Chapter 7

Mammon or Messiah Book 2

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MM Book 2 Chapter 7-3

We become what we think about; we condition ourselves to believe – our “weight” [the trail that is left behind us; we are dragging our past baggage along; our excuses, our justifications, our definitions] keeps us from rising to new levels – our present moment’s thought(s) is what is driving us forward — fragmented mentation = frag-mentation; seeking order out of chaos: the COG consensus view = the CONSENSUS, the (selfish) group think = fragmented; a consensus nonconsensus [the various COG Inc.'s all claiming God] — God will bring *justice* to the (mis)application of His Law — we are not just functions, or motives, we are alive, we are *meaning*, we have meaning !! – God is  *truth and dialogue* vs. the violent [emotional] convergence of God’s Way and man’s way; we must release the carnal, the blame; we must send each other our love, God’s agape love; GOD WILL HEAL OUR SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS !! — the carnal accusations, the backbiting, the lawsuits, copyrights, etc., that the COG is guilty of, must teach us that ** what comes out is what is inside **; WE MUST OPEN TO THE PERFECT LOVE OF GOD AND CAST OUT THE FEAR WITHIN THE COG !! – OUR SELFISH, SECTARIAN AWARENESS MUST GIVE WAY TO GOD’S HOLY, SACRED AWARENESS !! – our limited capacity [our sins limit us; our abilities] will open to God’s unlimited healing capacity; mindfulness of, and KNOWING GOD FROM *WITHIN* releases any doubt, any fear; WE ARE *NOT* SEPARATE FROM EACH OTHER, AND NEITHER CAN WE BE !! – the question of who is right and who is wrong, from within the COG, is answered when we acknowledge that *only God is right* !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-4

We acknowledge God when we acknowledge our own mortality [through awareness and/or crisis; the *fear* of death; the lack of meaning or purpose; Heb 2:14-15, the one who *holds* its power (in hand, in mind; the darkness of ignorance and sin, the misery; in *our application* of the devil's nature); we are in *bondage* (to another's will) because of this fear; THE WAY OUT IS CHRIST !!] – our technocratic society [as well as its resultant/engendered religions (old and new age; authored by, and using the same fear)] offers us an artificial and contrived [imagined] immortality, with the imposed spirit of business leading – we deny our mortality, *we deny God* !! – TOGETHER WITH GOD, AS GOD FAMILY, WE ARE IMMORTAL, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY !! – the spirit of fear offers us slavery as protection and continuity, as a *shield* [of faith] against the power of death [as man's best hope for the future]; but this very systemic *is* the power of death !! – our fear of mortality, our seeking immortality without God, results in the very death we are in fear of, it is used to perpetuate an immortal *hold* [the worship of fallen Angels] on our mortality – GOD OFFERS US RELEASE FROM OUR MORTALITY !! – our willingness to be satisfied with a schema, the insensibility to anything but one’s own satisfaction, the simple conviction that there *is* a right way which “somebody else” can show us, the claim to the “right” of simplicity, the right to be protected from anxieties and ambiguities, the right “not to know”, this is what organized religion is, designed to keep us safe from the *immediacy* of God and the *radical universalism* a God-encounter brings [our God-given responsibilities]; we are so *frightened* of these that we are willing to surrender our reason and will to religious elites who offer us base “magical” thinking: “Do this and God will do that” – ORGANIZED RELIGION [incl. the COG Inc.] KEEPS US SAFE FROM GOD [our fear of God, because of our sins]; RELIGION SHOULD KEEP US SAFE FROM THE DEVIL [his fear, his regard of God] *NOT* FROM GOD !! [schema based on Tikkun]

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-5

All of the evil around us is the result of something; it is up to each of us to understand this !! – SOCIETAL FEARS OVERRIDE GOD !! – THE SPIRITUAL CONDITION OF HUMANITY IS REFLECTED IN THE PHYSICAL, this applies to *all* situations and actions; these are terminal spiritual sicknesses, MANKIND IS SPIRITUALLY ILL !! – ONLY CHRIST PROVIDES THE HEALING [SALVATION] — PATHOS [suffering; disease; feeling], the “quality” in something experienced or observed which arouses feelings of pity, sorrow, sympathy, or compassion; the ** MINISTRY OF TEARS ** answering the collective unconscious, the THEOGNOSIS, the knowledge and recognition [diagnosis]; the health of the community is measured by the number who participate in it [MINISTRY OF GIFTS]; DIVINE HEALING — Genetic Memory [spiritual/physical influences and characteristics imprinted; passed from generation to generation] must be a consideration — the one who has infused his own EVIL and FEARFUL spirit into others, who actuates and governs their minds, the originator and transmitter of all spiritual disease [LUST; his spiritual sacrifice] is SATAN the DEVIL !! – WE MUST KNOW THIS TO BE HEALED BY CHRIST, BY HIS TRUTH !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-6

