Welcome to the awesome MaltarDracoGames Website by Maltar Sylvius Draco aka the Dragonguy. The Games are created with Multimedia Fusion 2 or some them were originally created ages ago with the Games Factory but all by me, the games use the Graphics, Sounds & Musics are from the MMF2 CD or from the Useful Resources page on the Clickteam website or were made by me unless otherwise stated, all programming and level design is done by me.

21st October
Added more information for each game.

20th October
Videos were rubbish, got rid of them.

14th May
Videos of me playing the games have been recorded and uploaded to Youtube, game pages will be updated with the videos.

14th May
Games Uploaded!
... Games Re-Uploaded because I messed them up when I added the Logo.

14th May
Website Created!
My games are coming soon, very soon!