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Mammon or Messiah

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The SAGE: A Private, Closed Society – The Private Agency that Owns and Controls the World

An “artificial reality construct”, dependent systemic(s) defined by the corporate – we must deconstruct the construct — social “agency(-ies)”, ie., police, military, levels of government, etc., vying together and in conflict (vested interest(s)); omnipresent yet unseen, blended within the social mix - social encoding endemic (public education, private education, corporate advertising, etc., all corporate focused as the social glue/religion) — an idea(s) will find a willing/suitable mind — state(s) within the state, the corporate governing directors, private governance of the public sphere (state = enabler); the corporation is the “dominant institution” of our time; shareholder value/profit mandated by law above all other social or stakeholder considerations (3rd party/social cost “externalities”, ie., infrastructure, military/war, pollution, etc.); all other considerations (especially non-monied) dismissed or eradicated; the Inc. are unaccountable, in effect a fascist oligarchy of transnational governance: the high-priests of Mammon and the corporate masters.

MM Addendum 1-3

Who are the privileged and powerful, those whom the SAGE count as their very own ?? – those who own and direct the Federal Reserve, the central banks, the financial houses, the TNCs, the manufacturing and mining conglomerates, the media and entertainment industries, the PR firms, the agribusiness and life science firms, the public policy institutions (the think-tanks and universities), and the legal and medical establishments are what is meant by the “owning class,” the Fortune 500’s, etc. – the “ruling elites” or “ruling class” are the politically active portion of the “owning class” – they and their faithful acolytes and scribes compose the Business Roundtable, the Business Council, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations, etc., they direct the World Bank and the IMF and set the conditions for the WTO – from their ranks are recruited the Secretaries of State, Defense, and Treasury, National Security Advisors and CIA Directors, and, indeed, U.S. Senators, Presidents, and Vice Presidents – for the very top positions of state in the US/UK/EU, the ruling class is mostly self-recruiting – the SAGE are those who direct the “ruling elite” (those “holding power”), they are the “guardian elite” (“holding authority”), the self-appointed royalty of the privileged.

MM Addendum 1-4

It is often frustrating and sometimes dangerous to challenge those who own and control the land, labor, capital, and technology of society – including those seeking an equity (or ownership) position in the system (cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse) through the purchase of stocks and securities (they are not only paying the high price of an inflated market, but also the high price of personal enslavement to a system that cares only for its own – among whom they are not numbered – consolidating its grip on society); but, in the long run, it is even more dangerous not to challenge – many are plugged into the system willingly, but most are just caught in its grasp, increasingly crushed – popular passivity is the goal of all rulers who seek to preserve their entrenched privileges against the claims of the public – it is what they usually mean by “stability” and “order” – the real name of their system is plutocracy, rule by the wealthy few, the very “opposite” of democracy – PRIVATE GOVERNANCE (Private Interest in Public Office).

Suggestions that something is fundamentally wrong with our National systemics are more than difficult to accept; they are difficult even to reflect upon – it is far easier to live in the comfort zone and to seek some happiness in our daily lives – even in our protests (our immune responses to a sickened society) we shy away from a direct confrontation with the imposed structure – we tend to avoid the harsh implications of reality and cling to the image of the United States, Britain and Europe as basically free and democratic entities in the way that one clings to prayer beads or a good luck charm – the axioms of empire have become the axioms of faith.

MM Addendum 1-5

We live amidst massive inequality - we don’t really care that most people have little power to alter the conditions of their lives – we refuse to acknowledge that the earth is dying and that we are killing it – we play games with the most horrible weapons imaginable and actually seem to take pride in our ability to end life as we know it – our unthinking celebration of individual achievement and upward mobility works to damage the life-giving ties of kinship and the bonds of community -  we, as nations, accept the systematic subordination of human beings – we pretend not to understand the linkages between our comfortable standard of living and the results engendered – the visual splendor of society outshines the oppression that makes it possible.

Psalms 111:10 The fear (respect, reverence) of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all  they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever. Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of  wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Proverbs 15:33 The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility. Proverbs 1:7 The  fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 22:4 By humility  and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.

Proverbs 8:13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do  I hate. Proverbs 16:6 By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil. Job  28:28 And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.

MM Addendum 1-6

The US/UK/EU political-economic systemics are not democratic systemics; their power and wealth depends upon rule by a few and the subordination of the many, and the people who run them are horrified by genuine democratic movements which aim to give majorities political and economic power, at home and abroad – in the US a battle was waged by the Framers of the Constitution to maintain between themselves as property owners and common people as non-property owners a “political separation” which could not be bridged - we call this relationship democracy and it is this vision of the world that is dangerously “inaccurate” – the Constitution was designed to ensure that the majority of citizens (without property) would not have a real voice in political affairs and it is not a coincidence that that is the case today; and the Constitution was designed to ensure that real political power in the US would always be held by the handful of very large property owners and it is not a coincidence that that is the case today – simply stated, the Constitution was designed to protect the privilege and power of large property owners and shatter the logic of the majority – the merchants, bankers, and plantation slave-owners of 1787 (on both sides of the Atlantic) have become the global corporate clan of today.

