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Mammon or Messiah Book 1

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WE MUST PERCEIVE ALL THINGS WITH GOD’S EYES, GOD’S DEFINITIONS – CHRIST HAS DEFINED GOD FOR US: ** GOD IS LOVE, PURE AGAPE LOVE !! ** — God is Love, giving all, taking nothing: this must be our definition also !! – “taking” what does NOT belong to you (incl., God’s Name; walking in self, in vain) is theft, a violation of God, of God’s character [10C]; this includes position/office, authority/rule, reputation, etc., SERVANT AUTHORITY IS AN AGAPE GIFT !! — corporate money is “worthless” to God [denominated in oppression], its business worth/value is predicated on, and maintained by, evil works: MAMMON — we “bear *our* sins, *our* shame” as a resultant of our actions, even if we are ignorant of them [Lev 5:17]; “we shall bear the sins” of “our idols” also [we are responsible, we are complicit] [Ezek 23:49]; WE WILL BEAR THE INDIGNATION OF THE LORD, BECAUSE OUR SINS ARE AGAINST HIM !! [Micah 7:9]; Christ will “bear our sins” if we allow Him [Heb 9:28], He will “heal” us !! – we will experience the shame of our sins, we will feel/bear the hurt [physically, spiritually, emotionally] of our actions, what we have done [being/doing] to others [** OUR RESULTANT **], and we will feel, experience the joy of our righteousness [Christ's righteousness gifted to us]; THIS WILL ELICIT AND STRENGTHEN OUR EMPATHIC RESPONSE AS FAMILY !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-6

Christ took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses [Matt 8:17]; He has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows [Isa 53:4]; GOD FEELS OUR PAIN [incl., our infliction of the same] AND OUR JOY, AND SO WILL WE !! – Christ Jesus is the propitiation [atonement; expiator] of our sins, for the sins of the whole world [Lexicon G2889 kosmos] [1 John 2:2]; if we keep His Commandments, if we keep His Word, WE KNOW GOD, WE PERFECT OUR LOVE [1 John 2:3,5], THE LOVE OF GOD; we walk as Christ walked [1 John 2:6]: “For this *is* the love of God, that we keep His Commandments [GOD'S AGAPE CHARACTER, the 10C]: and His Commandments are not grievous [burdensome (opposed to self; the self-conflict)]” [1 John 5:3]; “grieve not the Holy Spirit of God” [Eph 4:30] — Mankind is physically and spiritually ill, each and every one of us; CHRIST WILL HEAL US; we will “bear our unrepented sins” but the “penalty” of those sins has and will be born by Christ: 2 Cor 5:19 “To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world [CHRIST KOSMOS vs. the KOSMIC CHRIST (Christ reconciled to the world, the Inc.)] unto himself, ** not imputing their trespasses unto them ** and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation”; the “pure” word of reconciliation vs. “dialect” groups, *prejudiced* definitions/interpretations: the COG Inc. – WE ARE THE “COMMON MINISTRANTS” OF JESUS CHRIST, THE MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION, THE VERY FAMILY OF GOD !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-7

