Maltese Aircraft Register

The Maltese civil aircraft register has been allocated the 9H- prefix. The VP-M prefix was used prior to Malta's independence, as adopted in other British colonies.

VP-MAA* 10640 Douglas C-54 Malta Metropolitan A/Ls 11.05.63/21.10.64 D-AMAX  
9H-AAA ? Douglas DC-3 ?      This could have been a Douglas DC-3 seen at MIACO. Ntu.
9H-AAA 606 Reims-Cessna 172H Harry Falzon 02.06.69/01.06.74   arr. on 20.06.69
9H-AAB 33379 Douglas DC-3 ? ? 44-77047, KN673, G-AMSN, N3455, SU-BFZ, N3455 Ntu. EI-BSI also reserved, but ntu. Last seen in Malta between 31.12.86/01.01.87.
9H-AAB 73 PBN Islander Malta-Gozo Air Services 16.08.69/28.08.70 G-AXFL arr/dep with UK reg on 20.06.69 & 12.09.70 respectively.
9H-AAC 28-5603 Piper Cherokee R.L.R. Ltd. 07.04.70/15.06.76 N2390R  
9H-AAD 716 Reims-Cessna 172H Harry Falzon 06.10.70/01.06.74   arr 01.11.70, dep 19.05.74
9H-AAE 225 Agusta-Bell AB-47G2 Commisioner, Malta Police 14.07.72/23.06.77 AS392  
9H-AAE     Comm. A.F.M. 23.06.77/22.09.80    
9H-AAE     Comm. Task Force 22.09.80/23.08.91    
9H-AAE     Comm. A.F.M. 23.08.91/01.05.00   rr AS7201**
9H-AAF 260 Agusta-Bell AB-47G2 Commisioner, Malta Police 14.07.72/22.12.76 AS060  
9H-AAF     Comm, A.F.M. 22.12.76/22.09.80    
9H-AAF     Comm, Task Force 22.09.80/23.08.91    
9H-AAF     Comm, A.F.M. 23.08.91/05.12.97   Sold abroad
9H-AAG 262 Agusta-Bell AB-47G2 Commisioner, Malta Police 14.07.72/22.12.76 LA106, 74+20  
9H-AAG     Comm, A.F.M. 22.12.76/22.09.80    
9H-AAG     Comm, Task Force 22.09.80/23.08.91    
9H-AAG     Comm, A.F.M. 23.08.91/20.11.97   Sold Abroad
9H-AAH 1991 Belll 47G2 Commisioner, Malta Police 14.07.72/22.12.76 AS394, 74+35  
9H-AAH     Comm. A.F.M. 22.12.76/22.09.80    
9H-AAH     Comm. Task Force 22.09.80/23.08.91    
9H-AAH     Comm. A.F.M. 23.08.91/01.05.00    
9H-AAI 32-7540038 Piper Pa-32 R.L.R. Ltd. 10.06.75/29.01.93 N32406 arr. on 14.06.75, dePiper on 06.12.92
9H-AAJ 8185 Agusta-Bell AB206A Jet Ranger Commisioner, Malta Police 27.04.76/22.09.80 5A-BAM, 8185 arr. on board Libyan AF C-130 on 04.06.75
9H-AAJ     Comm. Task Force 27.04.76/22.09.80    
9H-AAJ     Comm, A.F.M. 22.09.80/23.08.97   Sold abroad
9H-AAK 18063/312 Boeing 720-047B Air Malta 25.03.78/11.04.88 N93143 arr. on 14.04.78, dep on 10.04.88
9H-AAL 18167/221 Boeing 720-047B Air Malta 08.03.79/09.11.87 N93144 Arr. on 08.03.79, dePiper on 08.11.87
9H-AAM 18378/257 Boeing 720-040B Air Malta 31.03.79/30.06.82 AP-AMG Wfu 81. Used for German TV film in Dec 86. To fire dump, totally des by 2000.