Addendum 1-3,4,5,6 Text (with additions) based on:
[USA HISTORY: A QUICK STUDY FOR STUDENTS A summary by Dr. June Scorza Terpstra, revised 2006] 
[Fresia, J. 1998. Toward an American Revolution: Exposing the Constitution and Other Illusions] 
[Parenti, M. 1998. America Besieged]

MM Addendum 1-7


Tyrean (Tyre) Consciousness (Ezek 26-28): conscious evil (with-)in the world/kosmos (Hosea 9:13); the social subconscious, under the shadow – the Princes of Tyre, the SAGE gods (Bloodlines); “I sit in the seat of gods” (Ezek 28:2) – the “Shadows on the Land”, the “Shadowcasters” – the Progenitor SAGE Lines and their Corporate Beings -  the “Giant” shadows are merging, joining into total darkness – Daniel 7 Shinar “Lion with eagles wings” – wings plucked off (Patriarchs; God’s Guidance) – Rampant Lion (SAGE Heraldry), Heart of Man (made mortal) = Babylon (Babylonic Judea), the Shinar succession (origins).

SAGE claimed Divine Right Rulership of land and property, including human beings (Ezek 11:15); hubris institutionalized into law – social engineering madness – deep spiritual illness – a sick social psychology expanding into globalized relationships – foundational and current “wealth” by exploitation (vested interest and claim) – the God of War, the “Broom of Destruction” clearing “the Path”, sweeping aside all opposition (Mammon’s Eraser).

Geo-political/military/business scenarios designed to meet every circumstance, to steer, and to mend, the SAGE Agenda(s) – the “Bilderberg” steering group (advising the SAGE Inc., Board of Directors); 100 core members and associates; all are chained by wealth – the Forbes 500/2000, the “Corporate Beings” (SAGE owned, controlled and/or dependent) – the public face, persona – the MASK (covering Mammon’s twisted and distorted face of greed and avarice) – the Tyrean authorship, the “ghost writers” of the National narrative(s).

MM Addendum 1-8


The Dodekaphulon ((G1429) The Commonwealth of Israel):
* Old Europe (the TEN, led by the Franco-German Alliance) vs. the Anglo-American Brotherhood of Joseph (Manasseh-Ephraim);
* Relationship to God (expression): mainline Catholicism, Protestantism, Rabbinical Judaism, with their variants and sects (God Inc., the Gospel of Mammonism (the adversarial character; the nature of the Beast) – Secular-Christianity-Judaism);
* the Desposynic progeny have accepted the Devil’s offer (the Temptation) (political-party as business clan: Business Party).

* EU pursuing an increasingly Fascist “strength and power” rivalry with the US-UK to ensure continuance as a “partner in strength” (National/State-Corporate strategic conflicts mitigated by mutually agreed partitions (spheres of influence)): Defense/Offense issues – corporate and organizational aims/demands (MIIM, NATO, USMil) (Corporate-State Mercenaries);
* US-UK Corporate control of oil-gas reserves (Iraq War), especially Eurasia (in conflict with (EU/)Russia/China interests);
* Rivalry between competing Financial Conglomerates – Euro vs. FRN-Dollar (the “dollarisation” of national currencies).

The root relationship between nations and the basis of corporate business must be WAR not Peace – history must be viewed and understood as the continuous “progress” of war and that moments of “peace” are merely pauses making possible the next conflict – BUSINESS IS A WAR SYSTEMIC and the SAGE are its Generals; the “covering” over-and-upon the various governments of the world (their particular ideology of no concern) is the SAGE war-systemic – ISRAEL AS WARMONGER NOT PEACEMAKER !!

MM Addendum 1-9


The House of Israel: the US/UK/EU (Israel) Elect – the SAGE Royals, the SAGE Elders and the SAGE High Priests (Anointed Aaronic) and the Levites (called to supervise the execution of all national affairs, at the same time helping the High Priests in their fulfilment of the Tabernacle Ministry) – including the Samurai Japanese, High/Royal Russia, and Prussia (High Germany) — Rhodes Scholars (eventual unification of US-Britain a pivotal aim) — receiving the 10%, the “congregation” (ie., equity ownership; 1%=50%, 09%=50%) — the Elect, the RENOWNED of the congregation (those within the Shadow), PRINCES of the tribes of their fathers [refer to the vast amount of BI (British-Israel) literature for the biblical exegesis].