They say the “price of freedom is high”, well God say’s there is no price on freedom; He offers it *free*, it is His to give !! – those who offer freedom at a price are offering slavery instead, to their systemic, and the price of their systemic is very high indeed; it is a price that we cannot pay and too many have died trying [paid the ultimate price] !! — the corporate monies have value because the evil is maintained [the servicing of Mammon; building holocaust]; the “price of freedom” is actually oppression – apathy fed by ignorance will lead to our extinction !! – WE EITHER SERVE GOD OR SERVE MAMMON; we must know what it means to serve God; we already know what it means to serve Mammon – the pain of the past [the fear] envelops each new generation; it is overwhelming our sanity; if we want our dreams to come true, we must first wake up !! – this [contrived and imposed] world is a realm of suffering and confusion [God is not the author of confusion]; the major source of suffering is ignorance and the major expression of ignorance is the belief in a Self – we must become conscious of the fundamental discontinuity and therefore illusion of Self; our purpose, our goal is to be *one with God*, our sense of Self within the One [individually we are NOT one, *together* we are one] – our individual stories are our essence; our goal is not to escape our stories, but to make our stories sacred [WE MUST WRITE OURSELVES INTO THE BOOK OF LIFE] !! – the unique torture of modernity [its thoroughness; impact] is the sense of being disassociated, de-storied [de-humanized], displaced [nameless, devoid of context, history, soul print; SEPARATED FROM OURSELVES AND GOD] – through pain, the torturer aims to force the victim to betray and abandon his story – to lose hope in life is to lose the thread of your story; to recover hope is to reweave the fabric of your story. [Sacred Stories based on Tikkun]

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-7

God does not call or ordain anyone to a position *above* his fellows; we are all called and ordained [at Baptism] to serve each other, and in turn God, our gifts complimenting each other; together we are strong !! – the COG is fragmented into many congregations of many competing groups [a competition for unrighteous tithes], considered disparate [considered not alike; distinct or different in kind; unequal] by many, yet these congregations form the basis for God’s community [the ONE BODY OF CHRIST]; what is needed is the realization that we are all *as one* in our ministration of gifts – the disparity [inequality or difference, as to rank, amount, quality, etc., the unlikeness; incongruity] is a carnal wall of division and strife and must be stricken from our fellowship, from our very consciousness; demeaning your brother to raise yourself is not an act of love; personal gain at the expense of another is evil – the Laodicean division into clergy and laity [the COG's prevailing spiritual condition, illness; the indifference to God's systemic] is symptomatic of a corporate form that keeps us from each other and from God [His/our power and glory expressed in the application of His/our gifts]; the corporate ministry and eldership have *their* jobs to protect [their vested interest; societal fears override God], not realizing that God’s *living* community is self-sufficient in all of its ways, with God providing the resources needed; GOD’S COMMUNITY IS STRENGTH AND PROTECTION !! – we must reweave the fabrics of our own stories, and then, we must reweave our congregations into the *woven basket of common straw* that holds the firstfruits [Deut. 26:1-4], for presentation before God’s altar – the contexture of God’s truth is God’s own people, His community [Fr, L contextus 1 a weaving together; fabrication 2 an interwoven mass; fabric (the fabric of truth; our robes of righteousness) 3 the way in which a thing is put together; structure; composition 4 (rare) context].

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-8

God’s truth cannot be embodied within the corporate context, it cannot be held and applied by the power of incorporation, the strength of man; God’s truth can only be embodied within the community context [L contextus, a joining together, orig., pp. of contexere, to weave together, com-, together + texere, to weave], it can only be held and applied by the POWER OF INCARNATION, the STRENGTH OF GOD !! — THE VERY ACT OF INCORPORATION DENIES GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT !! – the COG Inc., partakes of Satan’s systemic [good and evil]; WE AGAIN EAT THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT !! — God’s truth is embodied within the ekklesia [GOD'S TRUTH IS CONTEXTUAL (depending on, or belonging to the context; GOD'S COMMUNITY MUST KEEP THE *WHOLE FORM* OF GOD'S HOUSE)], it is our truth [we are all brothers and sisters, no more, no less]; if we regard those around us in any other way, from an “imagined” vantage point of position, privilege, or authority [one that seemingly allows a clear and broad view; understanding; advantage], then we are dispossessing God’s truth; THE DISPOSSESSION OF THE DEVIL’S HOLD OVER US IS OUR PURPOSE *NOT* THE DISPOSSESSION OF GOD’S !! – the COMMUNITY of GOD is a COMMON PRIVILEGE where we all dwell with Christ Himself; NO BROTHER IS PREEMINENT OVER HIS FELLOWS, nor indeed can he be; those who are given much are to be the greater servants; ** WE ARE TO REGARD OUR FELLOWS AS PREEMINENT OVER US !! ** – THE WISDOM OF GOD SURPASSES US !! — those who assume a position *over* the brethren are no longer *among* the brethren !! – THERE ARE NO DISTINCTIONS WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST, NO MAN HAS THE MASTERY !! — the driving *force* of business [money as *means*; the root of all evil]; by maintaining and working these definitions [hierarchy; the COG Inc., THE CORPORATE CONTEXT] we are denying the body of Christ [as means], and its application, ROOTED IN GOD !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-9