9H-AAN 18380/321 Boeing 720-040B Air Malta 31.03.79/20.09.84 AP-AMJ DePiper on 19.09.84
9H-AAO 18829/427 Boeing 720-047B Air Malta 31.03.79/29.12.89 N3156 Arr. on 28.03.79
9H-AAP 9 Casa 212-100 Med-Avia 20.06.79 EC-CRV  
9H-AAQ 119 Casa 212-100 Med-Avia 11.06.79/23.04.99 ECT105 Arr. on 15.06.79
9H-AAR 161 Casa 212-200 Med-Avia 14.04.80    
9H-AAS 162 Casa 212-200 Med-Avia 05.05.80    
9H-AAT 133 Casa 212-100 African Mediterranean Air Survey Co. 17.02.79/26.12.90    
9H-AAU 28R-7918068 Piper Pa-28 Blackbird Aviation 12.03.80/06.11.86 5B-CEC Re-registered G-MRST ON 27.11.86
9H-AAV 2288 SA316B Alouette III A.F.M 16.07.93/01.05.00 LC2288 rr AS9215**
9H-AAW 2295 SA316B Alouette III A.F.M. 21.12.92/01.05.00 LC2295 rr AS9211**
9H-AAX 2315 SA316B Alouette III A.F.M. 21.12.92/01.05.00 LC2315 rr AS9212**
9H-AAY 3140 Socata Rallye Luqa Flying Group 15.07.81/27.07.93 F-GBKP Arr. on 08.06.81, dePiper on 24.07.93
9H-AAZ 28-23393 Piper Pa-140 Eagle Aviation 08.06.83/28.12.83 G-AVLJ  
9H-ABA 23038/949 Boeing 737-2Y5 Air Malta 11.03.83/02.10.94   Arr. on 11.03.83, dePiper on 29.09.94
9H-ABB 23039/954 Boeing 737-2Y5 Air Malta 31.03.83/02.10.94   Arr.on 01.04.83, dePiper on 06.11.94 Leased to Sobelair June/July 93.
9H-ABC 23040/955 Boeing 737-2Y5 Air Malta 30.03.83/19.12.94   Arr. on 31.03.83, dep 16.12.94. Rr HR-ATN, photographed with Atlantic Airlines titles, Aug, 2004. 
9H-ABD 2620 Mooney M-20C Eagle Aviation 04.09.85/11.03.87 G-BFXC Re-registered G-BFXC on 12.03.87. 
9H-ABE 23847 Boeing 737-2Y5 Air Malta  21.07.87/04.03.04   Owned by Celcius Amtec Corporation since 17.02.99. Dep on 05.01.04 as KM3640 to Pescara.
9H-ABF 23842 Boeing 737-2Y5 Air Malta  27.07.87/04.03.04   Air Malta Co. Ltd. Owned by Celcius Amtec Corporation since 17.02.99. Aircraft departed on 30.01.04 at 16.45.
9H-ABG 24031 Boeing 737-2Y5 Air Malta 17.03.88/29.03.95   Arr. On 18.03.88
9H-ABH 34-7250290 Piper Pa-34-200 Eagle Aviation 16.03.87/15.03.89 G-BART Arr. on 01.11.86
9H-ABI 59 Hornet Dual Trainer Raven OPTIMAL SUPPLIES LTD.  20.01.88   This aircraft was never seen flying in Malta.
9H-ABJ 209 Socata Tampico Leisure Flight Services Ltd. 22.06.88/23.07.99 G-BIZE Arr. on 26.03.88
9H-ABK 7535006 Piper Pa-28-200 Silvair Ltd. 02.06.88/10.11.94 N9584N, G-BCSZ Arr. on 10.05.88
9H-ABL 67 CFM Shadow ? 07.09.88/23.04.90    
9H-ABM 27-4757 Piper Aztec Excelair 30.09.88/23.03.92 G-BFII Arr. with UK reg. on 20.08.88. Written off after swinging off runway 32 on 09.02.92, and sustaining damage after hitting ditch alongside runway 32.
9H-ABN B-007 Cessna 421B Eagle Aviation 16.12.88/20.11.90   DBR landing accident at Zurich Airport, Switzerland
9H-ABO 465-022 Rockwell Sabreliner Euro Cereals 12.01.89/30.03.94 N996W, N678AM  
9H-ABP 112 Airbus A320-211 Air Malta 30.08.90/04.11.03 F-WWIF Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Participated during Malta Int’l Airshow 2003. Operated last revenue flight on 30.09.03, departed for the UK on the same day. Delivered to Air Arabia. 
9H-ABQ  293 Airbus A320-211 Air Malta 26.03.92/07.12.04 F-WWDZ Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back. Hit lights pylon with wing tip when taxying out on the evening of 19 Jan 04. Pylon collapsed on aircraft’s rear fuselage. Repaired and returned to serviCessna Sold, and left Malta for good on 01.11.04 for London Heathrow as KM2104. To Shannon for maintenance, then service with Air Mediterranee.
9H-ABR  25613 Boeing 737-3Y5 Air Malta 26.03.93   Bought by ILFC on 11.04.02 and leased back. Left Air Malta fleet on 19.09.05. Re-registered as LN-KKV to Norwegian Air Express.
9H-ABS 25614 Boeing 737-3Y5 Air Malta 30.04.93   Bought by ILFC on 10.04.02 and leased back. Leased to Air New Zealand, 2003. Left Malta for good on 29.10.05, callsign KM2134, towards Gatwick, then to Shannon. Photographed in Air Union colours and titles, but still as 9H-ABS.
