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Mammon or Messiah Book 1

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PERSONAL GAIN AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER IS EVIL, THAT IS THE DEFINITION, AND OUR EVIL SYSTEMIC OF MAMMON IS THE RESULTANT, IN VIOLATION OF GOD; Eph 6:12 Mammon is the “spiritual force of evil” in the world: MAMMON = BUSINESS = CORPORATE GOVERNANCE = THE NATION-STATE — Structured (Code(-ified)) Society: Divine Authorship-Sanction-Steerage; DIVINE RIGHT(S) – Society underpinned by the Foundation of Mammon as motivation(-al) factor/purpose is by definition what we term “secular”, commonly accepted as “without God”, yet God is paramount as actuality, conformed to Mammon (Christ conformed to the world) giving/granting “Divine Right” to its proponents/elite; “all things” are in subjection to Mammon and its interests (primarily closed-source and legally protected (commodification of life)) — the “identity” factor/equation is primary in our interactional behaviour, our “humanity” towards humanity, our rejection/acceptance of another’s “identity(-ies)” – the OT/NT Scriptures are the underpinning, foundational “national narratives” of their very “descendant nations”, the US/UK/EU, and are accepted and claimed as such by the SAGE, and are woven into the national fabric of each of their nation-states (their filthy robes) – “identity” and “vested-interest” are one-and-the-same in business, politics, social discourse, etc.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-4

“Messiah” is a category of thought just as “Mammon” is; it is a “social concept”, a “way of life”, a “determinant”, a “social structure”, a “society of the gift” — we are forced into systemic participation due to “claim” and “coercion” – Human-kind is the “Family of God”, that is the “meaning” of life (being and doing, mind and heart, spiritual and physical); Mammon is the opposite/opposed to the family(-relationship); God(-ing) is family relationship – “private agenda” is often in conflict with “public need” – Mammon’s incorporation vs. Messiah’s incarnation (corporate vs. incarnate) – Messiah is the “well-being of the other”, Mammon is the “well-being of self” — the SAGE are a separate “entity”, a “private-Society” above the common entities of “nation-states”, the enclosures of the common, the encapsulation for business purposes (claim and commodification); the “national policies” of the various nation-states are governed/steered by the SAGE, who in effect are “over, upon and within” the various governmental bodies — re-ligion is the binding of “faith” with “politics” (the “God sanction”).

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-5

We comprise the systemic, we are the evil – we are consuming each other; we will consume until cessation of existence, the mortality of selfishness; what we do for the other is immortality — the divine rights of the people vs. the divine right(s) of capital — Business (our Being and Doing) is the “evil” that we have become – the nation-state(s) “internal-affairs” are mostly determined by national-politics, by the business-parties, but the “external-affairs” are wholly determined by the SAGE-Corporate — society determined by “money”, the artificial-wealth(debt) created by the SAGE, the owners of the real-wealth(value), the Nation-State Systemic which encloses / encapsulates / imprisons society; power-control determinant; Masters “need” dependents and slaves; we comprise their power, their claimed-wealth (the pseudo-messianic positions and real(estate)-holdings), their management of sustainable slavery, their management of us (our social environment; the usurpation of our God-given Divine-Rights, God’s true-wealth(life)); God-given, SAGE-taken: the very “means of life” (the commodification of).