Isa 10:17 And the light of Israel shall be for a fire, and his Holy One for a flame; Psa 104:4 His ministers a flaming fire; Heb 1:7 His ministers a flame of fire – CHRIST IS THE FLAME WHICH COMPOSES THE FIRE OF HIS CHURCH, PRODUCING ITS LIGHT; His ministers [ministration of gifts] become the “flame” that is Christ, they see with Christ’s vision [eyes as flames of fire; seeing all through God's Word; strength of vision dividing asunder soul and spirit]; His ministers become His Word, the *full voice* of God – the THORN MINISTRY is burned and devoured, *its* glory and work destroyed, by God’s Word !! – God’s Voice, His ministers will plead with all flesh; preaching = admonition and teaching]; God’s voice thunders, is powerful, is full of majesty [FULL AUTHORITY FROM GOD'S THRONE]; the voice of the LORD divideth the flames of fire [every part of the body, the ministry of gifts] working together, piercing all [armor-piercing vs. all masks, all excuses], it breaks the framework of error, it shakes the wilderness [the SAGE systemic will be shaken apart (economic and social earthquakes); iniquity shall cease], God’s glory [His systemic] shall be revealed !! – the work of Christ’s ministry of gifts is to prepare the *way of the LORD*, to make straight in the desert a *highway for our God*” [Isa 40:3-5, 9-10, an Elijah Work; Prov 16:17 The *highway of the upright* [is] to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul]; to take up the *stumbling block* out-of-the-way of God’s people [the COG Inc., 1 John 2:10], TO REVIVE THE SPIRIT OF THE HUMBLE; TO REVIVE THE HEART (THE ONE HEART) OF THE CONTRITE ONES; TO *TURN* THE ONE HEART UNTO SALVATION vs. THE HOLOCAUST [Mal 4:3] !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-10

The COG must remove itself out of the Satan’s *business context* [human beings considered chattel, commodities, consumers] and into God’s *community context* – how we regard our fellow-man, and how we conduct ourselves towards him, must be *as God*; we must see with eyes as flames of fire [*all* must be regarded through the Word of Truth], and we must conduct ourselves with pure, agape love, in righteousness !! – this [is] the ** law of the house ** [Ezek 43:1-12]; GOD’S COMMUNITY MUST KEEP, AND DO, THE *WHOLE FORM* OF GOD’S HOUSE; Upon the top of the mountain the whole limit thereof round about [shall be] ** most holy ** — THE COG IS SHAMEFULLY *UNPREPARED* FOR THE RETURN OF CHRIST, we must *prepare the way of the LORD* – the teaching that the various COG Inc.’s are branches of God’s true church, or holding the belief that one organization is the one true church, are both false; every Christian is a branch on the vine [Christ] with God the Father as husbandman – each-and-every local congregation is made up of clusters of grapes; each Christian is a cluster of grapes, slowly maturing in a favorable climate, rooted in good earth [various locals; earth composition], each with a different flavor [vintage, etc.]; each grape a precious truth held, maturing into a fine wine of truth; strong drink – promised land: cluster of plump grapes [well watered truth; fine wine] and produce, fruits [good works].

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-11

MOST DO NOT KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG !! – most people think this world is a fairly good place; they are busy, they are entertained; they have bought into the system – they do not know that this systemic is a blend of “good and evil” [they are aware but they do NOT know] — Christ came to save us from our sins, to give us liberty, to establish righteous community [the relationship of God]; this itself indicates a systemic in error, an evil systemic with an infrastructure in support of, and maintaining the underlying oppression and fear engendered [sin is the transgression of the character of God, the 10C]; our systemic exemplifies the character of Satan, it is adversarial in nature !! – FEAR IS ITS FOUNDATIONAL EMOTION, fear of the other, fear of our own true selves, fear of losing control, etc., all of these can become “false gods” to which we may be [and are] enslaved – SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION REQUIRES COMPASSION; BY MERCY AND TRUTH INIQUITY IS PURGED – OUR SPIRITUAL ATTITUDE AND HEALTH IS PARAMOUNT !! – WE FACE A PERVASIVE SPIRITUAL CRISIS; MANKIND IS SPIRITUALLY ILL; WE MUST BE AWARE THAT SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG HERE, THAT THINGS MUST CHANGE [the *CALL of GOD*]; OUR HEALING BEGINS THE MOMENT WE RECOGNIZE THE POSSIBILITY OF POSSIBILITY [of healing and transformation] – Christ provided us the way with His sacrifice [Salvation = healing; liberation]; the unleavened bread of affliction, the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth to feed the deep spiritual hunger of mankind – God’s UNLEAVENED COMMUNITY  testifying to God’s presence in the world, is to insist on shifting our focus from pain to hope, and to dedicate our energies to transforming this world and ourselves – GOD IS CALLING US TO CREATE NEW FORMS OF CONTACT; THE BODY OF CHRIST BECOMES MOST FULLY CHRIST’S BODY ONLY *WHEN WE SEEK TO KNOW AND ACT AS PART OF IT* !! — [Transformation based on Tikkun, Passover suppl.]

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-12

Measure yourself according to God’s measurements, not the world’s; who [being] and what [doing] we are; SEEK TO KNOW, AND THEN ACT !! – CHRIST CAME TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL; God’s *understanding* impels us TO DEPART FROM EVIL; with the understanding comes the sacrifice, our part as the SURETY [2 Timothy 2:19, depart] – our systemic is a mixture of “good and evil” and departing from the evil leaves the good; we are to be perfect, pure and Holy, therefore *all* iniquity is to be withdrawn from, *all* use of its instrumentalities; there are *NO* exceptions !! – the systemic withdrawn from must be replaced by God’s Community, righteous and equitable in all of its social relations and applications – AS WE SERVE THE OTHER, WE ARE SERVED; a Christian gives and receives but never takes; THE GIFTED ARE TO GIFT; WE ARE TO GIFT THE GIFTS THAT WERE GIFTED TO US IN HUMBLE SERVICE [our ** COLLECTIVE MINISTRATION ** of God's gifts]; these are NOT our individual gifts; they are entrusted to us to share; THE GIFTS BELONG TO US ALL !!  [IF WE TAKE AND INCORPORATE, THEN WE NEGATE]; the *unleavened bread* of sincerity and truth, not the *leavened bread* of the corporate ministry [not old leaven, neither leaven of malice  and wickedness (1 Cor 5:7-8)] – OUR PROFESSION IS THE COMMUNITY OF GOD – WE ARE TO BE SAVIORS TO THE WORLD; SALVATION = HEALING – a doctor can mend you but he cannot heal you, only God can heal you [divine healing; our immune system; the creation code]; FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD, and this applies also to healing; faith in God to heal requires our works [organic foods, no smoking, no drinking to excess, etc., maintaining our good health = works] — GOD’S RIGHTEOUS COMMUNITY CAN MEND THE WORLD, BUT ONLY GOD CAN HEAL THE WORLD !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-13