Baptism is a “betrothal” [considered married], a ** one flesh ** union with Christ; we are the Bride of Jesus Christ: ONE FLESH WITH CHRIST, HIS VERY FLESH AND BLOOD !! — “increased in riches” results in self-satisfaction, an erosion of the God-need/awareness; God-ing empathy is lessened [money becomes the false "agency" of God]; ANYTHING ABOVE OUR NEED(S) MUST BE GIFTED TO MEET THE NEED OF OTHERS: our gratitude/awareness of God will grow by our God-ing, it is the *only* way to grow in the grace/knowledge of God; anything beyond need is “greed” — do we request/demand SANCTUARY from the “systemic”, do we demand RIGHT OF GOD, SABBATH COMMUNITY free from the “complicity of evil” or do we make community “within” the systemic and reduce our complicity by slowly withdrawing ?? – slowly withdrawing is the first step, but TOTAL WITHDRAWAL must eventually be realized, accomplished; the systemic “vested interest” will NOT relinquish what it has taken, a “request of withdrawal” will NOT be considered; we must pool the resources we have [give back to God what is His] and “come together” into a *PURE* SABBATH COMMUNITY [in this world (kosmos) but not *of* this world] utilizing Christ *as* Systemic, depending on the protection of God as we gift His Rights [vs. the commodification of life] [pure Apostolic Christ-ian-ity; EKKLESIAN COMMUNITY] !! – WE BUILD A NEW WORLD BY GIFTING WHAT WE HAVE, minimizing the claim of others until the claim is negated by utility of alternative/sustainable means (ie. negative-interest community currencies): pure eco-nomy, A SOCIETY OF THE GIFT !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-8

The Mind of God enables us to see through and beyond the Mammon-systemic !! — mankind is to “steward” the resources of God, His resources, to supply the “needs” of humanity: the gifting of God and His blessings to all [by man in the physical and by Christ-ians in the spiritual (the God-need)] !! — war imagined and declared against our fellow-man is war imagined and declared against God !! – BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS; war is a human tragedy, it is a criminal act !! – WAR [its advocation] MUST BE QUESTIONED, IT IS NOT AN ANSWER !! — we are complicit in the “national prejudice” and the selfishness engendered, an evil selfishness considered as “right” of God: power, privilege, position and authority [God is NOT present when these are; they are NOT bestowed by God in His service]; 1 Cor 15:24 Christ will “put down” [make void; destroy] all rule and all authority and power when He returns !! — SERVANT AUTHORITY IS THE POWER OF AGAPE LOVE !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-9

Our icons of success are actually icons of our failure; profit means someone else has less, and is in our debt [money = debt], and WE MUST FORGIVE OUR DEBTORS !! – politico-business representation is NOT of God — look around, look around the world: the injustice, the inequity are “our” crimes, we are the cause, we are complicit !! — we have constructed an “evil” God of “tough love” to excuse the evil “we do in His Name” for the “good” of mankind, the national interest of the US/UK being that “good”, ** sharing the blessing(s) of God wrought [actuated; used; effected; performed; managed; influenced; prevailed on] by business !! ** – corporate business as concentrated ownership is a withholding NOT a sharing; private interest seen as “God-given” [God's gifts taken; iniquity, claim seen as sanctioned, blessed by God], “gain as godliness” exemplified !! – capitalization is “organized crime” against Mankind and against God.

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-10

The COG [Church of God] must be the “leading edge” of God’s Sword, His Word; we must be sharp, a “keen” edge [a "critical" edge], able to slice through the confusion, the os-overlay [the operating systemic] of deception; this is so very essential in the “preparation” of the Gospel of Peace – WE MUST BECOME THE WORD; BEING AND DOING IN *ALL* THINGS !! – the COG Inc., is a dull, worn edge, the Body of Christ is no longer able to lift the Sword, the arm is withered; we must strengthen ourselves; the Sword is in Hand, we must pick the Sword up, clean it, polish and sharpen it, and go forth with it, TO APPLY GOD’S WORD IN LOVE !! — THE CHRIST-SYSTEMIC IS OUR ONLY MEANS OF SURVIVAL; business is a destructive systemic that requires imposed “cost” extrication and profit [the imposed cost on others]; MAMMON, DEBT AS LIFE, the opposite of what God is: LIBERTY AS LIFE !! — we are *saved* by Christ’s life, Christ “living” in us [Gal 2:20]: AS WE LIVE AS CHRIST, BY FAITH *OF* THE SON OF GOD, WE ARE SAVED, ** our God-ing heals us !! ** – WE ARE SAVED/HEALED BY *OUR* APPLICATION OF GOD, ** GIFTING HIS AGAPE LOVE !! **