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-6

The State is enshrined over, upon, and within the Nation(s) by their various “Constitutions”, the very privileged and prejudiced rights of the Nation guaranteed by the State; these “Constitutions” are in direct “violation of God” who has given “Divine-Rights” to each and every Human Being; these Nation-State Constitutions are the very usurpation of God’s Rights given to all, they are in “mimicry” of God; they represent the evil-prejudice so necessary to the Adversarial Systemic — the people comprise the Nation, they are the Nation, but they do not comprise the Nation-State, nor do they control it, they are controlled by it; the Nation-State is comprised of, and owned by, the SAGE-Corporate; the State binds by “ropes” (of debt) and restrains by “chains” (of wealth), the Nation becoming thus the “Nation-State” (the State supported and underpinned by the Nation; the State (the “private”) cannot exist without the Nation (the “public”)) – our “elected” governments are the selected interface between Nation and State (selected to be elected; SAGE authorized and sanctioned; private interest in public office); State “socialization” of costs onto the Nation imperative (private profits, public debt; the privatization of profits, the socialization of costs; WEALTH CREATES POVERTY) – the western-world Nation-State “interface” is “Democratic-Fascism” – as long as the “public” Nations utilize “State debt-based Monies” based upon “private” Corporate “business”, they will be owned and controlled by the State (enslaved by debt-instruments) – MESSIAH (anarcho-communitarian non-profit cooperative society) or MAMMON (the Fascist Corporate-State).

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-7

Our “spiritual illness” is near absolute; our Nations are formed into Nation-States enforced by armed force without and within, to maintain national systemic and social order; “spiritual healing” is the only hope for mankind; the “spirit” of Mammon or the “spirit” of Messiah; business is the agency of Mammon, the “take”, Messiah is the “give”; we are all near “spiritually dead”, the contagion, the “spiritual leprosy” (the numbing; the deformation) of Mammon is consuming us (deformed to the point of near total incapacity; not able to grasp, carry or walk (spiritually/physically)); the “doctrine of devils” or the “doctrine of Christ”; in the “physical realm” human beings “manifest” the “spiritual realm”, the “spiritual (light-)intelligences” (dark, occluded or pure)”, whether of Satan or of God.

Each and every Human Being is a “Sacred Being” with “Divine Right(s)”; the Nation-State = National “State of Mammon” – “Is not the institution of the State, in its present form, a mere instrument of the privileged class, and must it not be supplanted by a cooperative commonwealth of collective ownership?” [Francis Greenwood Peabody 1900 Jesus Christ and the Social Question] – Jesus Christ = Heart and Mind = Salvation (Healing) and the Anointing (Spirit/Truth) = Healing of Heart and Anointing of Mind – the State is a systemic of corporate management/governance superimposed over/upon/within the Nation; the National superstructure is owned/controlled by the corporate; public society is framed by the private and public governance is maintained by the very same.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-8

Our evil “confesses” God, makes confession of our lacking; Mammon is self-defined, its evil is everywhere; man “knows” good and evil, our “choice” is the determinant as “free moral agents”; the result engendered is our confession; WE MAKE CONFESSION TO GOD EACH AND EVERY MOMENT OF OUR EXISTENCE – we make confession as we are all subject to the Family of God, there are no exceptions whether spiritually or physically; EVIL IS THE RESULT OF EVIL, AND “THE EVIL” WILL BE TAKEN BY THEIR EVIL — “… they shall utterly perish in their own corruption” (2 Peter 2:12) — “… Thine own wickedness shall correct thee, and thy backslidings shall reprove thee: know therefore and see that [it is] an evil [thing] and bitter, that thou hast forsaken the LORD thy God, and that my fear [is] not in thee, saith the Lord GOD of hosts” (Jer 2:19) — “Then shall ye remember your own evil ways, and your doings that [were] not good, and shall lothe yourselves in your own sight for your iniquities and for your abominations” (Eze 36:31).

The “ministry(/ministration) of Evil” reveals/defines the Good, and the very ministry/intervention of love (mercy and truth) overcomes it – the false gods of our world override and redefine what is “good” for “self-serving propagation” and as such evil becomes as good and the profane as sacred; we know the evil because Satan “regained possession” by man’s choice, and we experience the evil by his very “adversarial systemic” of Mammon; commodification is the withholding, the very denial of God(-ing), “personal gain at the expense of another” and thus defined as “evil”; systemic mimicry(/mockery) of God for the seeming benefit of the few (the Israelite Nation-States ruled and oversteered (by the SAGE) from Satan’s Seat, his very Throne).

