Our Mission

The aims and objectives for which the society is established are:
  • To encourage and promote the best methods of care, education and treatment of persons with dementia and related disorders generally throughout the Maltese islands and elsewhere.
  • To provide and furnish support, help, assistance and information to the families, relatives and friends of persons with dementia and related disorders.
  • To instruct and train personnel necessary to provide services for persons with dementia and related disorders and when possible award scholarships, grants and prizes relating to research in dementia, its cause, effect, prevention, treatment and cure.
  • To provide literature to disseminate knowledge of dementia and related disorders to patients, carers and public in general.
  • To provide and encourage courses, lectures and conferences, both to the general public and health professionals, in the various areas relating to dementia and associated disorders.
  • To influence the government and competent entities to ensure the development of suitable facilities and benefits for patients with dementia and related disorders.
  • Foster international contacts with similar organisations abroad and participate in international fora.
  • To raise funds, and help raise funds to assist in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the society.
  • To invite and receive contributions from any person/s or other entities whatsoever by the way of subscription, donation or otherwise provided that this shall be without prejudice or lead to preference.

Attachment: Malta Dementia Society Statute, January 2005 (PDF, 59K)