9H-ABT 25615 Boeing 737-3Y5 Air Malta 25.05.93   Bought by ILFC on 09.04.02 and leased back.
9H-ABU 7780410 Piper Lance Sun Aviation Co. Ltd. 15.01.90 N38277 Reportedly lost on a flight between Jerba and Malta on 03.12.95. Still shown as current because the Maltese civil aviation department does not cancel any aircraft from the register without the owner’s request.
9H-ABV 1188036 Rans S.10 Sokata Auto Cycle Aviation Ltd. 11.05.90 G-BPOK  This aircraft is thought to have left Malta in a container in 2000. 
9H-ABW 28-586 Piper Cherokee Laser Aero Co. Services 26.06.90 HB-OVK  
9H-ABW 28-586 Piper Cherokee Bee Gee Aviation Services 19.04.94    
9H-ABX 289 Airbus A320 Air Malta 07.04.92/15.12.92   Arr. on 09.05.92, dep on 22.12.92. First aircraft leased by Air Malta to be registered in Malta, as the airline already operated a similar type. 
9H-ABY 62-0220M Nardi-Hughes N369HM A.F.M. 12.06.92/25.08.95 MM80848/GF49 Arr. on 06.06.92 with MM80854, rr AS9213 **
9H-ABZ 122-0227M  Nardi-Hughes N369HM A.F.M. 12.06.92/01.05.00 MM80854/GF55 Arr. on 06.06.92 with MM80848, rr AS9214**
9H-ACA 305M-0018 Cessna L-19 A.F.M. 14.05.92/01.05.00 MM61-2972 Arr on 04.02.92, rr AS9206**
9H-ACB 305M-0029 Cessna L-19 A.F.M. 14.05.92/27.07.95 MM61-2983 Arr. 04.02.92, dbr, donated to Malta Aviation Museum.
9H-ACC 305M-0032 Cessna L-19 A.F.M. 14.05.92/01.05.00 MM61-2986 Arr. on 04.02.92 rr AS9208** 
9H-ACD 305M-0038 Cessna L-19 A.F.M. 14.05.92/01.05.00 MM61-2990 Arr. on 04.02.92, rr AS9209**
9H-ACE 305M-0035 Cessna L-19 A.F.M. 13.05.92/01.05.00 MM61-12881 Arr on 04.02.92, rr AS9210**
9H-ACF 779 Piper Navajo Excelair 28.08.92/19.07.96 N74021, SE-KFG Arr. on 01.04.92 with Scandinavian reg. 
9H-ACG 56 Reims-Cessna Cardinal Cardinal Air Services Ltd 17.11.92 G-AZUO arr on 21.10.92, 
9H-ACG 56 Reims-Cessna Cardinal   26.07.95/10.01.01   Registered to new owners.
9H-ACH 961 Denny Kitfox Mk.3 Dr. Martin Florin 07.05.93/25.10.96   Emergency landing on Gozo on 18.09.93. Repaired and flown to Malta. 
9H-ACI 41 Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II  Excelair Air Services Ltd 07.05.93/30.09.97 PH-ALZ  
9H-ACJ 24-3084 Mooney 201SE   25.11.94/11.07.00 SE-KYB  
9H-ACK D-8672 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza  Silvair Ltd. 12.05.93/ N7136N  
9H-ACK     ? 29.03.95/01.10.97   Registered to new owners
9H-ACL 72-60955 Cessna 172M Skyhawk Paradise Island Air Services Ltd.  28.12.93 N20042  
9H-ACL 72-60955 Cessna 172M Skyhawk Malta School of Flying   N20042 Re-registered to this school.
9H-ACM E1254 Avro RJ-70 Air Malta 20.09.94/17.10.97 G-BVRJ Arr on 21.09.94. Rr EI-COQ, sub-leased to S.A.S.
9H-ACN E1258 Avro RJ-70 Air Malta 20.10.94/27.03.98 G-6-258 Arr. on 21.10.94
9H-ACO E1260 Avro RJ-70 Air Malta 19.12.94/27/03/97   Arr. on 20.03.95
9H-ACP E1267 Avro RJ-70 Air Malta 17.03.95/31.03.98   Arr. On 20.03.95
9H-ACQ 645 Cessna 404 Med-Avia  22.08.94/25.04.97 ST-AME First spotted at NCA on 08.07.94
9H-ACR 25 Cessna 550 Euro Jet 27.03.95/06.06.02 N78PR Arr. on 29.12.94, dePiper on 25.01.02
9H-ACS 23827 Boeing 737-33A Air Malta 12.04.95/16.11.95   Arr. 13.04.95, dep 15.11.95
9H-ACT 23830 Boeing 737-33A Air Malta 27.03.95/16.11.95   Arr. 28.03.95
9H-ACU 2159 BN Islander A.F.M. 15.12.95/01.05.00 G-BKJJ, G-TWOB, 9M-TAD Arr 04.11.95, rr AS9516** 
9H-ACV 17262258 Cessna 172 European Flight Academy 29.04.97/17.12.99   Forced landing on 29.06.99 after pilot aborted take-off. Re-registered G-BZBF. Fitted with a Horton STOL kit. Christened “Maltese Falcon”.