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-9

“Heaven” and “Hell” are conditions of being; we exists today in a “Hell” of our own making; willing “subjection” (full consent) or forced “subjugation” (against consent), very few are Mammon’s Subjects as very few “know” Mammon for an informed “full consent”; even those most willing are but subjugated (not response-able), but the SAGE are Subjects, subject to their Master; the FALLEN are incorporated within their Corporations, THEY ARE EMBODIED, the FAITH OF THE FALLEN being Mammon itself; SATAN IS IN FULL POSSESSION OF THE CORPORATE — the “Light of Darkness”, the “Faith of the Fallen” – existing within/under the shadow — the “hidden hand” is in reality a “hidden fist” !! — most don’t see the oppression, held down, no vantage point, pressed into the mould, the social image — Mammon’s “social construction” – people as nails, hammered into place; the social framework — feeding the claim, sacrificing our children on the altar of Mammon; ravenous, tearing in pieces; we feed the claim and in turn are consumed by Mammon — secular-Christianity = synthetic (synthesis) understanding; man-made definitions; wearing synthetic robes — provision systemics (Adonai usurpation) — SAGE dystopian world (nightmare; opposite of utopian) — basic Human Rights (mandated by God) include food, housing, medical care, clothing, education, all the necessities of life, basic needs, to be provided without money (commodification) and without price (claim); we either “give” life or “take” life; as givers we all win, as takers, only a few win — under SAGE control life is mandated by Mammon, with debt and wealth servitude the controlling mechanisms; most cannot even conceive of life without Mammon and its definitions.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-10

The seeds of a hierarchical government were planted very early – the Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament [by Brown, Driver, and Briggs] states that “baal” means owner or lord – it comes from another Hebrew word that means to possess in marriage – the false god Baal’s very name shows its purpose: ** to rule over, exercise authority, and to have possession ** of others! — but this is not God’s purpose; notice what our Savior said in Matthew 20:25-28: “But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise *dominion over them*, and they that are great exercise *authority upon them*. But ** it shall not be so among you **: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister [Common Ministrant in humility]; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your ** servant **: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but ** to minister **, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-11

Christ expressly instructed that His family is not to operate like gentile nations [the CARNAL SYSTEMIC], using a system of hierarchical government !! – in God’s family, the greatest is known by his willingness to submit to others and serve them — in Luke 12:13-14, our Savior had a perfect opportunity to exercise authoritarian rulership over one of His followers – notice what He did: “And one of the company said unto him, Master, speak to my brother, that he divide the inheritance with me. And he said unto him, Man, ** who made me a judge or a divider over you?” ** – we must understand that God does NOT desire to exercise lordship over us – it is Satan’s desire to exercise domination over others; God’s purpose, desire, is the exact opposite: ** it is to serve His creation !! ** IN RELATIONSHIP, and this, our relationship, *is* the GOVERNMENT of GOD !!

A confederation of congregations [a loose confederation; not an organization, but an organism], each congregation *a* living work of God, NOT *the* work of God [unfruitful; the corporate pyramid; the COG Inc.]; each *knowing* God our Father, and our High Priest Jesus Christ, and acknowledging our total dependence on them, and on ourselves, in relationship *as one*, as co-rulers — how we lead our life is our work, the path of forgiveness, how we relate to those around us, our relationship *with* each other [living with *meaning*]; every one of our thoughts and actions impacts others and it’s our work to act in a way that brings peace and love into the world – as we serve others, we are also changed; through selfless service we develop compassion and learn to trust in God’s willingness to provide us with what we need at any moment; benefiting others benefits ourselves – work isn’t an end, it’s a means, a tool that helps us to develop in consciousness – as we are transformed, we transform others !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-12

