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Mist plants down with water occasionally, remember plants clean and filter your air and just like any other filter they need to be clean regularly. (our top air cleaners include Spider plants and Devil's Ivy)

Watering Tips - Different plants require different watering schedules. Some plants thrive in drier soil and some in moist soil. Be sure to follow the included with your plant. Get to know the weight of the pot that the plant is in. When a pot is lighter than normal is it time to water. (our drought tolerant plants include the Corn plant, Spider plant and the Eternity plant)


Test the area - Many plants can survive in a variety of conditions. When switching locations in your home or office make sure to keep a close eye on the plant in the first week or two to ensure that the plant can adapt to the different light/temperature change. (our more adaptable plants include english ivy, devil's ivy and lucky bamboo)


Many plants can be reproduced through cuttings.  Simply make a clean cut and soak the cutting in water until roots emerge.  Stay tuned we will be uploading a video on how to use cuttings soon. 

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