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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 7

* the fundamental driving force of Humankind;
* the determinant force in guiding one's life, beliefs and actions;
* the search for the Absolute - Intellectual Intelligence;
* the hunger in Man's Soul for imprintation;
* the Essence of Being - Learning and Serving;
* the expression of one's Heritage and Identity.

SPIRITUALITY as "experience," a direct knowledge of absolute Spirit in the here and now - and as "praxis," a knowledge that transforms the way I live out my life in this world - spirituality lets meaning flow into daily life - spirituality is a way of being -- RELIGION brings out the "intellectual dimension" of spirituality, when it seeks to understand and express the original experience in words and concepts, and then it brings out the "social dimension," when it makes the experience a principle of life and action for a community - translated into everyday living, religion becomes spirituality; institutionalized it becomes "a religion" - our religious instinct as human beings is a thirst for meaning - an encounter with mystery, an insight through which our restless search finds rest, a dynamic kind of rest, a sense of belonging that urges us on with new longing - the core of religion - our very life is a quest, a questioning -- God is the reference point of our belonging - "I belong," "Here I find my place," "This is it," and, at the same time, "Here I am" -- THEOLOGY is the effort to understand what religion implies - penetration into the unnameable mystery [source BTTU].
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 8

a new vision of reality: (spiritual/physical) opening the "door" to God, "form" of doctrine - E=MC^10 (eternity = man x 10C); Einstein thought up an entirely new "shape" for reality itself , E=MC^2, and opened the "door" to the physical universe - looking forward to the past - reconciliation - the reclamation of mind, restoration, restitution - mastery of marriage, of life, of self - the rediscovery of the sacred - fidelity to God's service - vigilance against human weakness - aware of the obligations placed on us as we wait for the return of Christ and the restitution of all things.

righteousness = used of him/her whose way of thinking, feeling, and acting is wholly conformed to the will of God - integrity, virtue, purity of life, rightness, correctness - governed by the Spirit of God - calm and joyful trust in God as parent -- high-demand faith vs. low-demand faith - study vs. ritual -- inner discipline - physical/spiritual nourishment - Col 1:5-6 recognizing the truth, the calling - Ezek 24:24 "sign" - Psalm 98:1-2 "proof" - Isa 42:6, 43:12 - "new song" Psalm 35, 40:3; Isa 12:1-6 - Isa 43:12 "ye are my witnesses" - worthy of the Family Name - active, blessed, endless in the coming Kingdom of God - a spiritual house, an Holy priesthood, established in the present truths, built on a sure foundation - we are strangers in a strange land - our viewpoint is different - turn from, resist, overcome, and choose the Mind and Government of God - change of mind and direction - we have to change our views and actions to have TRUE LIFE, away from, and out of, the false life of this world - come out of the world (the mass, the many) - mass communication, entertainment, etc. - the social mass, the unsacred mass - feeding the carnality - prophecy (as indicant) is a tool - it can help us prepare for the future, or it can become a self-fulfilling trap.
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 9

hell as a concept to demonize the church's enemy [-Eileen Paigles, "Origins of Satan"] - ritual cosmology - oppression = hell on earth for certain communities -- loving one another is a better way for promoting religion; the brotherhood of man vs. religious terror -- war as a way of life, a mental attitude -- us vs. them -- warriors; warrior identity - to make war, a religious experience - the righteous cause; spirituality in human terms -- warrior alliances, brotherhood on the lowest level -- incursions into the mental battlefield; designed to provoke - ideological objectives - holy crusades of man's making - the best of violence, justified -- in reality, war without winners - machinations to enable machine war - the darker recesses of renegade humanity - political benefits - the vilification of opponents - dynamics of the system priority -- advanced does not equate progression of spirit - advanced (retrograde view component) enabler of base humanity - the SAGE are war criminals of the highest order - the systemic life embrace, lead to believe -- the system will either be dismantled (life) or destroyed (death), the choice is ours to make.