Walking the world amongst minds devoid of God; some of these minds are in control of us; we as Family *must* separate !! – who and/or what occupies your mind ?? – the challenge of God is to claim your liberty — in contemplation of life without corporate money [the false idol; Mammon] the need for God becomes apparent [enslaved by our thoughts, fears, prejudices, traditions]; God gives us freedom and the *strength* to exercise it vs. the manufactured and imposed *consensus reality* [the world, society], the illusion – *separation* leads to disillusion in/for many, yet, it is a refocus of reality, a recognition of ability; a shifting, an extension of perception, consciousness, with the hand of God [Christ] holding ours; an extension of God Himself [the Holy Spirit; *in relationship*]; the creating Spirit Being entering the created !! – the Creator touches, *enters into* His creation and the creation becomes one with the Creator, and the Creator becomes one with the creation, now made into His Family – such unselfishness, such love is beyond human understanding; the *mystery* of God — the world’s systemic is adversarial, hierarchical, while God’s systemic is *relational*, communitarian !! – unholy adversarial means cannot be employed to produce *the* holy relationship [there is only *one* holy relationship, and all of us are partakers, and constituent parts, of it] – we must remain loyal to God and His/our Family [loyalty untested is loyalty unproven], the COG must disinvest itself from its “business” and return to God’s Way; we must *provide* for ourselves; the public-nation must be re-realized !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-13

The very “Hierarchic” Systemic, no matter the flavor/persuasion, is of SAGE design (and purpose); even their most vehement opponents, utilizing “their” systemic, is in service to them (by systemic manipulation) — MAMMON, the “Universal Nucleant”, that onto which all others condense/join/attach, to exist (condensation nuclei; each individual droplet flowing/absorbed into the main-stream (of this world-kosmos; the open sewer) — the forces of Mammon are political, religious and economic: (pre-)paring the world (all is within their purview; pare “to make, prepare; acquire; to trim off the excess, diminish, reduce”) — the “voluntary servitude” (indentured servant) and the “management” (the means) of the world’s population and relations is the SAGE Agenda at this time (pre-packaged) – you can believe what you want (Religion as controlling mechanism) as long as you utilize the systemic; threaten the systemic and you will cease to exist.

SAGE funding ie., communism, nazism, socialism, etc., funding to maintain control, conflict, failure – selective paring of adversaries (in person and in ideology) — the employment/use of the enemy, ultimately to his defeat; Agenda catalyst – conflict management and control, whether corporate business, politics, or armed force, etc., is systemically essential – “enemy” abuses are permitted (by extension; delay in response) to deeply scar the collective psyche, to demonize the opponent (any complicity in the abuse is denied, negated) and to provide justification for any actions taken against [the employment is covert, even to the enemy; the SAGE know what the enemy are capable of, and ensure that the capability is provided for] — “False Flag” Operations to provide “enemy operations” where the enemy is deficient to ensure/secure the SAGE Agenda, ie., 9/11 and its resultant/perpetual “War on Terrorism” considered by many as such an example.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-14

Africa was plundered and raped, then abandoned starving (in all aspects; suppression by starvation), left to internecine conflict and genocide, intentionally by the SAGE (benefit and cost analysis), who await their call for intervention as would-be-saviors to the holocaust that they are responsible for – the ultimate victimization (causation and consequence; the SAGE “Grimm” (Old High Ger., grimm “fierce”), savage in disposition and action, sinister in character, unyielding, forbidding in appearance; the “reapers”, the “grimm reapers” – war as reaping machine (instrument)) — 1990-2005 18B$/yr., 300B$ Africa Armed Conflicts cost; amount equal to Foreign Aid dollars [Oct. 2007 Oxfam Report] – the SACRED and the PROFANE; it is either one or the other in all things (individually and collective) !! – the “light of darkness” must be overcome; the SAGE darkness covering the Black African peoples, the very children of Moses, is not only in accord with their vehement aim of the diminishment of God’s Light (Law; character) but also of this unknown tribe of Israel (unknown by the world but known to the SAGE), the very progeny of the Lawgiver (the man chosen by God to present His Law of Liberty, whose very children were enslaved by those who professed the Law given, their very relations); the Mosaic Children do-and-will stand most honored alongside of Christ within the Family !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-15