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-11

We “destroy the works of the devil” [our purpose] by our God-ing !! – our God-ing is God’s Sword held, applied !! – God is NOT group-”personality” or use of the same: group-personality causes and excuses much evil – individuals with the “mind of God” are sovereign agape-individuals with unique gifts to share – wisdom is the application of knowledge; evil is the application of sin [lack of knowledge, ignorance of God; SELFISHNESS] — we are locked in a systemic prison; try to escape [plan; effect] and they will hunt you down; refuse to participate and they will abuse you, starve you; criticize and they will demean you, discredit you – media created “mass memory distortion” prevalent; news, talk show opinion discourse, interviews, waters muddied: shaping public view, opinion; fiction becomes fact when presented by accredited experts, even when proved false – systemic belief dissonance rejected by most [mentation surrender]; perception is fragile, relative, easily distorted — social status, position, compared to God is irrelevant and non-existent; we are what we do [I AM]: our *being* determinant !! – family and friendship are an environment, a grace, a presence of God; the 10C jurisdiction, authority of love !! – we must reject our “State” imposed national identity(-ies), the imposed prejudice, the evil existent, and assume the identity of God, of Christ; we must “put on” the new man, the robes of [Christ's] righteousness and cast away the filthy rags – GOD’S PURE WORD IS LOVE !! – all selfish “self-identity” must be rejected in total.

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-12

Corporate freedom is the enslavement of mankind; motivated definitions, conclusions, dismissals of opposition and/or those of lesser regard [ideas; persons, etc.], as defined — fruitful true conviction vs. fruitless affirmation; God is gifted, applied, experienced, not just believed in … the Kingdom of God is the experience of God in the here-and-now vs. our God-less exploitation of vulnerability !! – GOD IS, IF WE ARE; THE “I AM” !! – being AT ONE with God, in mind, thought, deed; the AT-ONE-MENT: will, being and doing !! – mankind’s ultimate survival instinct and impulse will be God: how much hurt will we cause, inflict on ourselves before we realize God ?? — we must not only believe the truth we must be(ing) the truth, and do(ing) the truth; deep psychological lock *with* God, in union, the “one mind” … THE MIND OF MIRACLES !! – OUR SIN IS OUR IGNORANCE OF GOD, the transgression of God’s character/law(way) of being; we must know God – sin is the absence of God, evil is the purposeful negation of God, where God cannot enter [ie., our systemic evil]; God comes from the inside ["let this mind be in you"]; we don’t move up in the Kingdom of God, we move in: deep humility, servanthood – the “revelation” of God will remove our ignorance, our sin: ** iniquity purged by mercy and truth ** !! – God-ing is not obligation, it is willingness, willing response-ability: unselfish, “agape” love.

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-13

The collective [God] embrace vs. usurpative private claim; stewardship eco-nomics vs. corporate economics, private profit as primary consideration; God-professed vs. the self-professed, the vested monied interest(s), claim — the systemic “medium” must be withdrawn from: its instrumentality and layers of cost claimed and demanded, its use of corporate money as measurement of worth for life, its COMMODIFICATION OF LIFE – withdrawal [Moses] will initiate evocation of our God-ing [Elijah] — we must wage peace not war, our weapons are food, clothing, the essentials of human need, not sanctions, the denial – “God-given” gifting: WITHOUT MONEY, WITHOUT PRICE — the profit “motive” is a wasting of humanity: the vast majority of human consciousness/intellect denied, undiscovered, wasted, occupied/suppressed by vested claim and commodification [the daily struggle; the systemic slavery] – commonwealth motive vs. self-serving motive; ** intellect and resource claim in pursuit of private [incl. group] wealth is a crime against God’s gifts, against God ** !! – life is a gift, it is not something to be earned, it is something to be gifted; earning a living implies claim: ONLY GOD HAS CLAIM; VESTED CLAIM AND COMMODIFICATION OF LIFE IS AN ABSOLUTE EVIL !! – slavery [privation demanded] is always good for profits !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-14