God of our salvation - satisfied with the goodness of thy house - keep and strengthen us - increase our faith with your council and instruction - the form of sound doctrine - we thank you for understanding - the knowledge of the Holy - for the honour and privilege to incline our ears to wisdom - to stand in Thy counsel - to abide with thee, to walk with thee - within Thy Law - to sing with gratitude in our hearts - thank-you for your increase - we pray for the humility, faith, and strength to accept the responsibility that you have given us - God of mercy, God of all comfort, God of our salvation - nourish us in the words of faith and good doctrine - to continue in the faith, grounded and settled.
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 10

Furnishing the Mind - Tabernacle 07 articles of furniture:
* Brazen Altar - sacrifice - repentance of sins;
* Laver (of Brass) - mirrors - Holy Spirit, water;
* Candlestick - beaten Gold - overcoming, COG;
* Shewbread Table - fine flour, 12 loaves - revelation, truth;
* Altar of Incense - prayer - humility, prayer;
* Ark Covenant - 10C, Aaron's Rod, Shewbread - law, authority;
* Mercy Seat - solid gold, seat of learning - Throne of God.
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 11

Ambassadors of love and of the highest thought - knowing that the interests of other human beings are inextricably linked with our own - no longer can we base our existence on our individual happiness - our true salvation and happiness lie in seeing everyone else's interests as equal to our own - to achieve that requires acknowledging that one's defense system (individualism, ego) cannot bring that happiness, instead, it only creates what one is trying to defend oneself against (heartache, loneliness) - but out of our belief in our intrinsic guilt, we have created this existence of a suffering world trying to find a replacement for God in it - the more we seek salvation outside that, the more tragic our life becomes - we can never find the limitless in this limited material experience, and our fears will keep us stuck there unless we transform our fears into a pathway to love - repentance, forgiveness of all past sins, washed clean through Baptism - heaven waits behind fear's gate (broad is the way and wide is the gate).

the Holy Relationship - whereby we become accountable and responsible for our own inner world, rather than trying to change or blame the outer world for feeling the way we do - when we are fully accountable, and engaged in the Holy Relationship, it becomes alive and real because we are no longer in relationship with our self and our needs - we're actually in relationship [with Christ], in a vital, exciting, passionate and creative union, rather than living within the smallness of replaying our past in a dull, boring, stagnant and vicious cycle - it is imperative that we move beyond healing the self, to healing the world. -- [based on Shared Vision Magazine, Mar.98, "Lessons in Love", A Course in Miracles]
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 12

since at most one faith can be true, it follows that human beings are extremely liable to believe firmly and honestly in something untrue in the field of revealed religion (the many are deceived) - obedience required for a good understanding (a good understanding have they who OBEY His commandments) - the New Physics = the deeper philosophical implications of science - the finitude of time (covering eternity) - space-time (only) records a body of truth - spatiotemporal generations, [1. existing in both space and time 2. of space-time] written on the fabric, authored and encoded, growth rings, time frames - the quantum code of space-time - time the mechanism, space the medium of recording.

Universal Grid - energy/matter - "golden wire woven into the fabric" (the threads, string theory) - spiritual-eternal woven into the fabric of space-time - the "Einstein-DeSitter Universe" - DeSitter surrounds and touches our universe at every point, another dimension - a potential barrier between our continuum and DeSitter Space (extreme energy, matter density 10^93 g/cm^3; ie. water = 1g/cm^3 at freezing) -- the shifting texture of empty space, the complex network of transmutations [a breach or puncture of the large potential barrier of DeSitter Space might result in a "supernova from experimentation" (particle physics, quantum mechanics, accelerator use of increased energies, experimentation from high-energy physics, ie. +/- 20TBeV) - transition to DeSitter Space (plugging into) "termination of existence" threat to the Earth, local system to 50LY].

A "white hole" window into the primordial energies - monopolar window into DeSitter Space - always goes towards crunch, opens and closes, control mechanism built into space-time - larger events ie., quasars, galaxies exploding, monopolar, one single jet coming out - smaller events bipolar, two-jets coming out ["Quantum Tunneling Towards An Exploding Universe" article, Apr.86, Journal "Nature", Theoretical Physics] - physicists willing to take the risks - "Holy Quest" research for truths, answers - multi-dimensional physics.
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 13

the Universe contains the principle of its order within itself - the Universe contains within itself the reason for its own existence - influences not restrained by time - "God does not play dice" [Einstein] - Earth the future home of God's Throne -- "Crystal Ball" singularity not apparent to the observer - lens through which the universe appears uniform and expanding in all directions - "Empyrean" [1. the highest heaven; specf. a) among the ancients, the sphere of pure light or fire; b) among christian poets, the abode of God 2. the sky; the celestial vault; firmament] -- the Singularity = the distinction between matter, energy and thought.

