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Rose of Sharon or hibiscus syriacus makes a beautiful hedge which can add privacy to any yard. This shrub attracts Humingbirds and blooms in Pink, Red, White, and Purple flowers. (seeds and seedlings from these plants pictured are available for purchase more info via Fed-Ex or USPS)

Tropical plantscome in a variety of shapes and sizes and are know for there air filtering capabilities

This type of Ivy is very easy to grow and makes for a great hanging plant. This type is also very easily reproduced through cuttings.


This variety of mum produces deep dark red flowers in the fall. Flowers through the fall. Very hardy plant for our great state of Michigan !

This is one of my favorites it is another varity of tropical plant. It comes from the cane family of plants. Sometime called the Corn Plant or dracaena, this plant is a favorite for the office or home.

Blueberries are a delicious and nutritious addtion to any garden or backyard.


The Fittonia Argyoneura originates from Peru and works well in low light conditions. This plants red and green leaves are highly textured, mist regularly for best results!


The Dragon Tree or Dracaena marginata grows towards the light as it grows up to 7' high.

The Hawaiian Schefflera or Brassaia Arboricola is well know for it's umbrella like leaves.

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(All are actual photos of "Easy Grow Plants", contact us for more information on all our photos or visit Sun Up Till Sun Down)

  Spider Plant is an easy to grow Houshold plants that even the brownist of thumbs would have a hard time killing. Great for air filtration! (Chlorophytum Comosum)





 The Devils Ivy as it is called it also another easy to grow and re-produce. Perfect for hanging plants. Also known as golden pothos or Epipremnum Aureum.





The Eternity plant as some call it grows in many conditions including low light. Also known as the Zamioculcas Zamiifola or ZZ plant





Lucky bamboo has always been a favorite for the home or office

Tropical Paradise is what comes to mind





Cana is a plant that grows well outdoors or inside it can grow up to 6 feet high.



The Pink Butterfly Plant or Asclepias. The perfect garden acent.





The Wizard's Rose is a great way to add bright colors to your garden!