Christ took upon Himself our iniquities, He was acquainted with grief; He bore our griefs, and carried our sorrows, and WE MUST DO THE SAME !! — THE COG IS THE ARM OF THE LORD, the application of God’s Hand, His power in the world today [God determines where His hand is directed and applied; we must be aware of the incredible privilege and responsibility that God has given to us]; BY *STRENGTH* OF HAND GOD BROUGHT ISRAEL OUT OF EGYPT [SIN], OUT OF SLAVERY [OPPRESSION; THE HOUSE OF BONDAGE]; ** BY STRENGTH OF HAND WE DEPART FROM EVIL ** – the Community of God must grow up as a tender plant, as a *root out of a dry ground* [parched; no spiritual water], and assume the iniquities of those around us, as SURETY; the Community must do NO violence, there must be NO deceit in our mouths [complete and total withdrawal from the SAGE-Corporate systemic]; we will be despised and rejected of men, but we must be willing to pour out our souls unto death [martyrs; God's witnesses before the courts of men)] – Godliness will be very unpopular, persecution will follow, but we must make *intercession* [the act of interceding; mediation, pleading, or prayer in behalf of another or others] for the transgressors; we must intercede [to plead or make a request in behalf of another or others; to intervene for the purpose of producing agreement; mediate]; GOD’S HOUSE IS ** A HOUSE OF PRAYER ** NOT A DEN OF THIEVES [the BONDWOMAN], AND PRAYER IS POWERFUL, IT PRODUCES *GOD’S WILL* !! — Hebrew legend says [of the Exodus story] a lamb was chosen as sacrifice because the Egyptians worshipped a ram (Aries), and Israel had to show publicly that they disavowed such idolatry before God would release them from bondage; in-like-manner our society worships corporate money, the “almighty dollar” and we must sacrifice this object of idolatry publicly in order for God to release us from its systemic bondage [we are the active agency of God; we release under His guidance] !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-14

The message of Moses and Elijah is now before the COG Inc., and the fellowship: RELEASE GOD’S PEOPLE FROM BONDAGE; DEPART FROM EVIL, REVIVE THE SPIRIT OF THE HUMBLE, REVIVE THE HEART [THE ONE HEART] OF THE CONTRITE ONES; *TURN* THE ONE HEART UNTO SALVATION, BE INNOCENT OF THE GREAT TRANSGRESSION [RESULTANT; HOLOCAUST]; CHOOSE MESSIAH NOT MAMMON – the message is ** RETURN TO GOD ** – RETURN TO THEIR ORIGINAL AND PURE IMAGE AND LIKENESS: IMAGE [emulation; copy; reflection (visual impression); conception (mentation; God's consciousness); embodiment (character); imago (unconscious construction)]; LIKENESS [the state or quality of being alike, similarity; semblance (appearance); KIND].

The Body of Christ *is* the ** Ministry of Christ ** !! – the church must enter its proper context; God and humanity are waiting for us [the whole creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God]; the truth is being held in unrighteousness !! — we all seek a *God context* in our lives, the *relationship*; we seek love [to love and be loved], family, security, peace, purpose, etc., we stumble in our attempts; there is a systemic in control of us [an artificial; a synthetic; a contrived systemic opposed to who and what God is, and what man can be]; our voice, our needs are *not* heard; we are confined in our attempts at God; we cannot find Him – every human being recognizes “the God” [the Divine] in their lives [or lack of the same], but they do not know it as Him [GOD IS LOVE] !! — the Roman systemic rules the COG Inc. by consent, *our* consent; the “old leaven” of hierarchy, and the “leaven of malice and wickedness” the business systemic employed [the spiritual illness of the COG (and of humanity) is the result] – God sees each man and woman as an embodiment of the world [God sees Himself in each man and woman; the God potential], and so must we; God reigns amongst His people, the Kingdom of God is within you, it is our relationship, our bond, our kinship, our role as family of/with God !! – I AM THAT I AM, we become God, the full character imprint, and God becomes us; we inherit creation and the responsibilities !! – the 10C are God’s nature of interaction for His family, His character [business violates, rips apart this relationship; BUSINESS IS THE *NEGATION OF GOD* IN ALL OF OUR RELATIONS !!]; FAMILY OF GOD = GUARDIANSHIP OF THE COMMUNITY !! – WATCHMAN, to watch over and protect, keep safe; readiness.

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-15

God’s community is a *household establishment* [L familia], a social unit; the fellowship [L communitas], a familial [of, involving, or common to a family] relationship [GOD IS A FAMILY; the Sabbath is ** family day ** !!] – the 10C are a familiarity [close association; free and intimate behavior; absence of formality and ceremony; friendly, informal; intimate knowledge of] with God and ourselves !! – FAMILY ENVELOPED IN PURE AGAPE LOVE !! [God's environment (all the conditions, circumstances and influences surrounding, and affecting the development of); environ (to surround, encircle)] – we are COMPANIONS [lit., bread fellow, one who eats the same bread; THE BREAD OF LIFE = CHRIST]; COMPANIONSHIP [the relationship of companions; fellowship] — community founded and based on commonwealth and equity [all human's are 99.9% identical at the genetic level; 1 letter in 1000, a 1/10 of 01% difference]; genius released from “artificial restraint”; the full capacity of humanity employed for itself !! – a *God setting* [foundation (Adonay; God's ownership shared) and motivation (discovery; wisdom; creation) of God; free and open exchange of information, resources, labor, etc.] NOT a business setting [rule by big money; generation of private wealth as progress (the profit motive); development and selling of products; imposed cost (private ownership costs; resources claimed) and closed (patented; proprietary) information]; the *corporate usurpation* of God given intelligence(s) and resources — WE ARE TO FREELY SHARE ALL THAT GOD HAS FREELY SHARED WITH US – EACH HUMAN BEING IS *A GIFT FROM GOD* TO EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING – WE ARE/WERE CREATED FOR EACH OTHER !! – the COG is the template, the pattern for all humanity to follow !! — our prevalent systemic(s) exist because we believe in, or just accept them; they are categories of thought, they exist in our heads; their only authority and form is what we give them [deeply etched; mythic] !! [WE ARE TO BRING OUR EVERY THOUGHT TO THE OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST, 2 Cor 10:5] – CHRIST IS A DIFFERENT THOUGHT FORM, A DIFFERENT AUTHORITY !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-16

“The role of private money in politics has become so extortionist, so gross [the "king of the lie"] – term limits increase the power of the bureaucrats and lobbyists as they are the one’s who stick around, they have the working knowledge, the memory” [NPR, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., "The Future of Democracy"] — the privatization of government [all levels], the privatization of foreign policy, etc., [ie., the military in (mercenary) service of the corporate; the MIIM] is complete – we are trained [warned] NOT to see !! — business as ** right ** [overriding right to exploit, oppress, etc.]; business as “primary concern” vs. the environment, human rights, civil rights, etc.; business as “sovereign agency” in the service of “private economy”; business as lens, as judge and jury — the unholy transmission of trauma and fear through the generations [cultural collisions; the violent convergence of class and race] — God-given human genius perverted into a weapon, potential subverted, desires extorted, common heritage expropriated; business as instrumentality of pure evil, as expression; the theft of future claim, selfish disregard of future rights; selfish means taking, violating our humanity, our obligation to our children, ie., irresponsible modes of transportation, senseless waste and pollution of our common home, the claim of right to “private” habitation and wealth; THE CLAIM OF PROFIT OVER HUMAN LIFE, THE DIVINE RIGHT OF CAPITAL = MAMMON !! – BUSINESS IS THE EXPRESSION OF OUR ** INHUMANITY ** [THE BEAST WITHIN] !! – the diminishment of our species, of our collective intelligence; WE ARE AMONG THE FALLEN !! – ** ISRAEL WAS, AND IS, AND WILL BE, A *GIFT* TO BE FREELY SHARED AND CLAIMED ** !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-17

The currency of ** LOVE ** is our means of exchange [of everything !!] – 1 Cor 14:40 “let *all* things be done decently [honestly] and in order”; GOD IS LOVE, AND SO ARE WE !! – we are the children of LOVE; the kingdom of LOVE is within us; the gospel of LOVE is truth – the tribulation [the curse] arrives *because* of us [the "great transgression"], NOT in spite of us !! – the very fact that we have something to write about [the curses] is because of our failure as the COG, the people of God, as God’s “House of Prayer” [** discerning, petitioning, bringing God's will on the earth **] !! — the Nation(-State) is actually the “physical church” and indeed the brethren [citizens] have been made merchandise of !! — the secular priests are the imposed leaders [ie., the politicians, CEO's, etc., the social elite]; the business guru’s [the prophets of profit]; the economists, the scholars [the theologians]; BUSINESS IS CLAIMED AS [HAS CLAIMED; IMPOSED ON US AS] ABSOLUTE RELIGION; A DEMANDING, UNFORGIVING, UNLOVING GOD — what we actually employ in the western nations [Israel] is “democratic-fascism”, an elected face/mask on a fascist systemic [a system of government characterized by rigid one-party (business party) dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control (the SAGE-MIIM); belligerent (bellicose, warlike; a readiness to fight) nationalism, racism, and militarism, etc.]; BUSINESS IS BELLIGERENCY [the state of being at war, or of being recognized as a belligerent (belligerence: aggressively hostile attitude, nature or quality); business is an adversarial covenant designed to employ, produce and secure an artificially contrived resource (money)] — LOVE AS ABSOLUTE MODE [pure form; way of being] AND SYSTEMIC, IS NULLIFIED, IS MADE ABSENT [withheld, restrained, negated] FROM PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL ISRAEL; BUSINESS AS ETHOS IS THE ANTITHESIS [exactly opposite and opposed; an opposition of thought (psychosis)] OF GOD’S LOVE !!