God spreadeth out the heavens as a tent (11 dimensions, goat's hair) to dwell in - God dwells within his creation (10 curtains of fine linen covered by the 11 of goat's hair) - within the sphere of the universe - a cube within the sphere - God inhabits eternity but can occupy time, but is not limited by time (timeless) - the universe (metagalaxy, the measurable material universe) as we know it is the surface of God's realm (space-time surface of a spiritual-eternal universe) and is an extension of, and sustained by, that realm (God is holding it in being by His physical laws, His scripture of creation, and His Holy Spirit, His very agency) - space-time is rooted in and draws nourishment from the spiritual-eternal.
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 14

the first instant of the "big bang" (creation of space, matter, time), where space was infinitely shrunken, [not shrunken - did not yet exist, the instant of creation happened upon the totality of the surface of God's realm, the spiritual universe and expanded out not from a singular point but from a singular boundless surface] represents a boundary or edge in time at which space ceases to exist [eternity = time beyond the horizon] - physicists call such a boundary a "singularity" - space is inextricably linked to time, and as space stretches and shrinks, so does time - just as the big bang represents the creation of space, so it represents the creation of time - neither space nor time can be extended back through the initial singularity [the spiritual-eternal universe].

gravity is a universal force, acting between all material bodies in the cosmos - Einstein's idea of curved space-time [covering the spherical singularity] explains gravity - the force of gravity powers all large-scale cosmic phenomena - the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (order to disorder with time in isolated systems) coupled with gravity (in the expanding universe, the cosmic material comes under the influence of the cosmological gravitational field, the cumulative gravity of the rest of the universe) opens the way for the injection of order into the cosmic material by the gravitational field - the expanding universe (temperature differentials) is capable of creating order where none existed before (the universe started out with a highly ordered, low entropy, gravitational field, smooth and uniform, containing immense potential for generating complexity).
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 15

when it comes to explaining the universe, gravity is the key - gravity stretches or distorts space and time - rather than thinking of the galaxies as moving apart through space, astronomers prefer to think of the space between galaxies as stretching (elastic space-fabric) - intergalactic space is being inflated - astronomers believe, however, that there is no edge or surface to the universe, and no privileged centre - based on the fact that space can bend, Einstein argued that space can connect up to itself in a variety of unexpected ways - the curved surface of the earth can be used as an analogy - the earth's surface is finite in area but unbounded - similarly space could be finite in volume, but without edge or boundary - mathematical shape called a "hypersphere" - Einstein's hyperspherical cosmos.

the physical laws are purely a low-temperature phenomenon - as the temperature of matter is raised, so the varied forces that act upon it begin to merge their identity until, at the staggering temperature of 10^32K absolute, all the forces of nature should merge into a "single superforce" [spiritual interface] with a remarkably simple mathematical form, a single descriptive scheme - all the many subatomic particles lose their identities, all their varied characteristics (convergence to simplicity) - in the unlimited temperatures of the singularity [the interface between natural and supernatural], only the superforce would have operated - the current differentiated forces and particles emerged as the universe cooled - thus the state of the universe, the laws of physics and the constituents of matter all started out in an exceedingly simple form. -- [Notes 14,15] [physics based on "God and the New Physics", author Paul Davies, with [inserts]]
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 16

an alternative picture vs. quark theory (elementary building blocks), permitted by quantum theory, is that there are no elementary particles at all - instead every particle (at least every subnuclear particle) is made up of every other - no particle is elementary or primitive, but each contains something of the identity of the others - the idea of a system of particles generating themselves in a self-consistent loop of explanation - quanta functioning as one [one quantum family] - string vibration [harmony] transmutations. -- [based on Scientific American]

the 4th dimension TIME is 3-DIMENSIONAL - L motion, B location, H event - the duration (entire period of existence of the known universe; finite duration; the physical expression of infinity) and the continuum (the period of existence of the quanta; the physical expression of eternity) -- time is the Desitter LBH "quantifier of potential" (the quantum limit, the bounds; to determine or express the quantity of existence) used to measure all other desitter LBH results - the spatiotemporal (existing in both space and time; of space-time) particles - the quanta (the physical monadic expression; the flavors and colors) - the quantum reSONAnce - the "quantity" or "quantum" (a specified quantity) of vibration - spherical harmonics - the potential expression.
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 17