Numbers 1:1 And the LORD spake unto Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the tabernacle of the congregation, on the first day of the second month, in the second year after they were come out of the land of Egypt, saying, 2 Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel, after their families, by the house of their fathers, with the number of their names, every male by their polls; 3 From twenty years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to war in Israel: thou and Aaron shall number them by their armies. 4 And with you there shall be a man of every tribe; every one head of the house of his fathers. 5 And these [are] the names of the men that shall stand with you: … 16 These were the RENOWNED of the congregation, PRINCES of the tribes of their fathers, heads of thousands in Israel.

MM Addendum 1-10

SAGE financed “war of eradication” - WWII an extension of WWI – a contrived HOLOCAUST, using the Assyrian threat (Asshur ”Feroher”, the Sacred presence), Germanic “Fuhrer” – ie., Hitler’s bankers, US-Swiss complicity; RC Church Ratlines; selective prosecutions, complicity on a grand scale; incorporation of SS-Gestapo into Interpol; the division of Europe; Bretton Woods; the Marshall Plan (rebuild in the image and likeness), etc. — eradication of the economic slump of 1929 by a war economy; eradication of Italian Fascism and eastern european unrest; use/eradication of Germanic paganism, revived militant-religious nationalism (Nazism: Hitler “Beast, False Prophet”, 1000yr Reich, Occult “Aryan” High Priest); eradication of non-Judah eastern european Jewry; the defeat and assimilation of Samurai Japan: 1931 sep.18 Manchuria to 1945 sep.02 surrender = 14yrs …

Tanaka Memorial; blueprint for world conquest; based on document dated May 18, 1592 – the great national hero of Japan, Hideyoshi, had set forth in this document the great national plan for world empire and setting the Mikado on the throne to rule the world – this had been a Japanese national dream for three centuries – Baron Tanaka, then Premier, presented the Tanaka Memorial as a definite blueprint for world conquest to the Mikado – this led directly to the bombing of Pearl Harbour – it was based on the religious conviction that the Mikado is the direct descendant of the Mother of Heaven – being, therefore, the SON of Heaven, the Emperor had to be established on the throne of the world to show that he is God.

MM Addendum 1-11

… the awakening and using of Soviet Russia (1922/23 Apr 16 Treaty of Rapallo – Germany-USSR; Oct 30 Mussolini forms Fascist government; Soviet States form USSR) — a CULL, esp. of Germany-USSR (75% of the european theatre) — beyond the normal realm of comprehension — Versailles Treaty, the Wilson Plan, League of Nations attempt until 1922 – 1914-1918 WWI (end of the antagonistic monarchies; the old world order (1898-1908 Boer War, Spanish-American War, the Russian-Japanese War)) – the “Stone Kingdom”, the “5th great empire”, the Kingdom of Israel filling the earth after smiting the “image upon its feet” (Nebuchadnezzar’s dream; Dan 2:34-35, 42-44) – SAGE Holy War vs. the twin (both feet of the image) pagan Beast-False Prophet threat of Japan and Germany — the “Israel Empire” fulfilling its destiny, setting up the foundation of a redeemed Israel; SAGE Armageddon 1939-45 (as understood and received then by the SAGE); (as generally understood now by secular-Christianity, the two legs of iron represent the divided Roman Empire, East and West, while the feet and 10 toes of iron-miry clay represent the divided Roman systemic (feet) and the final ten nation states and/or combines, in a physical fulfillment of Daniel’s Image: the NWO (the SAGE construct)).

MM Addendum 1-12

The SAGE agenda has repeatedly demonstrated its savagery: 75+ million killed in WWI and WWII; an estimated 80 million culled by Stalin; three million Koreans and Chinese slain in the Korean War; two million Vietnamese; tens of thousands of Iraqis murdered in the slaughter of the first Persian Gulf War, and over one million dead as a consequence of the West’s starvation blockade and destruction of infrastructure; tens of thousands killed in the Balkan’s and now again ten’s of thousands killed in the second Iraq War, including Afghanistan; not to mention the hundreds of thousands of allied and US troops killed, who went to war in the defense of their country, unwitting pawns under SAGE control — this barbaric system of racism, oppression and mass murder has been exposed – this is dangerous knowledge – if we remain silent we give silent approval to our continued complicity (no longer unknown) in this insane-evil systemic – what are we going to do about it ?? – disinvestment and expatriation is the beginning, the first step.