For many, excess is never enough — we are responsible for “our” national crimes, done in “our” name(s), the nation’s business, its evil, its demands: a re-evaluation is needed !! – the Gospel is DISCLOSURE, systemic disclosure: GOD IS A WAY OF LIFE, GOD *IS* LIFE [THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS (WAYS OF LIFE) BEFORE ME], LOVE, not systemic lust, claim – money is not the cure, it is the disease — the current of time/event flow, the situational systemic current, the raging waves [foaming shame], the undertow, must be fought against, calm water must be reached for extrication/ withdrawal – our systemic definition must be of God not the devil !! – WE ARE THE GOD-AGENCY IN THIS KOSMOS, THIS PHYSICAL WORLD, WE ARE THE ** HOUSE OF PRAYER ** [awareness and supplication], THE SPIRITUAL INJECTION [application], THE VERY ** ARM OF THE LORD ** DIRECTING THE HAND OF GOD (God’s Spirit) !! – God’s presence provides the healing – humility is accepting God’s “gifts” as gifts to be gifted, not taken and claimed – LIFE IS GIFTING, DEATH IS TAKING !! – the erosion of God by the constant barrage [the sea], the waves, the storms, the seeming splendor of evil, the pull [lack of awareness; misuse] of lust … the immersion, the drowning — the “proof” of Christ is in each of us, look there … – intrusive, psychological fracturing, the disposal, the demise of our common human-ity !! – MOST OF US ARE TOO EMPTY TO GIVE !! – OUR EMPTINESS IMPELS US TO TAKE !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-15

What we *do* unto “our fellow-man” we *do* unto God [our being and doing], and what we do unto ourselves we do unto God also: selfishness is an evil that must be overcome, our self-prejudice, individually and group !! – family, marriage and parenthood are a sacrifice of self (and by thus, we understand God): God sacrificed for us, and we must do the same: we are all one human family, soon to be God-family !! — social support, affiliative behaviour begins with family and friends – we must be more befriending, more Christ-like; who we are is indicated by the quality of our friends and friendships – we must be an unselfish gift, freely giving at all times: support/edification – what you are, I AM, what I AM, you shall be [Isa 45:7 "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD (JEHOVAH, "the *existing* One") do all these things"] – ** WE WORSHIP GOD BY LOVING OUR FELLOW MAN ** – our future is not in our selfish groupings, it is *in* God, “being” within HIS *EXISTING* ONE FAMILY !! – our “being and doing” must be *as* God, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION, OF OUR HEALING !! – GOD WILL HEAL OUR SPIRITUAL ILLNESS AND THE SPIRITUAL DAMAGE WE HAVE INFLICTED !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-16

Genocide: a problem from hell, a creation of it [the eradication of the other, an absolute negation] – “genocide” word origin 1944, in answer to Churchill’s “we are in the presence of a crime without a name” – the penalty, cost for “bystanding” must be increased: we have a moral obligation to stop genocide, to intervene even in the face of adversity – our selfish interests should not come into consideration, our “national and self-prejudices” must be overcome [the slow death of non-systemic, expendable humanity, and of our humanity defines "genocide" also (between 30-50 million needless deaths per year worldwide: deaths of poverty, preventable disease, pollution, conflict, etc., 20,000 die of chronic malnutrition alone, each-and-every day, that's over seven million deaths every year)]; the genocidal politico-business systemic that enables our selfishness, that enforces and excuses it, even expects and demands it !! – this world must be stopped; war is murder, you cannot legalize it, war is criminal, especially war as excuse; WE HAVE NO RIGHT !! – we are a war society, our whole systemic-being is adversarial, every aspect of “our”-selves !! – MONEY IS THE DEVIL’S WEAPON, OUR FALSE GOD, and we bow down to it every moment of our lives; it is our excuse, selfishness manifested; we are immersed in the evil, we wallow in the filth; we don’t grasp it, it grasps us, holds us; the store is open 24/7 and we are satiated !! — this is all we know, we need a new teacher [Christ]; words of blood and thunder or the Word of God, a still, small voice – our lives are in each other, we *are* each other; WE DO NOT EXIST ALONE !! – WE MUST OVERCOME; IT IS NOT A MATTER OF BRAVERY, WE HAVE NO CHOICE – WE WILL CEASE TO EXIST OTHERWISE !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-17

