BBQ Shrimp Pizza

Recipe from Mama Me Gluten Free (dot) com

Projected prep time (pizza with crust ready only): 10 minutes; Projected bake time: 15-20 minutes


Stubb's Smokey Mesquite Bar-B-Q sauce

Extra virgin olive oil

Cooked or grilled shrimp, tails removed

Monterey Jack cheese, shredded

Diced pimentos

Kosher salt

Black pepper

Pizza crust


Preheat oven to 375 degrees (note this is for Udi's frozen crust since that's what is in these photos - if you are using another crust the temperature may vary, therefore affecting the bake time).

Brush a small amount of extra virgin olive oil all over crust.

Spread a few tablespoons of Stubb's sauce over the crust.

Spread a good layer of cheese over the crust.

Arrange cooked or grilled shrimp on top of the cheese. (If you're using frozen, make sure they are thawed.)

Baste individual shrimp with sauce.

Sprinkle kosher salt and a dash of black pepper over pizza.

Sprinkle a small amount of cheese over shrimp, and top with diced pimentos.

Bake about 15-20 minutes, or until cheese is completely melted and beginning to bubble.