MM Addendum 1-13

SAGE Genealogy:

Four Primary Descent Lines: the 4 Pillars, determined from Grandparents, ea., Paternal GF-1, GM-1 / Maternal GF-1, GM-1 (Paternal Inheritance in regard to Maternal Lines: mGF-2/1r, mGM-3/2r) (the four foundational corners: “Parental House”)

* Progenitor Bloodline: High Born – Close 2-5 (1r-4r); 1-4 Pillar (set in STONE) (Chosen/Called)
* Progenic Bloodline: Near Born – Near 6-10 (5r-9r); 1-4 Pillar (set in STONE) (Chosen/Called)

Paternal Inheritance-r: CLOSE-r, NEAR-r, DISTANT-r, FAR-r (refers to the actual Maternal count to subject)
(r = removed from the Paternal primary line (proximity)
(d = degree, exclusive count (lineal generations), parents being the 1st degree)

Selective Mating to strengthen Pillars (many have only one or two High-Near Pillars); degrees of ennoblement/ennobling; Judah(Z)/Davidic(P)-J1 Royal, Desposynic (JA, Jo, sAnna, J1), REX DEUS (JM-Grail, HG-Holy Grail), and combinations thereof [note: the majority of these Bloodlines, unknown (to themselves) and known are not “SAGE Called” – the SAGE determinants are systemic and establishmentarian - selective callings – they are “self-appointing/appointed” – Mammon determines and appoints its own; there are many High-Near Born “common” dependents/slaves (no systemic rights), considered non-worthy – yet from these, right is reserved of selective placement, calling and marriage to strengthen “established” Bloodlines] [note: Addendum 2 will detail the lineages and define the Bloodlines mentioned].

MM Addendum 1-14

Exiled Israeli Bloodlines: systemic dependents (corporate being) and systemic slaves (Masters need dependents and slaves); (the ”many” considered in Babylon, exiles who have no inheritance rights; those outside of the SAGE, those “under” but not “within” the Shadow (= the slaves); those “within” (= the dependents); the SAGE have assumed the Babylonic Thrones; the many Israeli (and “others” under-within) considered “common”; the non-systemic “other” populations considered “disposable”).

* Distant Born – Distant 11-15 (10r-14r) (set in gravel; unstable (eroded/crushed)) (adoption/merit notice/uncalled)
* Far Born – Far Distant 16+ (15r+) (set in sand, unsupported (erased)) (adoption/merit notice/uncalled)

SAGE selective placements – position, wealth, marriage (grafted into the Vine; SAGE Eugenics; progeny descent proximity); Davidic and Messianic Branches – Corporate Being determinant (Master or servant (you have to be with(-in) the program)); (behind-the-scenes and unobserved “selective steerage”, ie., Scholarships, Foundational Grants, Corporate and Military advancement, etc., based on merit and “descent”; from the “many” steered the “few” selected for possible “CORE” inclusion – the “Elect” (Mammon has many “Called” Privileged and Elite but few “Chosen” Elect – the Elect-Royal Guardian Elite)); (note: those of Distant-Far Born “high merit” may be systemically “adopted” and even “engrafted” into a Progenic Line).

MM Addendum 1-15

The SAGE: A Private, Closed Society (the Private Agency that owns and controls the world)

* 70 SAGE ELDERS – the Tyrean Nobility – the “Chief Council” of Israel-Judah and its High-Near Born “Lord’s Council”
* 25 SAGE PRIESTS – the Tyrean Priesthood – the “Inner Court” (representing the Davidic Faiths (600 BC) (most major Faiths))
(elaborate records, details, convincing proofs and definitions: Spiritual/Progenic Ancestry of Religions/Leadership(s))
* 25 SAGE PRINCES – the Tyrean Royalty – the Royal SAGE  (incl., Royal Islam)
(Genealogical roots into the world’s Royal Lines, legitimizing claim for Corporate Linkages, Family Bonds (SAGE Being))

* The 120 of Mammon’s Enthroned (reference Ezekiel 8, 11)
Their Xn Fundamentalist label is “The White Brotherhood” (may refer to “white robes” or the “white dove” or “white swan” or in imitation, or in use of, the Theosophy label); their politico-fictional representation is the “Sanhedrin” of the “Protocols”, etc., the “image” nearly but not quite grasped, and mis-represented.

* SAGE PEERAGE – the High-Near Born Families, and those engrafted – the Peerage Council sits under the Lord’s Council

SAGE “Circles of Reliance” (CORE):
* SAGE “Inner Core” – 3000 Members (High/Near Aristocracy, the Corporate Elect (Owners, Directors and Executives))
* SAGE “Outer Core” – 5000 Members (High/Near Governance Elect, the Appointed Aristocracy (US/UK/EU Government-MIIM)
(“MIIM” Military-Industrial-Intelligence Matrix) – non-SAGE inclusion/invited participation does not represent equality – the SAGE can defame or subsume any who refuse or disobey and/or simply erase them from recorded/accepted History – Military Forces are in effect mercenary in the employ of SAGE Interests, particularly supranational “Black Op” Agencies.