To be a future “judge” (of Righteousness) requires us to judge now, rightly discerning the Word of God, we must hate the evil and overcome the evil with good (evil purged by “mercy and truth” ONLY); WE MUST BE THE GOOD, THE APPLICATION OF CHRIST [the Word of God], WE MUST BE *AS* CHRIST, HIS VERY FLESH AND BLOOD, IN THE WORLD TODAY, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION, NOW IS THE TIME OF HEALING; THE VERY POWER/WORK OF GOD *IS* US *AS* GOD IS: THIS IS OUR RESPONSE-ABILITY, THE VERY *REASON* WE WERE GIVEN GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT, WE ARE CONSIDERED BY GOD *AS* GOD FAMILY IN THIS WORLD, AND WE MUST REALIZE THIS AND DO THE WORK OF OUR FATHER BY-AND-THROUGH CHRIST !! – we must *prepare* the Gospel of Christ, we must walk the path [feet shod], WE MUST PREPARE THE WORLD FOR HEALING: we are the witness and the application; WE ARE THE GOSPEL, the preparation begins with us; WE ARE THE CURE AMIDST THE DISEASE !! – NOW IS THE DAY OF GOD-KIND, OUR GOD-ING [of Salvation] !! – WE MUST BE *AS* GOD IN THIS WORLD [G2889 kosmos], in it, yet unspotted, NOT complicit in its instrumentality and its crimes; we must be considered a new creation, a new birth of righteousness [our being and doing], in a systemic of evil: WE SHALL SIT AS *JUDGES* [condemning the evil and overcoming it, purging it with mercy and truth], WE SHALL BE SAVIORS TO HUMANITY (Oba. 1:21), WE SHALL HEAL THEM WITH CHRIST !! – if we are *as* God now, then we shall *be* God when Christ returns with our Salvation, a salvation to be shared; this is the “healing” work that is before Christ and His Bride !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-18

Only “peace of mind” makes, establishes PEACE !! – our complicity [war] negates any “neutrality” claim; neutrality is actually complicity: DOING NOTHING is “sanction of evil” !! – attacking and replacing brutality by-and-with brutality [of a different name] *ensures* a continued conflict and management of the same !! — God’s Holy Spirit initiates [a catalyst process] our God response; our “unholy” sin reduces our capacity for service [the reduction of our future role, and our present one (our human-ity; self-lust vs. love)], separates us from God’s presence: God’s illumination [the light] begins to fade !! – MIND *OF* SELF IS WAR !! – sentimentality and/or submission is NOT what God represents – the “wisdom of the world” talks-and-walks for most of us; most are *NOT* response-able [requires God's Spirit] vs. HARDENED LUST OF SELF !! – vendetta or mission, neither excuses brutality, violence !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-19

