Cana Lily

Grows Indoors or Outdoors 

Canada's Glory 



Paintings by Kimberly 



The Amusement Machine 



Growing Growing Gone 



G's in Space 






Here is the Cana Lily at 1' in a just matter of weeks

Easy Grow Plants is your Cana Lily Headquarters

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Some of these monsters make it to over 6 feet tall!!

The Cana is pictured here at 2 and a half feet tall

Here Is The Cana Lily Full Grown By The End Of The Summer

These Cana Lily Bulbs Should Be Dug Up and Kept Inside During The Winter Months in Harsh Climates such as Michigan and the upper United States



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Water regularly


The cana lily plant works best in partial shade


Cana Lilies can be grown indoors or outdoors


The Cana Lily Makes a Great Christmas present!



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