the speed of light is the standard of measure - time is photonic - light a quanta of electromagnetic energy having both particle and wave properties outside of the singularity boundary [the event horizon into Desitter - the spiritual monad interface - infinity (without limit, without bounds) - time beyond the horizon; the vanishing point - not space-time-corporeal existence but infinite-eternal-spiritual existence] having no charge or mass but possessing momentum and energy (photon; binding force) -- a physical reflection of the spiritual (to express or show, to give back an image or likeness, mirrored, reproduce, to bend or throw back) - the universe made after the image and likeness ("let us make man in our image and after our likeness") of the spiritual universe - God reproducing the spiritual universe and the God Family (God reproducing himself through man) - spiritual to physical/spiritual.

the universe knows itself by us - our minds, our consciousness - the universe is now the multiverse - the physical reflection of the spiritual - God is knower, known, and knowing - an expansion of mind - the universe is God's agency, a physical matrix (a brain as such) - 100B galaxies (ea. 100B stars) and growing; 10tBB stars - dendriform - our brain is of the same model - quantum neurotransmitters - speed of thought - light the physical determinant, Holy Spirit the spiritual determinant -- the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm and vice-versa = the meta_cosm.

universe itself germinated (15B years ago; light horizon), growing (singularity a seed) - monad nutrition (Holy Spirit, Water of Life, upholds ALL things [Heb 1:3]) - roots deep into the singularity - (as the circle of knowledge grows, so does its outside edges of ignorance) = SONA (universal growth - uncontained vs. contained) - outside edges (2 Peter 2:4 tartaros [hell], Jude 1:6 zophos [darkness], separated from truth) -- mesh screen - mesh [MDu maesche, ODu maske, IE base mezg-, to knit,entwine; (MEZGNOSIS; spiritual knowledge, creation process from within; INWIT) OE max, a net 1 any of the open spaces of a net, screen, etc. 2 a net or network 3 anything that entangles, snares, entraps] -- to knit, entwine (string theory).
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 18

space-time viscoelastic -- spiritual water -- the universe expanding but the majority of the mesh screen (the open spaces) has not budded as yet - the potential is ours - the mask of God.

10 dimensions - fine linen.
11 dimensions - goats hair covering (singularity hide; hair follicles).
12 particles - ea. monad dodecahedron (12 plane faces, ea. a pentagon; gem facets; 60 symmetries; 12 vibrations - the Tree of Life has 12 kinds of fruit) -- gem_monad expression - the constituents of matter -- 6 quarks, 6 leptons, 5 binding forces -- dodecagon surrounds monad.

cube (building block) = physical LBH (24 symmetries) 12 dodecahedrons;(12 gates; 12 foundations - wall 144 cubits [12 x 12]) surrounding ea. monad (the 13th), the crystal river, the interface vibration.

ea. string, 12 harmonics - 12 cubes (144 dodecahedrons, 12 monads); quantum family -- the specified quantity of vibration = expressed quanta (particle) - the quantum reSONAnce.

ea. time matrix 12,000 cubes; (the continuum) period of existence of the quanta, [144,000 dodecahedrons, 12,000 monads] - ea. mesh screen sheet a potential of 1000 strings -- LBH = 1,728,000,000,000 = 1.728T cubes^3.

Revelation 22:1 And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. 2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, [was there] the tree of life, which bare twelve [manner of] fruits, [and] yielded her fruit every month (every cycle; time): and the leaves of the tree [were] for the healing of the nations.
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 19

speed of gravity EXCEEDS the speed of light, ie., sun light 08 min to the earth, yet the earth pulled by the sun to its present position not its position 08 minutes ago -- gravity propulsion will be able to exceed the light-speed barrier -- possible factor of 1M-1Bx.

