Mammon or Messiah research

                  Mammon or Messiah Book 1 
                  MM01-MM04 Our Choice of Social Reality - Two Divergent Ways of Life, Social Systemics 
                  MM05 Private-State Over Public-Nation - Mammon's Nation-State Enslavement

                  Mammon or Messiah Book 2 
                  MM06-10 The Midnight Hour

                  MM Addendum 1 
                  The SAGE: A Private, Closed Society
                  The Private Agency that Owns and Controls the World

                  MM Addendum 2 
                  The SAGE, the Self-Appointed Guardian Elite, Charlemagne Descendants
                  The Unholy Blood and The Unholy Grail
                  The Primevil (abrogation of Primeval responsibility, Our Ancient Future)
                  The Primaevus Lineage
                  [Mid-17th century Latin primaevus, primus "first" + aevum "age"]
                  The Apotheosis(-sys)

                  Mammon or Messiah Book 1


                  Disestablishment, War, Gospel, Mythology, Demonology, Idolatry, Jehovah, Slavery, Activism, 9/11, Babel, Income Tax, Hierarchy, False Flag
                  Charlemagne, SAGE, Graven Image, Incarnation, Constitution, Prejudice, Strawman, Stewardship, Desposyni, Grimm, Possession, Baal, Elijah
                  Elite, Human Rights, Freedom, America, Ekklesia, Israel, Kingdom of God, Repentance, Mind, Anarchy, Alternative Currency, Federal Reserve
                  War, Fascism, Communitarian, Community, Apostolic, Church of God, Repentance, Forgiveness, Genocide, Divine Right, Baptism, Corporatism
                  Mammon, Messiah, Love, Salvation, The Devil, Satan, Evil, Money, Corporation, Christ, Religion, Conspiracy, NWO, Business, Society

                  Mammon or Messiah Book 2


                  Church of God, Family of God, Spiritual Ancestry, Spiritual Heritage, Repentance, Ekklesia, Ministry of Gifts, Begettal, Watchman, Prophecy, 
                  Little Flock, Shepherding Law, Apostolic Christianity, Corporate Yoke, Holocaust, Tribulation, Great Transgression, Living Faith, Power of 
                  God, Common Fellowship, Common Ministrants, Free Will, Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil, Man as Creator, Evil, Martyrdom, Fear of God
                  Antichrist, Immortality, Salvation, Divine Healing, Genetic Memory, Book of Life, Forbidden Fruit, Form of God’s House, Highway of the Upright,
                  Spiritual  Illness, Return of Christ, Iniquity Purged by Mercy and Truth, House of Prayer, Den of Thieves, Merchandise, Moses and Elijah, 
                  Withdrawal and Expatriation, Disinvestment, Disestablishment, Guardianship, Ministry of Christ, Image and Likeness, Bread of Life, Communitas

                  Fellowship, Divine Right, Inhumanity, Direct Consensus, Community, Congregation, Democracy, Sovereign Individual, Commonwealth Relationship, 
                  Body of Christ, Anointed, Living Stones, Living Gospel, Engrafted Word, Gain as Righteousness, Money, Business Psychosis, Instrumentality of Evil,
                  IMF, World Bank, WTO, Trilateral Commission, NWO, Globalization, Slavery, Oppression, Economic Apartheid, Corporatism, Citizen Power

                  Conspiracy, Hedge Priest, Crimes Against God, In Violation of God, Ecology and Economy, Logos and Logia, Equity, Banality of Evil, Crime of Christ, 
                  Kings of the Earth, Faith of the Fallen, Kingdom or God, Israel, Lost Ten Tribes, Anglo-Israel, British-Israel, Birthrights, Worship of Demons, Babylon, 
                  Money Changers, Temple of God, Passover, Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ, Faith of Christ, Forgiveness, Personal Redemption, Holy and Righteous 

                  Ministry of Reconciliation, Character of God, Ten Commandments, Satanic Consciousness, Gospel as Product, Revelation, Disclosure, Spiritual Armour,
                  Spiritual Armor, Conciliance, Master Potter, Government of God, Hierarchy, Unleavened Bread, Corporate Church and Ministry, Synagogue of Satan,
                  Manna, Sincerity and Truth, Holy Days, Plan of Salvation, Democratic-Fascism, Vested Corporate Interest, Agape Love, Jeremiah Community

                  Truth of God, Touchstone of Christ, Oracle, Society of the Gift, Communitarian, Human Bondage, Pentecost, Tabernacles, Systemic Failure and 
                  Collapse, Manipulated Markets, Economic Genocide, Evil, Wicked World, Mark of the Beast, Extinction of Mankind, Unequal Yoke, Equitable Exchange,
                  Sustainable Development, Citizenship, A New Creation, Christ-Systemic, Robes of Righteousness

                 Mammon or Messiah addendum

                 MM Addendum 1


                 Trilateral Commission, Roundtable, Fortune 500, Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, Bilderberg, Bloodline, Desposyni, Genealogy, Fresia, Parenti, 
                 Zeitgeist, Sharlet, Ratlines, Rex Deus, Holy Grail, Messianic Legacy, Plutocracy, Oligarchy, British-Israel, Anglo-Israel, Ephraim and Manasseh, 
                 Shinar, Heraldry, Holocaust, Princes of Tyre, Divine Right Rulership, House of Israel, War of Eradication, WWI, WWII, Nebuchadnezzar’s Image, 
                 Formulation of Opinion, Light of Darkness, Illuminati Comprehension, Faith of the Fallen, World Governance

                 MM Addendum 2


                 Progenitor, Annunaki, Nephilim, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Exilarchs, Apostles, Zealots, Muhammed (Islam), Jesus the Christ = Magdalene (m1.), 
                 James Zebedee = Magdalene (m2.), James the Just Progeny, Pharamond, Merovingian Monarchy, Pendragon, King Arthur I Grail, King Arthur II Holy 
                 Grail, Anglo-Saxon, Carolingian, Charlemagne, European Royal Houses Primary Descent Lines, Aristocracy, de Rothschild, Pharaonic/Caesaric Lineage, 
                 Celtic-Nazarene Christianity, St. Columba, St. Patrick, Stone of Scone, Lia-Fail, Coronation Stone, Stone Sanction