* SAGE CORE Trust(s): those outside yet employed in “positions of trust” vital to CORE Interests; allegiance is to the Governmental/Corporate Interest; participants have no inside knowledge, yet from their ranks are those selected and recruited for future CORE Membership – these CORE Groups are termed the “Corporatocracy” in the film “Zeitgeist Addendum”; the fundamentalist politico-sect “The Family” is a recruitment vehicle for the CORE Trusts (“The Family” has been profiled by author Jeff Sharlet through many articles, interviews and a book of the same name).

MM Addendum 1-16

Interest(s) – the “formulation” of opinion; who authors you, what “equations/ sums” are included in your formulation ?? — information, knowledge, (defined-) understanding, wisdom (the application of knowledge), comprehension (seeing beyond the realm of understanding; deep perception of ramifications, the interconnections – the very “being” of the subject/object; illuminating the veil/the occlusion/the darkness with the “light of God” – the SAGE utilize the “light of darkness” (the so-called Illuminati comprehension)) – wisdom(-ing) with comprehension makes one complicit, as does silent comprehension of the evil(s) (sought comprehension is ever unfolding; the seeking (seeing through the glass, darkly (the light of the spirit dim) – partial comprehension, the knowing: 1 Cor 13:12 “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known” – the very GOD COMPREHENSION imparted)).

(through a glass/mirror darkly/obscurely/enigma – “esoptron ainigma” (Gr.))
JFB COMMENTARY: through a glass – that is, in a mirror; the reflection seeming to the eye to be behind the mirror, so that we see it through the mirror. Ancient mirrors were made of polished brass or other metals. The contrast is between the inadequate knowledge of an object gained by seeing it reflected in a dim mirror (such as ancient mirrors were), compared with the perfect idea we have of it by seeing itself directly.

darkly – literally, “in enigma.” As a “mirror” conveys an image to the eye, so an “enigma” to the ear. But neither “eye nor ear” can fully represent (though the believer’s soul gets a small revelation now of) “the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him” (1 Cor 2:9). Paul alludes to Num 12:8, “not in dark speeches”; the Septuagint, “not in enigmas.” Compared with the visions and dreams vouchsafed to other prophets, God’s communications with Moses were “not in enigmas.” But compared with the intuitive and direct vision of God hereafter, even the revealed word now is “a dark discourse,” or a shadowing forth by enigma of God’s reflected likeness. Compare 2 Peter 1:19, where the “light” or candle in a dark place stands in contrast with the “day” dawning. God’s word is called a glass or mirror also in 2 Cor 3:18.

MM Addendum 1-17

Teaching and learning are connected, yet separate — the teacher teaches information-knowledge-understanding, imparting pointing information to encourage investigation and learning; he/she walks the path but neither pushes the student ahead nor drags the student behind; the student must walk alongside of the teacher – the journey itself, the seek, will impart the comprehension (the straight and narrow path; non-compromised (the journey will change the traveller; opposed to the traveller halted/reversed or changing the journey/destination, travelling another defined-path)) (the “straight and narrow” well-defined path, means that every step placed counts; walking a crooked path or weaving/wandering on a wide path means many more steps to cover a given distance (weariness and time will take its toll)).

* House of Judah – Witness of the Torah – Law (Being, Character of God, 10C) – (Moses) – secular-Judaism;
* House of Israel – Witness of the Messiah – Grace (Doing, Conscience of God) – (Elijah) – secular-Judeo-Christianity (the secular-Christian Nations – the 10 Tribes physically(-spiritually); the House of Joseph UK/US and their brothers) (the ultimate/supreme expression/application of Mammon is secular-Christianity (Christ conformed to the world/kosmos)).

Political Parties are in effect Cultic (Cult-ure) [Sociology: an elite group, a self-identified group of people who share a narrowly defined interest or perspective; idolization of somebody or something: an extreme or excessive admiration for a person, philosophy of life, or activity; object of idolization: a person, philosophy, or activity regarded with extreme or excessive admiration] [Religion: a system of religious or spiritual beliefs, especially an informal and transient belief system regarded by others as misguided, unorthodox, extremist, or false, and directed by a charismatic, authoritarian leader]; SAGE intentional design as secular politico-religions, considered Christocentric; epigonic – party politics/democratic-fascism designed for countries to function as “corporate entity” Nation-States — populations must be enclosed within “the systemic” to ensure compliance; seemingly active participants, propagating the systemic, agents of their own destruction; their lack of deep intellectual involvement ensures tailored politicians, information and media, and the acceptance/assumption of defined Party character(-istics) — Democratic-Fascism is the “Serpentine Way” [L. serpentinus, from serpens 1. Resembling a serpent; usually, winding and turning one way and the other, like a moving serpent; anfractuous; as a serpentine road or course; Anfractuous (L. anfractus, of amb, about, and fractus, broken) Winding; full of windings and turnings; written less correctly, anfractuose], voting left then right (party politics), etc., as course, moving the nation forward.