dendriform universe - galactic clusters = leaves on branches - 2 trees to 12 -- monad/pixel comparison; dot pitch, pixel depth (24-bit, etc.) -- gravity wells (galaxies, suns, planets, etc.), dot pitch increases; active matrix from singularity -- black hole evolution into an elementary particle [string theory] - regression into a single point (not an elementary particle but into Desitter upon exceeding singularity boundary parameters) into "the golden thread" - black hole "mazers" microwave stream (laser), jet into space; squeezed out; equal pressure from all sides into center; microwaves expelled; exceeds the speed of light ?? -- event horizon; monad fusion ??, gravity ++ and/or monad binding (blurring, smearing of matter/energy) into monad fusion -- uniform background radiation NOT "big bang" residue; monad signature -- gravity = monad effect, flow (density = gravity).
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 20

time = motion (quantum vibration, motion) - [early greek language; time "chronos, tyros (generation of the spherical shape into aeon (volumetric space-time)" - the entirety - micro into macrocosm --
a-ether = aeon (intelligently acting energy)] -- monad theory (HS) -- speed of light = monad frequency; at the speed of light, time stops; motion lock to sympathetic monadic wave field (photon wave properties, momentum, energy), perpetual motion, linear propulsion; speed constant -- light is beyond time -- gravity (the opposite ??) = actualized space/time density; pixels activated; depth determines gravity intensity (also monad transmutation to particles+ flow to monad-to-monad existence; ea. monad an address, "monad_dress" - particle activation = dressed) -- time exists +/- in relation to monad_frequency (the singularity pulse); there is a time constant (an activation, matter/energy generational constant); time constant to universe growth; red-shifted in all directions due to time constant vantage (same if viewed from another vantage point; (A from B, C from B) [singularity rs C rs B rs A] - expansion increases in relation to distance from singularity; gravity less; monad activation (pixel depth) less; develops with time -- expansion held in check by developing universe; gravity check; universe will not expand into non-existence, nor will it collapse in on itself; the universe will expand into eternity to development ++ (fabric of space repair mechanism built-in vs. rips, tears) -- monad = neuron.
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 21

the "self-reproducing inflationary universe" - fabric of space the "mother sheet" (parent universe) - extended branching of inflationary bubbles - "trees of righteousness" - fractal universe, a new cosmology - time travel - 0-point, Desitter matrix - resonance match - speed of thought - pulled through the Desitter matrix -- the spiritual harmonic - the heavens bowed - Desitter harmonics -- diaphanous-monadism - the singularity points (the "big-bang" is still here).

SONA/genomic matrix - the biologix spirit = life in all of it's diversity (nous, spirit; Heb nephesh, breath); [authored developmental evolution, "devol" - developing, encoding, compiling, adapting, the code of life, the quantum code of space-time] ["devolution" - delegation of power, authority, duties, responsibilities by a central government to local governing units - agents of creation - created creators, the created creating].
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The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 22

Creators of the First Estate - Lucifer, "god of this world," 1/3 Angels - Theory of Evolution 1/2 correct - authored/developed, not just natural selection; environmental adaptation written in - 1. environment 2. chemicals of life 3. code, blueprints 4. cell(s), to existing life forms (from the beginning), to new code, to new levels of development, versions - university of life -- extinctions (God's eraser) vs. wrong directions, non-compliance with God's directives - punctuated equilibrium -- dinosaurs (the fossil dragons) - 70% life extinction 65M years ago - an asteroid - man the pinnacle of First Estate directives - "man's evolutionary tree" - ultimate development "the image" to receive "the very essence of God, the Holy Spirit" - God reproducing Himself - deep resentment amongst the "creators" - rose in revolt - refused to bow down to "their" creation [they were mistaken in this idea; all are equal] - "War in Heaven" massive destruction - "I will be like the Most High" not "my creation" - Lucifer and his host defeated, cast down to the earth - Satan "adversary, that old dragon" (Gr. drakon, lit. the seeing one) - author of non-directive life forms.

Genesis 1:1 God re-created the earth, as it existed, the directive and non-directive life forms {God is truth] - man given the chance to replace Satan - man failed necessitating "the Word" to put on the nature of man (God becoming part of His creation, giving up His Divinity, to qualify, to become the sacrifice for man (penalty of sin = death; the Creators Life more than equal to the sum of the creation), to pay the price for man's sin, rebellion, to enable man to qualify, to become part of the God Family, the Government of God, to become Creators to finish the Universe (Heb. 2 "all things put under him") - adversarial nature designed by the "adversary" - adversarial nature to be changed upon the return of Christ as Messiah - "healing in His wings," "the restitution of all things."
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Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 1

reclaim vt. [ME reclaimen; OFr reclamer; L reclamare, to cry out against] 1. to rescue or bring back (a person or people) from error, vice, etc., to ways of living or thinking regarded as right; reform. 2. to make (wasteland, desert, etc.) capable of being cultivated or lived on, as by filling, ditching, or irrigating. 3. to recover (useful materials) from waste products. 4. [Obs.] to tame or subdue.] - reclaim vt. [to claim back; demand the return or restoration of; try to get back] -- the [Reclamation] of Mind n. [Fr reclamation; L reclamatio] 1. a reclaiming or being reclaimed; esp., the recovery of wasteland, desert, etc. by ditching, filling, or irrigating. 2. the process or industry of obtaining useful materials from waste products.

