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The Grand Campaign - Austria (Part 1)

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Well hello, and welcome to my "kind of let's play" for Europa Universalis :) I started to write about my endeavors with this game on Obsidian Entertainment Computer and Console forums, but some time afterwards I have decided to makeup this small site, because there was no options to post pictures directly there.

Part 1 - Day 1 (15th August 2015):

I decided to look a little bit at the old Paradox games, which I bought during last GOG sale. I decided to look first at the oldest Europa Universalis 1. I have started the Tutorial campaign but it bugged on me twice, so instead I went for the The Grand Campaign Scenario. Please, keep in mind, that I am not an English native speaker, and that I have previously played only Crusader Kings for very small amount of time, so most of the rules and stuff which are happening to me, will be pretty new to me, and that means, lot of mistakes will happen for sure :)

For the first serious playthrough, I picked Austria (they start with 8 provinces: Austria, Carniola, Odenburg, Ostmarch, Presburg, Salzburg, Styria and Tyrol, 25,000 Infantry and 15,000 Cavalry and 200 Ducats).

Right after start I have decided to go after Bohemia and was able to annex it in first few years. The campaign went good, but then after few years I somehow messed up so I decided to rather restart the campaign.

January 1 - 1492: This is how it all began. My 8 starting provinces :)

This time, I decided to rather go against smaller German Dukedoms. The first target was Bavaria. After short war, I was able to conquer both of their provinces (Ansbach and Bavaria), and shortly afterward I have successfully annexed them by force.

July 25 - 1496: After my first successful war campaign. 10 provinces.

The next step were Wurtemburg and Helvetia. It was the first time where bigger alliances were created and joined the conflict. My army easily conquered them both, and the war ended with annexation of two more provinces.

July 4 - 1505: After the second campaign. Up to 12 provinces.

Meanwhile, during this campaign France and their allies got Milan under their control, but they had not enough manpower to fight the rebellion. The Milan once again got back their independence. I decided to use that to my advantage and declared war on them. In less than a year, I was the new owner of the province.

March 2 - 1506: After the third campaign. In control of 13 provinces.

My plan for then next few years was to upgrade my infrastructure little bit, especially getting Tax Collector's and Chief Judges as soon as possible, to get more Ducats out of taxes and lower the chance for rebellions. Also I had to create more armies, because as I have found out, the 5 new provinces which I acquired, were rebelling almost on weekly basis. I have found out, that with passing time, the chance for rebellion because of nationalism, is slowly decreasing. Therefore I have decided to wait until all dust settles. I have waited for more than 25 years to declare war on Thuringen, which was the next province I kept my eyes on. The war was over in matter of months, and the result was another successful annexation.

June 3 - 1532:
After the fourth campaign. Thuringen became my 14th province.

After this war, I decided to form and alliance with Hungary and Poland-Lithuania and decided to go against Saxony. And because I completely skipped diplomacy, because I was always broke and on Loans, right after I attacked them, every neighbour decided to go against me. Well, the first wave (other German Dukedoms) was easy, I crushed them with my allies within minutes, then the second wave came (Venice, Italian Dukedoms and Spain). I was able to emerge victorious again, but two months after I made last peace, the third wave came (French, and Savoy). With the last few units I was able to put them down with little bit of bribery and giving away one sucky province, but then the first wave came again with completely rebuilt armies. I was like WTF and got completely destroyed. The whole war went for more than 20 years!!!

I checked few of the saved games and I found that after all the annexations, the Relation to every neighbour was at -200 O.o

Oooukey! This was the time, when I realized, that without spending loads of Ducats on diplomacy, you will get crushed into oblivion, after you get to big player in warfare. I reloaded the game right before when the hell broke up, and made sure that I had +50 relations with France and Savoy. Put some money into Spain, Hessen and Hungary as well. Right after that I successfully made Hungary into my Vassal. I amassed big armies near Bohemia borders and decided to start the war again, but this time against Bohemia. It was easy as pie this time. The war was successful after 10 years or so and I decided to give peace offer to Bohemia and annex them. But the moment I did this, Poland-Lithuania and Hungary turned against me, because I missed that our alliance expired during war. I was crushed again :'(

Time for another reload right before the war against Bohemia. I decided to wait longer time before another war declaration. First I checked Diplomacy with all of my my neighbours and I have found out that France has pretty stable Relation to me and crazy big army. So I have change little bit the diplomacy game and decided to ally with France and Savoy, and keep very good relations with my former allies, so they do not attack me again. But somehow I was loosing money to fast. I found out, that was caused by Auto-send Merchants feature. So I decided to turn it off and started to manage it manually, which helped me in the end to go into better results.