WAR *IS* TERRORISM, a “war on terrorism” is a contradiction, and belies our spiritual illness: fighting terror with terror reduces man-kind to beasts without conscience, lashing out in the/our darkness !! – war is a taking, it cannot “give” peace [as result], especially if sought “as lie” by a weaponizing of excuse or opportunity: THOSE WHO TAKE, WAR !! – the absence of external conflict is NOT evidence of peace; engendered hatred remains, held within: OUR GOD(-ing) IS PEACE, there is NO other definition !! – war in the service of privilege and claim; asking God to guard the troops while conducting war [a crime *against* God] is to ask amiss; GOD WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN, OR SUPPORT, OUR SINS [deicide in the cause of Mammon] !! – those who conduct war [and those complicit] will be taken in war !! — the Word of God is NOT a “Sword of Conquest” to be wielded in the selfish hands of mankind; God’s “conquest” is a conquest of love NOT war and death !! – [Isa 1:4-5 "sinful nation ... the *whole* head is sick ..."] !! — every war, every conflict is about us, no matter where it is, or whom is involved: HUMAN FAMILY !! – the *excuse* of the other “forcing our hand” into striking, violence/war, criminal acts is exactly that, an excuse; THERE IS *NO* EXCUSE FOR EVIL !! – our awareness of complicity demands our repentance; our “false” family is sacrificing its members: ** FRATRICIDE ** [the crime of "murdering" a brother] and DEICIDE [putting Christ to death; His Way of Love] !! — the systemic APOTHEOSIS [n. of God; deification; consecration]: the Bush/Obama Admin., National Interest, etc., demanding sacrifice; AMERICA USED AS IDOL, “GOD BLESS AMERICA” !! – “America” (the people, their hopes and dreams) used as “divine sanction” by the Nation-State (US Inc.) to enslave the very same !! – America ceased in “being” many decades ago, usurped and misrepresented by the “State”.

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-20

WAR IS *NOT* MORALLY JUST; lack of morality “builds” war – traditional Christian “Just War Theory”, “just cause” determinations, sense of “imminent threat”, “social [corporate] obligations”, etc., all *excuse* mass slaughter in the cause of group selfishness – WAR IS BUILT, DEVELOPED – the US/UK seen as the “messianic” nation(s), in God’s service [generally held public view]; WAR IS *NOT* AN AGENCY OF GOD, MAN DOES *NOT* HAVE JUST AUTHORITY TO WAR !! – God is NOT (self)propaganda, GOD IS TRUTH; developed sin, imposed evil must be overcome by good !! – AGAPE TRUTH, PURE MOTIVE vs. self-serving propaganda of any variant; the LIE told, claimed for benefit/deception; even God’s Word taken/used for LIES !! – using Christ [in vain (in self)], and “being and doing” Christ are NOT the same !! — WAR IS BIG BUSINESS [business is war; cause/effect; resultant] !! — OUR COLLECTIVE SINS/EVIL MUST BE LAID BARE, REALIZED AND REPENTED OF, WE MUST (RE)TURN TO GOD !! — State imposed legality is NOT God’s legality !! — war does NOT ennoble a generation, it does NOT give it meaning; violence is NOT a means of communication; WAR IS NOT ENDURING, ONLY LOVE IS ENDURING !! – war “media” is complicit in the myth making, the excuses for dehumanization: human beings turned into objects – the CARNAL LUST OF/FOR WAR vs. the *ugly* truth about ourselves: WAR IS ORGANIZED DEATH !! – WAR DOES NOT UNIFY, IT DOES NOT GIVE US VALUES vs. State exaltation, heroic idolation – WAR *PERVERTS* SOCIETY AND INDIVIDUALS: PATRIOTISM IS SELF-GLORIFICATION, IT IS PREJUDICE vs. THE OTHER – WAR IS *NOT* SELF-PRESERVATION, IT IS SUICIDE !! – VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE UNTIL SOMEONE SAYS ENOUGH, STOP !! – the COURAGE of FORGIVENESS, a GOD-LEVEL AWARENESS is evidenced when the “strongest” surrenders to PEACE !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-21