Mind - Mental (biosphere, garden) Composition, Landscape, Climate:

Mental Composition: metamorphic (pressure), sedimentary (deposit), igneous (fire)(spiritual) rock:

* Metamorphic - change of character, form, nature; transformation; the deeper the awareness, the more pressure (wisdom and responsibility) is felt and the harder (ark; to hold depth of being; tempered) you become; deep seated, pressing needs and wants.
* Sedimentary - formed by deposit of sediment, layered; some types of learning are prerequisites to other kinds of learning - the sequence of instruction; layered (historical, personal) experience.
* Igneous - modified by intense heat, volcanic action; personal (emotional) crisis, trauma.
* Sand - eroded or crushed rock - shifting sands, winds of change; at the behest of outside elements, agencies.
* Minerals - veins of thought; cognition wiring; needed for proper growth and functioning; vessel (ark) composition (usually crystalline) to hold "depth of being" - Psalms 31:12 I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel - 2 Timothy 2:20 But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood (mazer) and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.
* Gems - character development, traits (precious, semi-precious); crystallized learning, to give a definite form to (the world's broken symmetry); crystal = developed forms bounded by definitely oriented plane surfaces that are harmonious with their internal structures; crystalline structure variations; crystal system = any of the seven groups classified on the basis of the relationship of their crystallographic axis (imaginary lines of reference used to describe the crystal planes).
- facet - [fr. facette, face; sides, aspects of personality, character; the small, polished plane surfaces of a cut gem] cut by the two-edged sword to reflect God's light.
- gem [L gemma, a swelling, bud, precious stone 1 a cut and polished gemstone or pearl 2 anything prized for its beauty and value, esp. if small and perfect of its kind 3 a highly valued person].
- gemara[Heb-Aram gemara; Aram gemara, lit. study, learning; verb root gmr, to finish].
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Reclamation of Mind: Open_Notes 2

Mind (Spiritual Garden of Eden) watered (nourished) becomes fertile for life - mind (unnourished) = drought (mind baked/consumed from the wild fires within) - every human being must ignite the spark (gift at conception - the human spirit, mind) - but you must control the fire (tongue of fire -instinct/passions) or the fires in the mind of man will consume you - mind must be refined (freed from impurities/polished) and tempered (to bring to the right degree of hardness by heating and cooling) - heating and cooling achieved by the "physical/spiritual fires" and the "water of life" - knowledge and responsibility (God's living active Laws) feeds, nourishes the mind to achieve the proper temperature for refinement - anneal vt. annealer n. [ME anelen; OE anaelan, to burn; an-, on + aelan, to burn; al, ael, fire; 1 Obs. to fire or glaze, as in a kiln 2 to heat (glass, metals, etc.) and then cool them slowly to prevent brittleness 3 to strengthen and temper (the mind, will, etc.)].

Refined/Tempered Mind = Fiery Stones (Mynd) = Spiritual Alchemy -- Alchemist - Philosopher's STONE (Christ the Word); TouchSTONE = Christ's righteousness (our example - any test or criterion for determining genuineness or value) -- Alchemy - its chief aims were to turn base metals into gold and silver (character) - 1 to discover the elixir of perpetual youth (water of life) 2 a method or power of transmutation; esp. the seemingly miraculous change of a thing into something better (beget, to acquire; begotten)].

Mind must open and become a vessel (Ark) for "depth of being" - the more depth achieved, the more refined/tempered the vessel must become to hold the depth (God mind/wisdom) and the weight (dominion/responsibility) - man making himself god (becoming a law unto himself) ignites the wild fires (instinct/passions) which out of control consume the mind - man's passions released (becoming law themselves) burns hot in the mind of man and consumes (the vessel becomes brittle) - the less the refinement, the more shallow the depth of being, and the less from the Fountain of Life he/she can drink to quench the fires of the mind and therefore the mind is less tempered and nourished.
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