mathematics education.


Regular membership: $20

Graduate Student Membership: $10

All memberships expire at MAMTE’s Annual Symposium in May of each year.

How to Join

To join MAMTE or renew your MAMTE membership, please complete the MAMTE Membership Form on the right.


Mid-year Meeting at MCTM Annual Conference

Annual May Symposium

Membership Includes:

  • Opportunities to collaborate and network with other mathematics teacher educators throughout Mississippi
  • Interact with other mathematics professionals from diverse settings/institutions
  • Resources provided to the MAMTE membership
  • Access to committees focusing on top mathematics education issues
  • Meeting at Annual MCTM Conference
  • Online resources available through MAMTE’s website


All MAMTE members are encouraged to join our affiliate group, AMTE. For more information, please visit: