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his webpage main objective is to keep some of my applications available to me anytime anywhere. 
Feel free to download any of the files located at this webpage or browse my GITHUB account.
 Aeronautical Calculator (Android, 191Kb)
A calculator designed to calculate basic atmospheric (standard and not standard!) characteristics according to the "1976 standard atmosphere" at a given altitude (geometric / geopotential) and convert between various airspeed types(true / equivalent / calibrated / dynamic pressure) according to the appropriate atmospheric conditions.
Atmospheric Calculator (Android, 515Kb)
An Atmospheric Calculator with a twist! 
The only Atmospheric Calculator that allows the complete and exact calculation of each of the "1976 standard atmosphere" 28 parameters as a function of each of the other parameters!
Periodic Table of Elements (Android, 445Kb)
Interactive periodic table of the elements.
Molecular Calculator (Android, 309Kb)
The Molecular Calculator is designed to calculate the molecular and reciprocal weight of any chemical formula
 Code Complexity Tool (Windows, 1330Kb)

The Code Complexity Tool analyze C/C++ source code using a software metric named cyclometric (conditional) complexity. The user can either upload a source file or type/paste code in the Code Complexity Tool editor window. Four metrics are calculated: number of decision points per method, number of decision points per method including implicit decisions added by logical operator, the deepest scope embedding level per method and the amount of source code per method.
 Compare (Windows, 1290Kb)
The Compare tool is used for the comparison of either the content found in two different directories or the differences between textual files located.
 Atmospheric Calculator (Windows, 1239Kb)

A Calculator designed to calculate the atmospheric (standard and not standard!) characteristics according to the "1976 standard atmosphere" and convert between various airspeed types (true / equivalent / calibrated) according to the appropriate atmospheric conditions.
 Geodetic Calculator (Windows, 608Kb)

The Geodetic Calculator is designed to solve the first ("direct") and second ("inverse") geodetic problems with an accuracy of 1E-6 meters over a range of 50+ different reference ellipsoids.
Among its useful features: (1) difference between geoid and mean sea level altitude everywhere on earth, (2) convert decimal degrees into hour:minute:seconds format.