1 John 4:17. Herein is *our love made perfect*, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: ** because as he is, so are we in this world ** [** WE MUST BE AS GOD IN THIS WORLD ** = OUR LOVE MADE PERFECT !!] [** CHRIST COME IN THE FLESH, OUR FLESH **].

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-18

You can know and understand a subject, but not apply it [it is not wisdom to you (the application of knowledge; it has no voluntary influence over you, though it can have an involuntary influence, the result of others imposing their will, or by nature, good or bad !!)] — within the COG is the pure word of God and the filtered word of God [through the various COG Inc.'s (the miry clay; impurities added)]; we must be discerning of the pure word, especially of government [the main subject of carnal contention within the COG, much to our shame (God's people are a community to which we all belong, not a commodity which belongs to a select few; this applies to the natural world as well; gift-diversity/bio-diversity)] – there are many authors within the church, each explaining an understanding given by God [within their own context] that must be presented to the body of Christ, “the common table”, for ** THE WORKING OF THE SPIRIT ** [1 Cor 12:11; food for thought; God's gifts; non-copyrighted: God owns the copyright] – all truth has been, and is, passed from faith to faith [Rom 1:17], being built by love; all untruth in the COG has NOT been built by love; GOD’S LOVE REVEALS THE ERROR; EACH OF US MUST ASSUME PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FUTURE, FOR THE CHURCH !! – ARE WE REALLY THE PEOPLE WHO WE THINK WE ARE, ARE WE ** THE PEOPLE OF GOD ** ?? – any man who expects or demands esteem or reverence from his fellows is *NOT* a servant of Christ; this man has *NO* authority, as authority is based on servanthood [servant-authority; by example, persuasion] !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-19

A sense of injustice, a calling – there are many who are aware and care far more than most in the COG – this is an indictment of us, of our rejection of who, and what we are, of our responsibilities as the one “people of God” – ** WE MUST STAND ASHAMED ** !! – the COG Inc., enforcing our emotional isolation, substituting our pitiful and selfish efforts [our warning work; Gospel as product], calling them the “work of God” CONDEMNS US !! – WALKING THE PATH TOWARDS GOD WHILE LEAVING ANY BEHIND [IGNORING, EVEN DENYING SOME] ** NEGATES OUR CALLING ** !! – WE ARE NEGATING THE LOVE OF GOD HIMSELF !! – OUR CALLING IS PRIMARILY ** HEALING ** NOT WARNING !! – WE MUST ESTABLISH GOD’S COMMUNITY; GOD MUST BE OPENED TO ALL, MADE AVAILABLE — those who radiate compassion and charity, mercy and truth are the face of God on this earth [FROM WHICH EVIL FLEES AND IS PURGED]; yet, the body of Christ seems FACELESS !! – CHRIST IS OUR HEAD AND WE HIDE HIM, WE MASK HIM, WE DENY HIM THE WORLD, WE DENY THE WORLD HIM !! – HOW DARE WE SEEK GOD WHILE IGNORING OUR HUMANITY !! – TO SEEK GOD, WHILE LOSING SIGHT OF ONE’S HUMANITY, IS TO LOSE SIGHT OF *EVERYTHING*, IT IS TO LOSE EVERYTHING !! – the implications of who we are does not seem apparent within the body of Christ, nor in the world [PEOPLE OF LOVE]; OUR PRESENCE IS UNKNOWN, IT IS *NOT* FELT !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-20

Christianity is a ** complete ** living systemic [operating system] — it is *NOT* a shell overlaying the world’s systemic !! — Christianity is DIRECT-CONSENSUS DEMOCRACY, it is COMMUNITARIAN-COMMUNALISM, a COMMONWEALTH RELATIONSHIP where each autonomous-sovereign community is a congregation [COMMUNITY-CONGREGATION], and each person a SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL GUIDED BY GOD; Christianity is directly ** opposed ** to business/corporate-capitalism [business in any variant; private claim/ownership of the means of life] – Christianity is opposed to any encapsulation; Christianity is based on LOVE as its operative principle and foundation !! – each community is an ** Adonim franchise ** [Adonim, the plural of Adon, carries all the meaning of Adon (Lord, as Ruler of the earth), but to a higher degree; God is the owner and proprietor of the earth, the Lord who rules his own] – Christianity is absolute freedom [as relation]; God will level [leveller] you if you allow him; absolute egalitarianism [all doors opened for everyone; the universe] !! – FREE-DOM [-dom: state, position, power; rank or position of; domain (right of ownership; estate; field or sphere of activity or influence); dominion (king-dom); fact or state of being (wis-dom; martyr-dom); a total of all who are (Christian-dom)]; [Dom: L dominus, a lord, master; a title given to certain monks and clerics (we are NOT dom-minions)] – Christianity is opposed to all forms of hierarchy and all institutions based and dependent on it, to any implementation whatsoever !! – Christianity is an open ** SOCIETY OF THE GIFT ** [of being gifted and gifting]; GOD WILL *GIVE* US HIS HEART AND MIND IF ONLY WE WILL LET HIM, TO FREELY SHARE WITH OTHERS, SO THAT THEY, IN TURN, MAY RECEIVE AND SHARE – RESPONSE-ABILITY (responsibility) !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-21