The Inc., will destroy the man who seeks the truth and/or destroy the truth so that no man may seek it !! – liars do not fear the truth if there are enough liars surrounding it – THE TRUTH WANTS TO BE KNOWN, IT WILL COME TO YOU IF YOU ALLOW IT vs. the Inc., imposed, ensured futility of hopes and prayers: GOD UNREALIZED !! — the DEEP THINGS OF GOD vs. our “surface” interpretations and definitions; our environments are volatile, unstable and so are we; we are suspicious, untrusting: by giving something away, by gifting, we show we mean no harm; by gifting/sharing *all*, we show our love !! – WE DEFEAT A SELFISH SYSTEMIC BY OUR UNSELFISHNESS; WE OVERCOME A GODLESS SOCIETY BY OUR GOD-ING !! – our society(-ies) is/are a prime example of God withheld: *WE* ARE WITHHOLDING GOD, IT IS *NOT* GOD’S DOING !! — our society is extremely “shallow” in definition; business is shallow *by* definition as a means of interaction, its money [instrumentation] making shallow and hollowing out all things [vs. deep and hallowed of God] !! – EXTREMELY SHALLOW RELATIONSHIPS AND INTERACTIONS define our society(-ies) and ourselves [vs. depth of being] !! – WHAT DO WE “MEAN” TO EACH OTHER, WHAT IS *OUR* MEANING ?? – do we reflect hypocritical social standards, or do we reflect the Glory of God ??

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-22

God is NOT indoctrination by separation, isolation, submission; we are to remove ourselves [be ye separate] from the systemic, but be(-ing) *AS GOD* in the world [kosmos]; WE LEARN GOD BY BEING/DOING GOD !! – God is reason and mentation, “choosing” God’s Mind and Will as our own !! – life is NOT a spectator sport just to be reported on and criticized; LIFE MUST BE GOD IN ACTION, ACTIVE PRAYER !! — our minds reach out and touch, affect what we look at, think about; we have become de-sensitized by our selfish culture and have lost much of our empathy — Christ was an iconoclast, iconoclastic vs. our icons, idols of wealth: a God-centered life vs. a self-centered life; our selfish identity(-ies) shall be (re)turned to the ONE IDENTITY OF GOD !!

We have been ENVISIONED of-and-by Christ into His Way of Life [business is NOT the systemic envisioned by Christ; it is the evil we all know and employ] !! — our “cultural” mind and mindset must be recognized and overcome; our expectations must be brought to God’s Will and fulfilled by God’s Way; we are part of life, we are *in* life [God] – our “cultural mind” is our systemic programming, the “hidden hand” that guides us, directs us vs. God’s guidance, His hand !! – “deep-seated” psychological dependence, mind-lock(-ed) – the covering, the systemic “mask” that hides the evil will be *revealed*, this is the REVELATION !! — “at their mercy” [power of life and death, the fear threat] is NOT the “mercy” [promise of life] of God – our psychological “recovery” from the imposed/implanted identity, considered and claimed as God “ordained” [Mammon-systemic], is only possible by-and-through Christ: A NEW MIND [being and doing] !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-23

The primary manifestation of evil on this planet today is the corporate form, its systemic – it is evil incarnate, where evil is called good, highly valued, and highly esteemed !! — you cannot build a common and caring citizenship when the underpinning systemic is anything but common or caring !! – if we don’t decide the world we live in, then, WHO DOES ?? — the hierarchical State is an evil and carnal instrumentality maintained by force and violence and is therefore opposed to, and in violation of, God(-ing) — the meaning is in the journey, the walk with God – the journey *is* the meaning !! — a different mind [God's mind], a different attitude [Holy, righteous, spiritual character] and a different purpose in life [to destroy the works of the Devil] – walking a new path, guided by God’s MAP [mind, attitude, purpose] and spiritual compass [the Holy Spirit showing us the way, leading us to God] – God measures us by His Word [Christ], His truth and freedom; man measures us by his money, his iniquity and bondage !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-24