The “Nation” is considered by most as an “open hand of welcome” – but the “(Nation-)State” is actually a “closed fist” (ie., “America” and the “United States” are in reality two very different perceptions/actualities/entities, though the religion of “America, the Chosen” is utilized to give/take divine sanction to/by the US); the “divinization” of the National Epic/Narrative, the “divine sanction” — War is being redefined in the public mind by “shallow” use (self-serving overt aggression) by “shallow” politicians, ie., the Iraq-Afghanistan War – evil begets evil; all sides fighting for their “God given rights” – the only innocents here are the non-combatants on both sides who are in-the-main the ones being killed; the SAGE seek conflict and unrest as a means of controlled exploitation; take a look around, their Agenda is everywhere — War is Mammon’s “consolidation mechanism”; naked overt aggression, not clothed in any accepted reason; non-justified (complicit) – WAR TO CREATE WAR !! — the progression of war, engendered conflicts as means (the interrelated events, etc.) – the Grimm (the “forces of wealth” need to extricate for their own systemic maintenance/survival (predicated upon debt/profit; exploitation is essential)); wealth protection vs. the vulgaris (the common people) !!

The Nations are in effect a “business environment” conditioned by the “social temperament” — the “elect” corporations are “economic entities” in-and-of themselves with the prerogatives once considered sanctioned by “States” only, ie., private armies and influence — corporate interest is now national interest; the SAGE are the corporate “controlling interest(s)”, the “progenitor wealth” — war is a weapon of weakness and deep spiritual illness — business as “mechanism of/for life”, its “growth and profit” dynamic is a cancer on the social body — the “secular church” is married to the State, the “Bride of Christ” has married the Devil instead; the concept of the separation of “Church and State” is for common consumption to ensure the State “as religion”, the false, selfish and prejudiced idol-god of nationalism and patriotism — “profit” based on “debt-instruments” is systemic bondage to Mammon; business “growth” demanded to ensure “profit” of investment; Mammon’s growth is a cancer on Humanity and will consume us !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-16

1 Cor 15:24, all rule, authority, power and establishment shall be put down: the “rape” of the earth – every human being has a sacred “being” in the eyes of God (not a “sacred being” as such, as yet, but a sacred “being”) — every Human Being has “divine rights” and anyone or anything that denies such is in “violation of God” — SAGE-systemic design, development and implementation of Mammon = advocatus mamona diaboli = the satanic defender(s) of the “rights” of the FALLEN and their enslavement of mankind = their abrogation of God(-ing) as “Desposynic”, their “descendant responsibility” – pre-Adamic “merchandise” systemic (Tree of Good and Evil); post-Adamic term: Tyrean (King and Princes of Tyrus); open-revolt against God’s “living” systemic (Tree of Life); defeat resultant “the FALLEN” and their systemic “establishment” (First Estate corruption; systemic of death) over mankind by their Edenic deception and rejection of God’s systemic — the End Times “spiritual flood” of Mammon (drowning all; Preachers of Unrighteousness), Mammon’s “Corporate Giants” demanding and consuming all; Nation-States “false secular Eden’s” seeking to impart “God’s presence” (mimicry of; divine warrant claim) to a deceived/imprisoned populace — our civilization-systemic is a mirror image of the pre-Genesis Angelic, the Tyrean systemic of Mammon.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-17

The flow of money from private-rich to public-poor termed socialism/communism; the flow of money from public purse to private purse termed vital recapitalization — Nation-State systemic enclosure, business environment, psychological social moulds – Mammon is about subjugation and conquest, war called “business competition”, “competitive advantage”, etc., and “national interest”; the wasting of humanity and the ecosystem by those willing to be possessed by the Mammon-corporate — the public (present and future) disenfranchised in total to support the private — the “faces of the devil” in the world; institutionalized evil overwhelming our shared humanity; the “State” is the “institutionalized nation” and we, as nation, are all complicit — we must understand the “social encoding”, the “framework” and those who occupy the positions we accept as “part of life”, the “way things are”, including the “encoded faith systemics”, the “god-sanction”, given to, and used by Mammon [Matt 23]; our “perceptual filter(s)” must be examined and understood — the “world behind the world”, the physical world is a reflection of the spiritual: Mammon, the “Faith of the Fallen”, the “possession” of “spiritual wickedness”; the SAGE-Progenitors’ “spiritual separation” from the rest of mankind — inhuman animalistic behaviour denotes a “spiritual vacuum” created by lust and greed — the “person” who preaches/brings “fear of God” knows nothing about God.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-18

