Green Thumb's Links

This page includes all of the sites that I either created or have hand chosen for your viewing pleasure be sure to check all of them out when you get a chance...

Green Thumb's Websites/Blogs

First and foremost is "Easy to Grow Plants", this is the first site that I created using Google Page Creator. It is my business that I run so be sure to check it out if you are interested in tropical and exotic houseplants. We specialize in Devil's Ivy, Bamboo, Eternity Plants, and English Ivy. "Easy to Grow Plants" has been serving the Redford/Livonia for 3 wonderful years now. Thanks to everyone who has purchased from us, we do appreicate your business.

The next site is "Nature's Wallpaper", this site has a Google Page Creator Version and A Blog Version. Both of these site are free wallpaper sites so feel free to download the pictures and use them how you like. Please provide a link to my site if you would be so kind. At Nature's Wallpaper you can find plants, water, sunset, clouds, animals and insect pictures. You can also sign up for our link exchange if you wish.

Another site that I created is "Are We Overheating?" This blog contains a collection of videos showing the effects of climate change all over the world. From the Amazon to Mt Everest to Greenland to Tibet and many other places. I designed this site as an educational tool and to try and make a difference before it is too late.


Custom made videos is a blog that I just made up very recently.  This blog contains videos that I made up with picasa or took with my digital camera.  Check it out and don't forget to leave a comment!