Salvation was introduced by Christ giving up His power and authority but not the responsibility, and salvation will be, and is, sustained and maintained by this same method !! — no man owns God’s truth, yet it belongs to us all, it is God’s gift and we hold it in trust, sharing freely with others in the humility that God entreats !! — once God entrusts you with His truth you are honor bound to be prepared to share it, you *owe* an answer to anyone who asks !! – God’s truth is not to be restricted in any way !! — we are all called to be students, disciples of Christ, “learners” who in turn are educated to teach others, who *deliver* and *freely share* the truth !! – people need an introduction to the Family of God, they need an introduction to themselves, their potential !! — to reason is to be pliable; to bend with the wind(s) and not snap; to grow and be strengthened, rooted in the good ground !! — God is *relationship* and so is His Family; everything about God and His Family Law [10C] is relationship [to God and to each other; our love of/to God, and our love of/to our fellow-man] – the conversion process is *building relationship*, intimate and personal on the *God-level* – in order to honor and obey God we create the relationship [the agape environment] with Him, *together*; this makes it possible for us and others to do so [when we honor God we in turn honor ourselves and each other] !! — secular/religious governmental and institutional relationships replace God; hierarchy is NOT God-level !! – the God-level relationship [in *all* aspects of life] is face-to-face and human-scale, grounded in our day-to-day learning experiences, where God’s agape love can freely flow !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-25

A spiritually begotten Christ-ian is no longer a citizen [in all respects], a participant in this world’s systemic – *our roles have changed*; we are now citizens of Spiritual Israel, our citizenship *becoming* wholly conformed to the Gospel [over time; God understands the systemic *owns* everything; much is out of our control, we have to survive, yet we must begin to form the "community" that enables withdrawal (Moses) and return to God-ing (Elijah), where needs are met, not greed, to bring our "hearts and minds" to Christ, to *prepare* the Gospel of Peace; our family/community God-ing] — we are no longer American or Canadian citizens, etc. [considered as], the corporate label, we are now no longer corporate, neither employing its means and instrumentalities [disinvestment and disestablishment; Mammon replaced by Christ], neither participants in the national mythic !! — what a shame it is that we need God’s help and love in order to love Him and each other, and yet, we fail at the first instance of inconvenience or trouble, we turn on God and reject Him; we return to our idols !! — our “conversion process”, a life-time of learning and growing, enables us to withdraw *as much as is possible* from the Mammon-systemic, especially as at this time the “Ekklesian Community” barely exists [the COG is dying, near death]; your family and circle of friends are the starting Community for you; enlarge the circle as you grow in grace and knowledge; you are the very Church and the Ministration of Christ, each-and-every one of you a “Common Ministrant”, ministering the very spiritual/physical gifts given to you (freely received, freely given), in a reciprocal relationship with the other and with God; no man/woman nor any organization stands between you and God; Christ is the only mediator between you and God the Father !! – when Christ returns will we hear “well done, good and faithful servant” ??

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-26

Those in positions of power are selected [to be elected; chosen to be "our" choice] to represent specific agenda’s – most do not contemplate that one person’s ideals or personality cannot shift the direction of a nation without the approval of those backing the governing powers [those of claimed "Divine Right"], and the media “manufactured character and consent” of the nation closely follows [the distanced others (the victims of crime, war, etc.) are in reality ourselves; this is not happening "over there", how far away is our tv, radio, computer ??] — we are complicit in the willful neglect of truth and/or self-interested deliberate ignorance !! – the COG Inc., employs the same systemic of manufactured character and consent, which in effect, is the attempted eradication of God, of His Way, by His very own Family !! – we are committing physical and spiritual suicide and engendering Holocaust !! – we are not “a blessing,” we are “a curse” — there is no spiritual component or intention within Mammon’s currency and investment schemes – the rewards of evil will not be present in the Kingdom of God and should not be present in the world/COG today !! – who will we listen to and obey, the Word of God or the god of this world ?? – which systemic shall we abide in and do the will of ?? – you cannot obey both righteous God and unrighteous Mammon (BUSINESS) !! – we must achieve spiritual emancipation and systemic withdrawal !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-27