The “Devil” kills no man, men do; we actuate the Devil or we can actuate God — the corporate “structure” of society, roles/professions; the “State” is all about “corporate wealth” and “national debt”, the enforced “privatization of wealth/profit” and the “socialization of debt/cost”; the “public-Nation” pays for and supports the “private-State”; since the “debt” can never be repaid (as Money is Debt), “income tax” is a necessity to repay the Debt as it is essentially “already issued debt” and it is regarded and collected by the corporate-State as a “franchise fee” for “public” State-Citizenship and Benefit; the Public must pay a “fee” to access some of their God-given “rights” usurped and taken by the State — the State is “private-ownership” overriding and/or dismissing the Nation’s “public stewardship” — “religion” is the re-binding to the systemic; Mammon “is” the possession; the State is all about the controlled “structure” and “psychology” of the Nation (our “group think” and “conformity”); our physical “world view” and our spiritual “God-view”; the monetary “de-meaning” of a Human Being (in “violation of God”); defined in Mammon’s terms: “worth” for life; how can one be “Lord and Master” if everyone actually had “equal rights” in all things.

The link between our “real” world and the “artificial” systemic is our consent whether known-or-unknown; every citizen has been “capitalized” monetarily and nominally as Nation-State debt-surety (the State-issued “Strawman”, the “artificial you”); the SAGE Nation-State “owns” you and everything connected to you (your possessions, even children) — the systemic manipulation of the Nation is pure evil: the very “forces” that assassinated ML King in 1968 selected/placed Barack Obama into the Presidency 40 years later – Mammon or Messiah: “sell your soul to the devil” (lust) or “give it unto God(-ing)” (love); no Human “Being” has “right” to wealth when so many are in poverty (anything above need is greed); the present “spiritual war” is about consciousness, against the “faces” and “masks” of death and corruption, the very “imagery”; negate the claim, take back your sovereignty vs. an artificial systemic evoking real and deadly repercussions; violence (in any form) is a betrayal of our God(-ing) and a failure of our humanity.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-19

God has NOT abandoned you and you most likely have NOT abandoned God – God has never been very far from you, he considers you a member of His church, not a church controlled by a few select men, but a church of equal brethren, guided by Him; and now, He would like to know if you are willing to reconsider Him ?? – He is extending an open invitation to you and your family to take your rightful place within His community; *God desires and needs you* in His Family !! – God is not self-interest, yet, you are in His interest, and in turn, He is in your interest, we *are* God together – God’s Family is a sharing, a relationship of reciprocal interest [a belonging place; an open experience], not a self-interested taking, but an unselfish giving !! — the high ground of truth is now to be made level, as originally; in diversity is truth, not confusion – reason and worship as way of life; pure religion and undefiled, without spot — open dialogue is NOT confusion – we must come together and converse, amongst ourselves, and with God; we must reason and counsel together [a multitude, not just a select few] – dialogue and cointelligence — we have been sermonized near to death [by men of good intentions, but caught in the grasp of the hierarchal error] !! – God’s brethren, the ekklesia, are NOT passive spectators but active participants – let us start with our own households, then the common household of God, and then the fragmented household of man; a reciprocal sharing, a community of the *gift*, the FAMILY !! — the work of God is active, living faith, the preaching and the witness — the love of God in action speaks volumes, and touches hearts and minds in the full power of God; we are to share freely and openly what God has freely shared with us; this is God’s storehouse !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-20

We understand, each of us, *together* with Christ all things taught [God provides the understanding; we are not just to accept another's teaching, another's understanding, even if presented in the Spirit; we must *share in*, with Christ, the understanding and application; we must prove all things, search the scriptures daily]; it is our *relationship* with God that enables us to understand and apply His truth – fellow-laborers with us provide insight, teaching, guidance and example, but it is *with* Christ that we understand, all of us, together !! — free Christianity [free and open community] means we are free to accept the responsibility that comes with being a member of God’s Family; it is spiritual liberty, the unencumbered, self-sufficient environment that is necessary for the Kingdom of God.