MM Addendum 1-18

To use violence against a violent systemic is to be used/employed by the very systemic you are opposed to; the systemic thrives on violence, depends on it; the systemic has, continues to, and will again, propagate its enemies to whatever degree needed (the Broom of Destruction); opposition is purposefully maintained — the evil mantras of “national security” and “shareholder profit” as perpetual right/excuse — what would be abhorrent as personal prejudice becomes acceptable when applied to the common(s), the collective security/threat.

Social/Group/Individual Consciousness Spectrum (light/dark) — the constructed reality does not need the “excess” of Humanity to work, in fact it is impeded by it; rather than sharing the actual “common-wealth”, the private usurpators will allow (due to systemic demands) and induce selective culling of the unneeded and unwanted – sequence management (series/parallel set of sequences; event initiation, consequence steerage) — the SAGE Machiavellian Princes [cynical and ruthless politics (Machiavellianism)] — self-interest as primary motivating factor of human interaction/development (Mammonism defined) is the death of mankind (personal gain at the expense of another = evil defined); Christ defined is the well-being of the other.

MM Addendum 1-19

How do we address God and each other (situational address: to give face to; deal with an issue; direct to; begin task) ?? — wherever there is power and authority, position, privilege and avarice (pappa), God is not present … this is the false-Fatherhood of Mammonism – low regard/high regard authority, many of low regard exercise only positional authority; some of high regard/ venerational-authority hold no official-systemic position but can affect the systemic adversely or beneficially — the only “sanction/authority of God” is that of Love, the unselfish Love of God as impetus and resultant, the “unleavened bread of sincerity and truth” — “Thou shalt have no other Gods (ways of life; systemics; Being and Doing; our very God-ing) before me” – the common-wealth of God vs. the private-wealth of Man; our systemics (Mammon), our very way of life, or very being, makes us inhuman/inhumane – we exist in a “divergent reality” diametrically opposed to God(-ing); we are in “violation of God” – our “social sins” mark us and our children.

“Losing my religion” = one’s dissociation with a conceptual model; the “fear of God” instilled by men/religion is intelligence/reason erasure/denial, ie., the loss of salvation by acceptance of science, ie., Darwinian Evolutionary Theory vs. Intelligent Design/Creationism Critique – science is the “scripture of creation”; Intelligent Developmental Genetic Design with “natural selection/evolution within Kind”, the purposeful Development of Life by an Intelligent Agency, the Angelic First Estate (Devolution Progenitor) — we are all “walking the path to God” no matter your professed belief or disbelief (one’s life journey), we must all understand this, we will all give account – our “life’s journey” is to discover and achieve God(-Family); the one voice chorus.

MM Addendum 1-20

Confidence is faith in-and-of one’s self; we must achieve self-confidence and confidence in/of-and-with God(-Family) – there is no greater enemy than one’s own fears (real or imagined) – our fears will be/are manipulated/controlled by our would-be protectors/saviors, the very same who created/produced the very systemic to which we are so inured; their/its fears have become/are our fears, yet they/it fear us the most – the banality of evil, our complicity, our sin, must be recognized and repented of; only then will we be response-able.

Each and every Human Being is essential to, and for, the survival of the Human Race; the SAGE Agenda will ensure the elimination of the “systemic unneeded” as a resultant; the very survival of the majority of Humankind is threatened; this is Holocaust on a massive scale, systemic extermination (as previously exampled in Russia/Germany pre-/during WWII, and as preliminarily exampled in today’s world: 30-50M needless deaths/yr., one sacrificial death per 1M$ of world economy (to maintain value and markets); to extrapolate further, 1000 Human Beings die/are sacrificed each and every year to maintain the value held by one Billionaire); SAGE authority is considered supra-divine, as Messianic, as binding/bound in Heaven as-well-as on Earth; the SAGE are beyond consideration and examination by the vulgar; Mammon’s systemic/mechanisms ensure and enforce privacy and compliance; the “Bilderberg Meetings”, previously private, are now a vulgarization for public focus/consumption, seeming “approval at large”.

MM Addendum 1-21

Study disciplines and pseudo-(un)disciplines (subjective/anecdotal/self-referencing) — the “nature of the Beast” must be changed or else the Beast must cease-to-exist — multifaceted consciousness [early 17th century; French facette "little face", face] — intrinsic motivation [15th century; via French, late Latin intrinsecus "inward", assumed Latin intrim "within"] [conscientious objection] vs. imposed basic/social assumptions, intellection management and control — content-awareness variability/(re-)definition(s); the COG [Church of God] is the “definientia” [definiens (plural definientia) n. definition words: the words used to define a word or expression, e.g. in a dictionary or glossary (technical)] [late 19th century; medieval Latin, "something that defines", present participle of Latin definire], we define the Logos, the Christ at this time [the definiendum (plural definienda) n. word being defined: the word or expression defined by a definition, e.g. in a dictionary or glossary (technical)] [late 19th century; Latin , "thing to be defined", definire] by our “being and doing”; the Family of God actualizes and defines God(-ing), we are the “words” who define the “Word” !!

