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Mammon or Messiah Book 1 
MM01-MM04 Our Choice of Social Reality - Two Divergent Ways of Life, Social Systemics 
MM05 Private-State Over Public-Nation - Mammon's Nation-State Enslavement

Mammon or Messiah Book 2 
MM06-10 The Midnight Hour

MM Addendum 1 
The SAGE: A Private, Closed Society
The Private Agency that Owns and Controls the World

MM Addendum 2 
The SAGE, the Self-Appointed Guardian Elite, Charlemagne Descendants
The Unholy Blood and The Unholy Grail
The Primevil (abrogation of 
Primeval responsibility, Our Ancient Future)
The Primaevus Lineage
[Mid-17th century Latin primaevus, primus "first" + aevum "age"]
The Apotheosis(-sys)