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Lake Nagagami Lodge 


 Google Power


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Growing Growing Gone 




Easy to Grow Plants  




The Amusement Machine 




Detroit Red Wings 




Paul's Goods 




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Canada's Most Respected Corporation 2005 












 Summer Sunset  

Perfect Reflection 

     Red at Night            

 Pike Central


  Mountain Veiw


 Flowers and Rocks

 The Afternoon Fishing Hole



 Means to an End

 Good Fishing!

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 Nice Perch!!



 Underwater Rocks 



 The Fine Pines

Nice Walleye

 Major Moss



Misty Morning



Boat Waves



 United We Stand

The Flame 

St. Ignace, Mi 



Rocky Cliff



The Essentials



The Dog 


The Trophy


Our Hockey (Mickey Knows Best)