Response-ability, the ability to respond: RESPONSIVE SUBSTITUTIONS !! – Christianity provides the ability to respond; God’s community provides the substitution [to the world's systemic]; ** FELLOWSHIP ** – ONCE YOU ACCEPT GOD AND ARE BEGOTTEN, GOD PROVIDES THE RESPONSE-ABILITY !! – carnal mankind is NOT able to respond to the SAGE-systemic; only the CHRIST-SYSTEMIC makes change possible, only God’s community can provide the alternative – most are not irresponsible, they are non-response-able, MOST CANNOT RESPOND, THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO !! – ** the COG *is* IRRESPONSIBLE **, they are able to respond, yet they lack a sense of response-ability; the corporate-church is to blame, it usurps responsibility, narrowly defined according to its own benefit !! – business is certainly irrational, irreligious, irreverent, irredeemable, irreconcilable, but certainly NOT irrepressible [cannot be repressed or restrained] or irrecusable [cannot be refused or rejected] – THE COG INC. IS AGAINST GOD’S ANOINTED [CHRIST AND HIS BRETHREN]; the COG Inc. “Ministry” is the ** SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST [ANTI-ANOINTED] [1 John 2-18,19] ** – THEY DENY THE ANOINTING, THEY CONFESS NOT THAT JESUS CHRIST *IS COME IN THE FLESH* [the COG brethren; that the brethren *are* Christ (they confess the brethren are the "body of Christ", yet THEY CONFESS NOT HIS VERY FLESH !!)]; THEY REFUSE THE BRETHREN THEIR RESPONSE-ABILITY, THEIR ANOINTING AS PRIESTS OF GOD, YET THEY CLAIM THE ANOINTING [ORDINATION] THEMSELVES [IN EFFECT FALSE CHRISTS]; THEY ARE ** TAKING GOD’S NAME IN VAIN **, THEY ARE WORSHIPPING GOD IN VAIN !! — ** CHRIST [ANOINTED] IS COME IN THE FLESH OF EVERY BEGOTTEN CHRISTIAN ** – the COG Inc. does not deny Christ’s earthly ministry [being born of the flesh and subject to temptation, yet without sin, to pay the penalty in our stead] but they do deny, and do not confess ** the ministry of His flesh ** today, the body of “Christ” [the COG], THE BODY ANOINTED !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-22

The spirit of anti-Christ, the anti-Anointed comes out of the COG [1 John 2:19]; is it the brethren denying the corporate church, the “ordained” professional ministry/eldership or is it the corporate church denying the body of Christ, the “anointed” brethren ?? – is “Christ come in the flesh” the body of Christ or only a select few of that body, or neither ?? – is the COG speaking the truth “in love” or just speaking the truth for other reasons, and if so what are the reasons ?? – is the corporate ministry “taking” God’s name in vain, are they “falsely anointed,” self-ordained “false Christ’s” ?? – what does it mean to “take” God’s name, to be a “Christian” ?? – are we as the body of Christ denying the name of Christ [Anointed], our ministration of gifts, or are these spiritual gifts not gifts at all, but select offices to be ranked, or given as reward ?? – is our love being “made perfect,” are we AS GOD in this world, our nature of interaction ?? – are we destroying the “works of the devil” or employing them ?? – is a corporate hierarchy the “image of the beast” ?? – is the primacy of Peter a valid doctrine ?? – are we brothers and sisters, no more, no less ?? – are we separated from the world or friends with it [party politics/group religion] ?? – is our choice MAMMON or MESSIAH ?? – ARE WE LOVE, AS GOD IS LOVE ?? – are we rooted and grounded in love, are we walking in love, are we walking in wisdom toward them that are without ?? – do we as brothers and sisters, or do our corporate groups, fit the definitions of love, wisdom, God, etc. ?? – do we know God, and does God know us ?? – does God rule us or do we try to rule God, and what does it mean to rule ?? – DOES GOD SERVE HIS CREATION OR DOES THE CREATION SERVE GOD ?? — THESE ARE QUESTIONS WE MUST ALL CONSIDER AND ANSWER WITHIN !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-23

God’s gifts are *not* a job, they are a service response-ability [for our collective ministration] given at Baptism, our “Anointing” [we are ALL called to minister the gifts God has given us; ministry is something freely done, freely shared, freely given; ministry is NOT a position, NOT an office, IT IS AN ACT OF COMMON FELLOWSHIP, OF LOVE !!] – all spiritual gifts are held equal, they do not belong to the individual [they belong to the Body of Christ]; neither are some gifts worthy of payment [wages], and others not – any gifts shared between congregations, ie., teaching, etc., are “worthy of their hire” and this means that the local congregation provides for the needs of the teacher [God's gifts are to be freely offered; without money, without price] and sends him/her on their way to the next congregation, and they provide in turn [we are *not* to go house to house collecting provisions] – elders are those mature in the spirit, those who gently shepherd the congregation [all elders are local elders, but not every elder is a "pastor" as we use the term today], who serve and lead by example and gentle persuasion, in servant authority !! — our *acts of common fellowship* are possible only within God’s self-sufficient community context; ** the Gospel is the community **, our citizenship wholly conformed to the ** LIVING GOSPEL ** [the *full* preaching and witness] – the world’s context has imposed the corporate church upon us, where God’s free spiritual gifts are defined as, and are considered, jobs and positions worthy of wages – IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE COLLECTIVE BODY OF CHRIST TO MAKE GOD’S COMMUNITY POSSIBLE, ** TO CLAIM OUR HABITATION **, TO WALK AS THE “ANOINTED” AND TO FREELY MINISTER GOD’S GIFTS, IN LOVE AND WISDOM !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-24