The Tellan (tell(-ing)) [Old English tellan; Germanic, "put in order"] — God loves every human being, maybe we should be (being-) doing the same — Books/(Library) are a mentation extension, a literary/study communion/relationship, comprehension illustration(s) — secular-arrestors (ie., secular religion/ideology) causing disbelief/distrust in God; evil spoilers, profiteers/propheteers, looters, exploiters — the Body of Christ vs. the Corporate [16th century; Latin corporatus, past participle of corporare "form a body"; corpus "body"] — we live amidst a savage world which exhibits a thin veneer of civility; there is much to say as a Tellan Servitor but very few are willing to listen; nascent and emergent thought must manifest vs. the SAGE; we must be the Emergents (emergent consciousness vs. the toxigenic SAGE); the Minders (to bear in mind; carry; “taking the Lord’s Name” (meanings = responsibilities)) – seeing is not believing, believing is seeing — the Corporate are the “false-body(-ies)”, the pseudo-Christos “false-Christ(s)”.

MM Addendum 1-22

The more fear there is in the world, the more people are willing to be ideologically imprisoned and shackled – imprisoned within the prevailing SAGE national systemics, the mechanisms of subjugation and control; democratic-fascism must produce (as a profit/loss) supposed-freedom(s) as its operating theatre (freedom as servant/in service to control); usurpation/misuse/misrule of the “power of the people”, now used against the same and against those considered outside; the idolization, the apotheosis(-sys) of the Nation-State (the identification with, and the defense of); obedience/obeisance as measure (of freedom(s)/of right(s) of Mammon) — Governments ensure/effect compliance — “war is terrorism of the rich against the poor; terrorism is war of the poor against the rich” [quote: BBC.Intelligence2(squared), Debate, Sat.Jan.19.08] — the 1700’s, the “New World” Order established – the concept of America is the “wool pulled over the eyes” by the SAGE (grievous wolves in sheep’s clothing) and their “merchant nation”.

Consumers (takers) and the consumed; Mammon’s systemic must “feed on others”/profit to exist, to survive/remain viable: [consume (past and past participle consumed, present participle consuming, 3rd person present singular consumes) v. 1. vt eat or drink something: to eat or drink something, especially in large amounts 2. vt use something up: to use something in such a way that it cannot be reused or recovered afterward 3. vt engross somebody: to fill somebody's mind or attention fully (usually passive) (ie., consumed by a desire for new experiences) 4. vt destroy something or somebody: to destroy something or somebody completely (ie., was consumed by fire) 5. vti buy from others: to buy goods or services produced by other people ] [14th century; directly/via French; Latin consumere "take up completely", sumere "take"].

MM Addendum 1-23

Economic “Mechanism Design” Theory – systemic designed/determined by a desired outcome, the designed systemic resultant – the destruction/death of God(-ing); fail-safe support mechanism(s) mimicry; SAGE spiritual illness exemplification — “Global Warming solutions must not impede economies because they provide the Capital which will develop the technologies to overcome the Global Warming” [the CATO Institute (BBC News)] — we are bound to a systemic designed to enslave the many and enrich the few; enslaved freedom: enslaved to a systemic that provides the supposed freedom(s) – the SAGE will stop at nothing to make/ensure their version/vision of reality – personal gain as primary motivating factor is the eventual death of mankind, not the liberating progress as claimed; personal gain at the expense or “detriment” of another is in violation of God, it is evil defined; progress defined by historical and Human “detritus” is actually regress — “personal conduct” is the God-Family determinant.

[detriment (plural detriments) n.1. disadvantage: damage, harm, or disadvantage 2. harmful thing: something that causes damage, harm, or disadvantage [15th century; via French, Latin detrimentum, deterere "wear away", terere "rub, wear"]

[detritus n. 1. debris: debris or discarded material 2. geology rock fragments: fragments of rock that have been worn away 3. ecology organic matter: organic debris formed by the decomposition of plants or animals [late 18th century; Latin, past participle of deterere (see detriment); detrital, adj.]