The application of God’s Word is the *power* of God; the COG is NOT applying God’s Word [worshipping in SPIRIT and TRUTH] – how we stand in *relation* to our fellow man [and his society] as his future judge [1 Cor 6:2, the saints shall judge the world, the angels] is paramount [we cannot partake of another's sin, or be the cause or occasion of the same] or our role as judge [the judgment to LIFE] is negated !! – the COG systemic must be *of God* NOT of man; we are under judgement NOW [under the same terms as those in the future]; how can we mete out judgement when we are *complicit* in the very sins being judged ?? – THIS AWARENESS MUST TRANSCEND ALL ELSE, AT THIS TIME, IN THE COG !! — Rev. 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, *my* people, that *ye be not partakers* of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5 For her sins have *reached unto heaven* [the hierarchal Tower of Babel; the State/COG Inc.], and God hath remembered her iniquities — the “nature of the beast” is directing the COG, NOT the nature of God !! – the *image of the beast*, the hierarchal systemic [business; the corporate as means/instrumentality] has to be ** REJECTED IN TOTAL **, the absolute disestablishment [of the SAGE/Beast construct] *begins* at the House of God !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-21

The COG today is an arrested spiritual and social movement [carnal divisions, contentions; stopped in its tracks, progress along God's path impeded, delayed] – it is a corporate organization in which the natural spread of knowledge [the ministry of the anointed-brethren] is usurped by a hierarchy [the anti-Anointed] that gains relative advantage by forcing others to rely on its expertise to get what they want, what they need; the professional ministry, in effect, is standing in the way of God, obstructing Him [there is only one mediator between God and man], they are acting *in place of* our High Priest – the very existence of the COG depends upon vesting the power to choose between paradigms *in the members* of a very special kind of community, an *empowered community*, living purposefully and with an exalted spirit leading !! — the re-establishment of God’s *ministry of gifts*, the *ministry of tears* is not likely to happen without the exercise of those very same gifts [in deep prayer and repentance (we are *all* responsible) and proper fasting (exercising agape love; fasting from the systemic)]; the brethren/sisters must “impact” the COG with the “full weight” of God’s Authority, and bring down the false altar, by initiating God’s ** Ministry of Reconciliation **.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-22

Worshipping God is the *application* of God; to WORSHIP God is to APPLY God, to freely SHARE God [overcoming evil with good] – worshipping in vain is the application of God using man’s ways, man’s means [the commandments of men]; it is a vain and voided exercise due to systemic negation !! — a basic awareness of this BAAL systemic is enough to realize the horror of employing its means, in any context — at its most simplistic, ownership [artificial scarcity] means someone else has nothing, no share at all !! – politics is the management of this ownership, and distribution, or lack thereof, of the same; a systemic of violence maintained by violence, and enforced by its threat !! – the corporation is an artificial concentration of advantage in a systemic where advantage is everything [based on the worst in human nature: competition, greed, lust (of power/wealth); SELF-INTEREST; the ** works of the flesh ** epitomized; corporate currency [FRNs as product; PRIVATE MEANS]; ** PURE EVIL INCARNATE **; unrighteousness personified, made into a LIFE SYSTEMIC; the COMMONWEALTH NEGATED, TAKEN; AN ADVERSARIAL, PARASITIC PSYCHOSIS !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-23

Elijah has made objection to, has called into question, and has made a demand on, the COG/Nation – the call of the world-kosmos, or the call of God are our options; we *must* answer !! — Christ wants us to accompany Him, in equity [in full capacity], with the promise of eternal life; the world’s systemic wants us to follow it, in subservient inequity [in a subordinate capacity], with death as its promise; who we are will determine our choice !! — we are *halted* in our progress along the path of God; we have stumbled; God’s hand is outstretched to help us, let us accept His help, let us walk with God once again and accept the challenge to restore all things !!

