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Flowers and Plants

 Great colors in these Red Mums! 


You can purchase seeds for this pink butterfly pink here!


The Rose of Sharon or Hibiscus! Want to know more about the Rose of Sharon? Click here!

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An unrippened tomatoe plant

By Norpas




 Created By A New Day

The koru on the punga tree often appears in our art, carvings and design as it symbolises new beginnings and hope for the future.



 This next shot comes just in time from spring!  These beautiful Daffodils were taken by Richard you can check out more of his photos here

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Take yourself away from your office and back to nature.

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A gorgeous Sunset

By Norpas

Another fabulous sunrise By Norpas

Chateau Maison Blanche A Beautiful Vineyard By Philippe

A Stunning Sunset By Brownies For Breakfast

A Winter River provided By Photoholics Anonymous

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Water Wallpaper Section


A Red Fall By Kimberly

Dark Forest By Ramba

The Lone Oak By Kimberly

A Lovely Landscape By Ramba



 A gorgeous shot captured by Jerry Reynolds 


Fluffy clouds by the blog


Spectacular Shot "Above The Clouds"

By The Photoholics Anonymous!


The Photoholics strike again cool angle on this shot...

If you want more clouds check this out!


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Flowers Just In Time For Spring By The Photoholics



Beautiful Mums From Easy Grow Plants



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 Tulips By Clever Cynic

A Simple Peach Rose



Sunflowers make the perfect wallpaper!  You Can Purchase The Seeds Below!





A Beautiful Day Lily



Red Roses






Summer's Fishing Hole



Atop the Mountain



A Creek In Summer Time

By The Blog 


A Gentle Wave