No individual Christian’s anointing is better than another’s; no Christian is over his fellows; no Christian’s ministry is more valuable, nor to be valued, over another’s; no Christian is privileged over another [the corporate environment superseding Christ Himself] – THERE IS ONLY ONE CHRIST AND ONE ANOINTING – ** OUR COLLECTIVE MINISTRIES EXIST AND WORK TOGETHER ** – THEY WORK THE ONE AND SELFSAME SPIRIT – there is no private, or individual ministration of God’s gift(s); it is impossible as no one single individual,or grouping of individuals can represent the vast multiplicity of God, His manifold love and wisdom, the vast combinations of possible gifts; their limited ministration cannot discern the need nor fulfil the application !! — those to whom much is given, much is required [Luke 12:48]; those to whom the greater response-ability is given are to be in greater service to the whole NOT to themselves; WE MUST *ALL* WALK IN LOVE AND WISDOM AND *DEEP HUMILITY* BEFORE OUR GOD, AND BEFORE EACH OTHER !! — the “taking” of God’s gifts for corporate gain and position is the “spirit of antichrist”, it denies the “anointed body” and “takes God’s name in vain” !! – WE ARE TO GO FORWARD AND TEACH, AND BE TAUGHT OF, EACH OTHER, UNDER CHRIST’S TUTELAGE AND GUIDANCE !! – many believe that God’s love is real, but that He is not; even within the COG many profess belief in the “power of God” but actually believe in the “power of money” or equate the two – corporate money takes, it does not give; it is worthless in the application of God’s love !! — God’s gifts do *not* impart power, authority or privilege, and are not to be taken for, or employed, as such; God’s gifts impart humble servanthood, collectively ministered in meekness and love !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-25

Each Christian is an application of God’s love; WE ARE THE GOSPEL, WE HAVE BECOME THE GOSPEL, WE HAVE BECOME THE KINGDOM [the character imprint of God]; ** WE ARE LIVING STONES; WE ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD ** — the Gospel is our habitation, it is our PATH(S) TO DWELL IN [repair the breach, restore the paths to dwell in]; WE LIVE *WITHIN* THE GOSPEL OF TRUTH !! – we truly are the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK; WE BECOME THE BOOK, WE ARE WRITING THE “SECOND BOOK OF ACTS” DAILY – our *living community* is the alternative to this world, the LIGHT of CHRIST, the ** ANOINTED COMMUNITY !! ** – we have [we hold; keep; possess in mind] the “testimony of Jesus Christ,” therefore we become, we *are* the spirit of prophecy [as determinant] !! – WHAT CHRIST WAS AND IS, WE BECOME [as he is, so are we in this world] !! – CHRIST COME IN THE FLESH !! — many feel that life holds nothing for them, they feel dispossessed, lifeless; the COG offers them, holds out to them the very life of Christ Himself, they become ** LIFE-FULL **, they become life itself; they now are the *life-offer* for others; previously life held nothing for them, now LIFE HOLDS EVERYTHING !! — the empty pursuits of this world are just that, empty, and they really do hold nothing for most, but they are *not* life, God is not present in them !! – money does *not* “give” any human being right over any other human being; no one has claim over another; MONEY *TAKES* THE RIGHTS OF THE OTHER; MONEY IS AN *ARTIFICIAL CLAIM AS EXCUSE*, A FALSE, INHUMAN CLAIM !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-26

Money [private, corporate] can only *TAKE* as it has *nothing* to give [it gives only what it has taken and is called benefactor]; money is the subordination of humankind; MONEY IS EVIL INSTRUMENTALIZED; MONEY TAKES OUR HUMANITY, MONEY COMMODIFIES LIFE ITSELF; MONEY ATTEMPTS TO COMMODIFY EVEN GOD – MONEY ENSURES SURVIVAL AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER, TAKING THE LIFE OF THE OTHER !! – MONEY IS SLAVERY, MONEY IS MURDER [way of gain, way of Cain] !! – money/business; the exchange of evil !! – MONEY IS A WAY OF THOUGHT, A WAY OF BEING; MONEY IS INSANITY, A PSYCHOSIS !! – money is power and force; money buys what the world offers, but *cannot* buy what God offers [God is *FREE*; without money, without price] – money/wealth encapsulated = incorporation !! — the incorporation of God = the incarnation of Satan !! — incorporation puts the “called out one’s” back into the world – the COG Inc., is a closed association, not the “open association” envisioned by Christ; it is a contrived substitute [advantage enthroned] for community, a limited and limiting form, contrived and utilized by limited minds !! — corporate money is carnality incarnated, enabled and maintained by the works of the flesh [Gal 5:19] !! – God’s love and wisdom disables and undermines this support — ** Christianity applied and lived makes worthless the world’s monies **; you cannot use an instrumentality to build the COG that is negated by the very God-systemic being built, nor can you use an instrumentality whose foundation is diametrically opposed to God and His community, you negate the community as a result; GOD’S COMMUNITY CAN ONLY BE BUILT BY HIS LOVE AND WISDOM !! — WE MUST TURN ANY CORPORATE MONEY HELD AGAINST ITSELF, TO RIGHT ITS WRONGS; WE MUST NOT USE IT TO BUILD WEALTH FOR OURSELVES, NEGATING OUR CHRISTIANITY !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 7-27