Promoting free and easy-to-use software for the S12X processor. 

Forth has several advantages over C and assembly when developing embedded system software.  Consider this:

- Forth is interactive.  You can directly read and modify registers/ports that connect to hardware interfaces.  This allows quick testing to be done to verify that hardware works as expected, without having to burn in a new test routine in Flash every time.  Therefore stress on the Flash is much less.
- Forth is extensible.  New words can be defined to implement needed functions.  These can then become part of the compiler, available for future use.  For example, you can add routines to handle IIC bus functions.
- Forth is memory efficient.  Routines can actually take up less space than equivalent routines in assembly.  This is because Forth compiles to a linked list of addresses, using an efficient inner interpreter to call the code pointed to by each link.
- Critical code words can be defined in assembly directly for optimization.

Of course the trade-off is that Forth code generally does take a little longer to run than straight assembly, as the inner interpreter has to handle the linked address list for each defined word.  However this can be offset by using assembly only where needed to increase efficiency.  (Most programs only have a few pieces that need maximum speed.) 

The S12X processor is a great device with lots of potential, providing a nearly ideal platform for Forth.  For that reason, I have developed a Forth based on the FIG model and a simple Integrated Development Environment for it so I can develop software for the S12X.  Since I think it's neat and fun to play with, I'd like to share my efforts with the rest of the known universe.

Instructions, code, and all the information I currently have is in the links listed to the left.

However if you are extremely impatient, know Forth, and just want to play with it NOW, then you can download this S-record file to your Technological Arts S12X board using uBug12x.  Connect a terminal or equivalent to SCI0 at 9600 baud, and off you go. 

Your cost for all this?  All I ask is for you to take a couple of minutes to write me an email and tell me what you think of it. 


I don't have Xgate support yet, but the Forth is complete.  I will be posting enhancements in the future.  So try it out.

You can email me at "mamoru period tbreesama at gmail period com", and hopefully I won't get a bunch of spam from that.......