Guidelines For Physics I community 

All members are required to abide by the following guidelines, any violation of the rules will result in strict action (means warning for first time offenders and removal from the community for first time spammers)

1.The moderation issues thread ( is out of bounds for ALL members, any non-moderator posting on this thread WILL BE BANNED the very first time without any warning.

2. All posts must be made in english, the thread exempted from this rule is the #chit chat# thread
any non-English post made anywhere else will be deleted and the poster removed from the community.

3. No spam of any kind will be tolerated, the first time non-fake offenders will be removed from the community, in ALL other cases, the offender will be BANNED.

4. The posts and the topic headings must not be excessively bold, in italics or in different colours, it is fine while quoting someone to post the quoted part in a different colour, but try to refrain from qouting entire posts while the concerned part is just a sentence or two.

5. No ALL CAPS posts or miXeD CapITaliSaTioN posts are allowed, all such posts shall be deleted without delay, and repeated violation of this rule will result in BAN.

6. Choose the topic headings very carefully, any topics like "HELP!!" or "solve??" etc will be deleted, the topic headings must be clear cut and descriptive of the nature of the thread. Also, excessive use of punctuations in topic headings and posts is the fastest way to get removed and then banned from the community.

7. Violation of guidelines for the first time will generally result in a warning except in some cases as mentioned in this thread, don't reply to the warning by scrapping a moderator, abusing and bad-mouthing a moderator will only result in the offender being banned and included in the ignore lists of the mod-team, if you have genuine grievances, then post them in the #user opinions# thread

8. Don't post untested theories and personal opinions as facts, many members come here to learn or clarify their concepts, it is our duty to prevent them from getting misleaded. All new theories must be posted with a direct link to their mathematical proof and the journal in which they were published, failure to do so would result in DELETION of the post/topic and REMOVAL of the offender from the community.

9. Only moderators are allowed to create polls, all polls created by non-moderators will result in removal from the community.

10. No smart ass "let me test your intellect" questions are allowed in general, but challenging problems are welcome, post questions only if you genuinely want to clarify something, unnecessary flaming, abusing or rudeness will not be tolerated, all such offences will result in removal from the community.

11. No flooding. Flooding, for those who don't know, is the act of posting a large number of messages or threads, any such act will result in BANNING of the member even if it is a first time offence.

12. Sms language is discouraged in the community, not completely banned though, sporadic use of sms lingo is fine but posts that are nearly illegible will be deleted. (NOTE: It is solely on the discretion of the moderator to deem any post as illegible, and the view of the offender WILL NOT be considered )

13. One thread must deal with one topic only, slight variance is fine but if you wish to give the discussion a new direction, then start a new thread, and connect the two threads with a link so that people can easily switch from one thread to the other.

14. The members are not allowed to unscrupulously delete their own posts, No one likes to make mistakes and, specially, to have those mistakes visible to other people. That's human nature. However, in any scientifically-minded discourse, it's important that all arguments, both correct and incorrect, be preserved. People learn as often from incorrect arguments as from correct ones. Moreover, from a practical point of view, the deletion of a large number of posts in a thread makes the thread incoherent and hard to follow.

Thus, I'm adding this guideline requesting that people refrain from deleting their own posts. On cases where the deletion is inconsequential, no moderator action will be taken. On mild cases, the author of the posts will be warned to refrain from deleting posts in the future. On more severe cases, the author will be warned and kicked out from the community, or possibly even banned.     

The decision regarding what qualifies as an inconsequential, mild, or severe case is, as always, in the hands of the moderators.

15. When a thread reaches it's conclusion or regresses into flame war, the moderators will post an END OF THREAD post. This signifies the end of the thread and all posts after the EOT post will be deleted. Only the owner and the moderators are allowed to make EOT posts. EOT posts made by regular members will be deleted.

16. Search the web before posting queries haphazardly, also search previous threads for the topic you wish to discuss, any threads repeating an already discussed topic will be deleted.