After a while, budget was stable, army renewed, time for another war! This time finally against Bohemia. It was another long term mess, but in the end I was able to annex all of their provinces (Bohemia, Erz, Moravia, Silesia and Sudeten). During the war I have also annexed two Saxony provinces (Anhalt and Saxony) and offered peace to Brandenburg in exchange for their province of Kustrin.

Before it all ended up, I have decided to get me finally a province with a shipyard. I was still at war with Parma and Genoa. So I have decided first to go against Genoa. That was big mistake. They had stored very big army on Sardinia, about which I did not know. They decimated big chunks of my army and after 2 years I was completely defeated :( Thankfully we have save/load feature, so I reloaded again and this time I have decided to go against Parma. The war ended in pretty much same mess as before, but I was able to keep up with all the loses. I annexed Parma (their only province Modena) and I got my first harbour! The price for it was, that I had to give Hessen as a peace resolution one of the provinces which I acquired in the first phase of this war.

August 18 - 1551: After the fifth campaign. Austria now consists of 23 provinces!

For the whole war, I made sure to check now and then the Diplomacy screen as well, and put some money into maintaining neighbours and allies at high enough Relation. The only way, how I was able to made this, was to stop all research and take all the money into the Reich's treasury and take few loans as well. I ended up with 15% inflation, Everything started to be very expensive :(

Part 1 - Day 2 (16th August 2015):

This was the time, when I decided to go completely peaceful. I had lot of new provinces, which were now an then revolting, so I have just maintained big armies to counter them. After few years the dust settled and Tuscany joined our Alliance as well. I was checking out the Diplomacy screen a lot during this time, and thank to this, I found out Annex by Diplomacy feature of the game :P. I noticed that Hungary is my vassal for 35 years already and they acquired while waging wars besides me a lot of new territories. I let my current alliance expire and joined my former alliance. I have boosted Poland-Lithuania, Spain and Hungary Relation to big numbers as well. I made this just to be sure, that I do not end being attacked right after acquiring new provinces. In the end the diplomatic annexation of Hungary was successful (I got my hands on Banat, Carpathia, Croatia, Kosovo, Magyar, Maros, Pest, Ruthenia, Serbia and Transylvania provinces). My Reich was now spread across most of the Central and East Europe.

October 1 - 1566: Results of my first Diplomatic Annexation. 33 provinces in total.

After this stunt, I went back to France/Savoy/Tuscany alliance. I have not been in a war for more than 15 years, but my allies were now and then attacking their neighbours. Because I did not wanted to join with them, I was losing stability. The annexation of Hungary was reason, why I could not afford to go into another war just yet. I had to first pacify the rebels.

Without war, a lot of money goes into my pockets now, and I have decided to try to annex diplomatically Tuscany as well. We'll see how it goes :)


This game is like crack, just worse. It is the prime example of "one more turn and I go to sleep" game. I played this game through GOG Galaxy, because I wanted to see my time spent on this game. After I quit the game, I was completely shocked!!! I spent playing from Friday afternoon to Saturday 15 hours... it was middle of the night and I was shocked because I have not managed to notice that... Well I have decided to slow little bit down, and spent 2 hours on it on Saturday evening, and haven't played it today yet.

It is very old game, missing lot of rules from newer Paradox games, but I am having so much fun with it. I just have to control myself more, to not go into one more turn mode :P. I have no problem to say that it is the best game, which I have played this year!

I just wish, I would have someone else to play Multiplayer with :( But first Austria has to conquer the world!!! Which is very hard, because Spain controls almost whole America, and is 300+ Victory points ahead of me. I have 240 years to catch up.

So far 8/10 on Mamoo's chart of awesomeness. -1 point for the crazy addictiveness which does not goes good with real social life and job. If you do not care about that, it's 9/10 for you :P