MM Addendum 1-24

National Economy/Corporation to MNC (Multi-National Corporation) to TNC (Trans-National Corporation) to supra-National Corporate Economy and Globalization – the “Nation-State” is the enemy of the actual Nation [private-State over public-Nation], the people; SAGE placements in key positions within the government(s) ensure the “ship of state” is steered where they want it to go, and does what they want it to do; the “Captain” receives his orders from the SAGE; the MIIM [Military-Industrial-Intelligence(/Legal) Matrix] is wholly employed in the service of the SAGE; the SAGE maintain and employ their own “armed forces” made up of some of the best from the various National Armed Services; the SAGE Military is the best trained and best equipped Force in the world, highly compensated and totally loyal to SAGE Interests as their very own; they have “carte blanche” access to practically the whole globe being given vested governmental authority to counter any who would question or hinder their actions; they are invisible to governmental, legal, media or public scrutiny or investigation, ie., 9/11 – this Military Force is not just external but internal to the Western Military Forces; within their Ranks are SAGE Officers (who carry out their orders “without question” before and “without answer/response” afterwards) in command of the National Apparatus in the service of the SAGE/National Purpose-Interest(s); the SAGE Force is supplemented by the “Special Forces” of the various Nations in many operations (from whose ranks many of the externals are recruited, as mentioned); the SAGE and their “false flag”/”black ops” are beyond jurisdiction, the SAGE are the jurisdiction (legal authority) and are protected and excused by the very National Systemics that they have authored and own (SAGE Interest is the National Interest, they are one-and-the-same).

MM Addendum 1-25

“Patriotism” and its “patriots”, the mythology of the Nation, is wholly in the service of the SAGE, the more vehement the opposition, the better; America was designed and implemented by the SAGE, it was-and-is the vehicle/excuse of the USA, the “New World” Order, the usurpation by the “Princes” of the “Old World” Order; the idol of America was carved by the SAGE; the “founding fathers” were of the SAGE, and now the FRN is the instrument/implement of “world order”; the US-UK, the “sons of Joseph” the new-old are reconciled/united in purpose, but, their brothers, the emerging EU, are changing the “game plan”, conflict within the SAGE is growing; FRN vs. Euro will expose the struggle; the creation of Americanada will negate the US national debt by balancing the books so-to-speak, mostly by incorporating Canada’s vast natural resources; the SAGE Corporate “Giants” are the source of conflict within the SAGE themselves, they have become the “persona’s”, even to the point of usurping “identity and role” within — all is done by-and-through “human agency”; the SAGE “bloodline” is the author-ity (Desposyni); Mammon disables human-ity – incarnation by the “Holy Spirit” [the spiritual-genomic binding/marriage with the Human Spirit] or possession by the adversarial “spiritual influence” — maintenance of claim is the imperative; business is possession of “heart and mind”, we serve Mammon !! – what are we becoming because of the SAGE and “our” systemic ?? – we are in violation of God — the “Nation-States” are “business societies” not the cooperative-communitarian society envisioned and exemplified by Christ.

MM Addendum 1-26

The FRN/Euro currencies *are* world governance, command/control – non-accommodation of dissonant facts: most people cannot accommodate conflicting/incompatible facts within their own understanding, their individual paradigm(s) — upon realization of the self-sufficient “SAGE-Technocracy” those considered unneeded by the systemic will be eliminated; implementation of this systemic is the primary SAGE goal — we have no right to excess when so many have little or nothing – the “neo-con” agenda and affiliations of the Bush Admin(R)., past-and-present, and the “Wall St.” agenda and affiliations of the Obama Admin(D)., past-and-present, were/are so blatant, so in-your-face, yet unseen and unrecognized by the majority of a society so plugged into the systemic that even if aware will not risk opposition – they/we are complicit, yet, most are not response-able, they are not able to respond – the “communication of love” is barely seen, felt or heard in Mammon’s world systemic (kosmos) as it is diametrically opposed to it.

“Money as Debt” is the “instrument” of “Authority and Power” in a “State Society”; the “depredation” of Business [an act of plundering and pillaging and marauding] has resulted in financial collapse – - monetary wealth is the poverty of others; to have material abundance when so many are in need is in “violation of God” — “World View” is a key concept – the “Faith of the Fallen” represents the complete spiritual and physical domination and possession of humankind resulting in the negation of God(-ing) !! – THE NEGATION OF GOD-ING IS THE ULTIMATE AIM OF MAMMON !! — even if you do not believe in God, God believes in you !! – God is love; we experience God, or the lack thereof, by-and-through our interactions with each other !! — COG Inc., secular-Christianity = the “cult of God”, the “ritual of worship” — to declare “supremacy” of (our) God is to deny Him: the only “authority” that comes from God is “to serve” — encoding formulations = political, religious, social, ie., election dates, Holy Days, traditions, etc., religio-social systemics, psychological receptors, ie., fundamentalism; the social medium (spiritual/physical manifestation (psychological), ie., the paranormal, visions, etc.); within the “realm of thought” it all becomes real: “the belief” (the belief reality; mind-set; RESONANCE) – “TRUTH” IS RESONANCE (Nature/Nurture, Genetic/Social-Relations) – FAITH CONSTRUCTS — CORPORATE FUNDAMENTALISM (MAMMON) is the State Religion in service to “private governance” – Mammon’s “social codes” or Messiah’s (the 10C).

MM Addendum 1-27