"It matters not the amount of angles you obtain, but the degree of the angle and what you do with it."

There are many problems that everyone faces everyday. As we all know, I am the Mamooda Triangle. I am The Truth and The Tri!! I began my term as The Triangle many years ago when a young man called young Mo or hummus for short recognized the "Truth."  (When I refer to The  Truth that means mamooda tri...)   Mahmoud, he believes in all threes and triangles. When you speak, it must be in the third person because everything you do must be in threes or be divisible by 3. For instance you cant order 2 sandwiches at burger king... You must order 3 for you to comply with the Triangle Theory. When you order the food you don't say "may I have 3 tripple woppers." but must say "Let Mahmoud hold 3 Triple woppers." If you want the food to be any good you must state The Theory to all. This is a way of life and after stating the theory 333 times you will grasp a greater understanding of life in the way of the Triangle. A Triangle never lies and must always speak the Truth. This is one of the many names The Triangle holds. In order to become a Triangle you must have studied the Theory in depth for many years and become a master of The Triangle Theory Arts. After the Mamooda Triangle done dead or retires his triangle for good,  the young hummus  will become the new Triangle and carry on the Legacy of the Triangle.  Your boy Africa is involved in all of this but always keeps his distance when it comes time to organizing triangles.  I don't really know why.  There is a young man tho who has been noticed by the Young Mamooda Triangle... His name is Young Gouchi Pieces.  He is at the moment a Bi-angle.  Not really grasped all the angles and completed his ranks to become a Triangle, but he still believes in the Theory. Mahmoud's Triangle Theory states the following:

"It matters not the amount of angles you obtain, but the degree of the angle and what you do with it."--Mahmoud the Triangle AND young M the triangle successor 

Look I am not going to lie,  your boy young Mo got mad cause he was not given credit for the Theory so just so everyone knows... He was the original one to recognize The Triangle.  But in the end Your boy Mamoo, He a pretty cool dude.  I mean if you need something just believe in the Triangle and state the Theory.

Here now young Mo will enlighten you with the incredible story of how all of our angles came to be.. It was the year 1985 and two young african newlyweds had conceived  a young handsome lad named young africa or young maju. Meanwhile two years later a young hairy palestinian couple and young hairy egyptian couple conceived two jabronys (while listening to amr diab music) one named mamooo and the other mo respectively.. The first Z was born in sri leone, the second in straight up winton woods ohio and the third was pimping in Alexandria. It is definitely worth noting that that in 1988 a jordanian couple had a stud named special K or as he is known to his native american kind, 'sir chiefs a lot'. he will have a more prominent role in this strangely written piece later on as will another egyptian couple who had a child named young clumsy also in 1988. anyway to move on in this fairytale young maju moved to america (ohio) in 1998 at the ripe age of 14 or something like that, young mo moved to america (new york city) when his ass was a 1 yr old. (salt) and young mamoo (who would later be dubbed the shnouda or triangle) he was always in ohio.

So it was the year 2002 and the first encounter these fools had with each other was in a wood shop class where young maju and mamoo would first meet each other, mamoo at the time didn't believe in studying, reading or anything that had anything to do with anything that wasn't playing the tabla, his meat or video games. young maju on the other hand was a stand up student who was too far up his teachers teez to know any better, he was a good kid, although at this point in his life he was scared of white people and did not yet fully grasp the concepts of personal hygiene.  It is also worth noting that he once tried to give a mamoo back his generic brand deodorant stick after he "forgot" to bring one before a 7 day camp trip. anyway so mamoo being mamoo innocently looks over at maju's homework like what you need and maju is thinking wait a minute i stayed up all night studying and this zutt indian looking kid with an abnormally large humped nose with squid hair is just going to look at my homework and cheat? oh hell naa so young maju covered up his paper. young shnouda was not pleased and would avenge with anger later in life..

these two would soon split high schools and that is where young mo meets mamooda for the first time, mo walks into reading class swagged out in new york style looking at all the girls like "hey how you doin" (often with no response back) and he sees what he thinks is an indian kid (mamoo) with a virgin mustache such as the one he was sporting at the time and thinks to himself, man he looks like a cool dude but i am not fond of indians or pakistanis (which later would be ironic) so I'm just going to ignore his ugly ass. the teacher calls out on mamoo to read out loud and i kid you not, this 14 year old did not know how to read english and was struggling heavily, at this point young mo figured he'd be one of his best friends. throughout the next 4 years young mo and young mamoo would become great friends with mo graduating solely based off of the homework he cheated off of mamoo. back to the story, mo and mamoo met a young man named only by Amo O A who later was to be their role model in life at a halaqa at his house in which to the enlightenment of mo and mamoo young africa was there.when mo first saw maju he thought to himself who is this mad african, i want to beat his ass. so anyway the four of them had a halaqa in which young mo and mamoo were introduced to the concepts of islam for the first time. they started a great friendship thanks to the man they call amo OA later sharing laughs, troubles, basketballs etc..  they did everything together from being chased by dogs to bailing each other from jail to throwing jelly donuts at angry ghetto dudes downtown. they also once tried to fornicate at an isna convention in which the man named only by amo OA had his first stroke. they would later blame it on "pizza". yil3aan abu'l likhaliful pizza.

anyway these 3 stooges would meet a fabulous cat earlier mentioned by the name of special K. he would introduce them to smoking that lemby. They spent every chance they got together and did some crazy things like play basketball while under the influence of that lemby. Special K could've been drafted in the nba if they agreed to keep him high, true story. the 4 of them now would be great friends and share a bond for life. it would also be discovered later that special k had an extra half chromosome which would lead to the moniker 46 and a half. all these names are the genius work of young mo and don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise especially not the zutt mamoo.. later in life mo would introduce these 4 to a dude near and dear to him named young clumsy. Young clumsy once sent young Mo a description of an inappropriate act via text message which involved a female woman who happened to be jewish. Upon questioning of the text he vehemently denied all involvement, plead the 5th and till this day it remains a mystery. Anyway so  they automatically became great friends because if you're a friend of a friend then you're ok. clumsy, who for a short stint had the name "100% layups" remained a great friend even though he lived in NYC and they would hang out on occasion although a reunion of all 5 is waaaaay overdue with young 46.5 being sorely missed. The name 100% layups has been since stripped of Clumsy as his shooting percentage would drastically decrease. The years would pass and times were priceless. their teenage years and early to mid 20's were a great time filled with stories no one would believe true, the triangle theory (authored by young mo) was later to be revealed and they all lived in the 3.

a sixth zutt would later be introduced by the name of young Sef. young mo first noticed his talent on the basketball court where he noticed an abnormal behavior from young sef in which he would actually (no perp) shoot a basketball with two hands against all comprehension but his game was good and he played hellacious defense which would make for epic battles when maju and sef (who would later be named two hands for obvious reasons) played one another. still to this day he doesn't shut the hell up about being from florida, california, and every other state besides ohio. he introduced us to some phrases that they use in florida like "hella" and "rank". it was noted that mamoo the triangle once threatened two hands life if he mentioned that he was from florida one more time. anyway he would be the 6th and most likely final angle to this f'd up triangle. its also worth noting that maju and two hands are bald as bananas. this piece was written late at night and it has a massive amount of grammatical errors and just has the writing skills of a 4th grader but what you need its 2 am. now you know how all the angles come together. this piece was written in loving memory of our brother O rest in peace habibi 1991-2013, F the world. salamu alaykom