Elijah is speaking to us *now*, from the scriptures; the Elijah message is both a challenge, and an understanding necessary for the COG/Nation to truly restore all things, to be fully prepared for the return of Christ – the idea of an end-time Elijah in the person of a COG or National “leader” who has restored all things, when the very thrust of the message is against the BAAL systemic which has been employed, is mistaken – the COG in the 20th/21st century has NOT seen a full implementation of God’s community [the Social-Gospel has NOT been fully preached; all things have NOT been restored]; what we have seen, and continue to see, is at best a partial preaching and witness, God’s message usurped by selfish, deceived men and women standing in the way of Christ, blocking him [the anti-Anointed]; the “Way of Christ” [the very unleavened Community of God] negated, much to our shame – the Church of God is dying, it is near death and the public-Nation is completely enslaved !! – the restoration of God’s Family is imperative if we are truly to be the *salt of the earth*, the preservative agency, the means by which we truly are, and will be, saviours to humanity !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-24

Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42, and Luke 22:25 are clear definitions of, and a clear recognition that, there is an imposed systemic in operation here, ** in direct violation of Christ’s instructions ** – we know that a hierarchy is the “image of the beast,” and we know that Elijah was sent against the/this BAAL systemic – these testimonies clearly show that there is a very serious *error* within the COG/Nation which has caused and continues to cause extremely grievous repercussions !! – ["... For this *purpose* the Son of God was manifested, that he might *destroy* the works of the devil." 1 John 3:8], THIS IS THE PURPOSE, THE COMMISSION OF THE CHURCH/CHRIST-IANS, TO DESTROY THE *WORKS* OF THE DEVIL, NOT TO MIMIC AND EMPLOY HIS SYSTEMIC !!

The “determinant force” (the impulse, conviction, drive, conduct, association, fellowship, etc.) in your life is your religion; most of us are multi-religious torn between the antagonistic and complimentary “forces” acting within and without our “being and doing” – our spiritual conflict(s), ie., most profess spiritual values, yet practise Mammon; the consideration(s) of vested politics, the secular religion, and its war systemic, in maintaining our social “standing” (our privileged standard of living), etc. — Mammon(-ism) is diametrically opposed to God(-ing) in every consideration; the coercive apparatus of the state is brought against the most principled members of society not against the conformed.

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-25

The state is an extension of ourselves – we have ceded our natural rights as sovereign individuals to it – the state becomes ourselves, our identity !! – we have placed our rights in the hands of a man-made sovereign power who now possesses sovereign right over us, our rights now in the hands of carnal men, our rights now in the service of vested interests !! — the Kingdom of God is the sovereign power of God, in whose hands we have placed our natural rights, far better hands than man’s, a servant authority built on justice and righteousness, a family relationship, freedom as relationship, responsibility to each other — the preservation of the state is seen as a primary duty, for to preserve the state is to preserve self, and self-preservation is primal — the Kingdom of God is not to pre-serve self but is first to serve the other and in effect post-serve self, for in serving the other, we in turn are served – reciprocal responsibility, a relationship with our fellow man and with God !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-26

Expressing *our definition* of our rights ceded [civil action] is NOT civil-disobedience but an expression against the disobedience of those in whose hands our rights rest; an expression of the misuse of ourselves — the Corporate are not an expression of the people – the sovereign state is NOT in the Nation’s interest as their natural rights, long ceded, no longer exist, and the power of the state now rests on the corporate, not the public will — consulting or including the public was never a formality and sovereign power and interest has been, and is, absolutely corporate – vitality and reason are lost, forgotten, and vested interest has taken precedence; the hierarchy is governed by their own self-interest, NOT God !! – we must choose our conscience, NOT our fears; THE VERY NATURE OF OUR EXISTENCE MUST CHANGE !! – we must practise what we preach [God's community], so we can fully preach what we practise; we must say what we mean [the Gospel], and mean what we say [the Witness] !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 5-27