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Beautiful Large Flowers  That Are Super Easy To Grow!

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Double White Rose Of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon is one of the easiest plants to grow from seeds and it makes a quick growing, beautiful privacy hedge!

Pink Rose Of Sharon 2008Also known as Mugunghwa in Korea or Hibiscus Syriacus this plant will bloom beautiful pink, red, purple and white flowers throughout the late summer and early fall.

Purple Rose Of Sharon

This monster plant can easily be mistaken for a tree as it can grow up to 15' high!

Rose of Sharons will flower for almost two months in August and September here in the great state of Michigan!

Bee Pollenating Rose Of Sharon

Remember, the Rose of Sharon is a late bloomer so don't worry if it's one of the last of the plants in your yard to grow leaves during the spring.

Rose Of Sharon Ready To Unfold

The Rose of Sharon or Hibiscius offers a fireworks display of colors to brighten up any garden or backyard.

White Rose Of Sharon With Buds

These fast growing plants can be pruned to shape and requires little or no maintenance! They are drought tolerant and can be grown in most types of soil.

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Plant these seeds 1/4" deep in a sun or partial sun, water regularly and enjoy!

Seedlings Available As Well!

Small (3-6 Inches)

Seedlings can be planted in groups or individually. Water regularly, leaves will droop if extremely thirsty.

Large (7-12 Inches)

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