9H-ACW 15285176 Cessna 152 European Flight Academy 19.07.96/17.07.03 N6159Q Left Malta on 15.05. Re-registered G-CCHT on 17.07.03
9H-ACX           Not allocated.
9H-ACY           Not allocated.
9H-ACZ           Not allocated
9H-ADA 1209 SA.316A Alouette III A.F.M. 23.09.96/01.05.00 A-209 Arr 05.10.96, rr AS9617**
9H-ADB 1399 SA.316A Alouette III A.F.M. 23.09.96/01.05.00 A-1399 Arr 05.10.96, rr AS9618**
9H-ADC           Not allocated.
9H-ADD 42-800-1101 Piper Pa-42 Cheyenne Executive Flight Services Ltd. 08.07.98/18.05.00    
9H-ADE           Not allocated.
9H-ADF 2156 PBN Islander A.F.M. 24.09.98/01.05.00 G-LIPP rr AS9819**
9H-ADG           Not allocated.
9H-ADH 27459 Boeing 737-33A Air Malta 12.03.98   On lease from Ansett, in full Air Malta livery.
9H-ADI 27460 Boeing 737-33A Air Malta 22.04.98   On lease from Ansett, in full Air Malta livery.
9H-ADJ 27353 Boeing 737-4H6 Air Malta 03.03.98/03.11.98    
9H-ADK 27673 Boeing 737-4H6 Air Malta 27.03.98/07.12.98    
9H-ADL 27674 Boeing 737-4H6 Air Malta 22.03.99/03.11.99    
9H-ADM 24365 Boeing 737-382 Air Malta 01.06.99/09.02.05   On lease from ILFC, in full Air Malta livery.. 
9H-ADN 25161 Boeing 737-382 Air Malta  04.05.99/09.05.04   On lease from ILFC, in full Air Malta livery. Livery changed to all-white, with Air Malta titles in red, first noted on 30 Dec 03. Test (?) flt on 05.05.04. Dep for Berlin Schonefeld as AMC 7373 on 09.05.04. Rr N161AN, rr Air Sahara VT-JAY. 
9H-ADO 27003 Boeing 737-400 Air Malta 09.04.99/21.03.00    
9H-ADP 23718 Boeing 737-300 Air Malta 28.04.99/01.11.99    
9H-ADQ 237 SA Bulldog A.F.M. 10.02.00/01.05.00 XX691/11 rr AS0020**
9H-ADR 245 SA Bulldog A.F.M. 10.02.00/01.05.00 XX696/S rr AS0021**
9H-ADS 258 SA Bulldog A.F.M. 10.02.00/01.05.00 XX709/E rr AS0022**
9H-ADT 263 SA Bulldog A.F.M. 10.02.00/01.05.00 XX714/D rr AS0023**
9H-ADU 3 Tecnam P92J Falcon Air Co. Ltd. 28.02.00   Small titles and logo of Falcon Alliance were applied during late summer 2003.
9H-ADV FL-279 Beechcraft King Air 350 Awiag Ltd. 27.11.00/14.02.05    
9H-ADW 779 Cessna 206B Bonair Aviation 25.10.01    
9H-ADW 779 Cessna 206B Malta School of Flying 24.08.04    
9H-ADX 1 RP Kestrel   20.03.02    
9H-ADY 1769 Airbus A320-214 Air Malta 24.05.02/26.11.04 F-WWDK On lease from GATX. Spent a few months prior to end of lease based in Manchester, UK, still flying with Air Malta.
9H-ADZ 331 Airbus A320-211 Air Malta  18.03.02/05.11.04   On lease from GATX. departed Malta for Shannon on 10.10.04.
9H-AEA 7970193 Piper Seneca Falcon Aviation 18.04.02 N2135Y HB-LKT  Arrived as HB-LKT on 27.03.02. Small titles and logo of Falcon Alliance were applied during late summer 2003. 
9H-AEB 787066 Piper Seneca Falcon Aviation 24.05.02 D-GCVP  Arrived on 19.04.02. Small titles and logo of Falcon Alliance were applied during late summer 2003. 
9H-AEC 8 Tecnam 92J Echo Falcon Alliance  01.10.03 I-SYLV  Arr. on 16.07.03. Aircraft carried a coat of arms of the Regno Delle Due Sicilie on its tail and a sticker commemorating an Ultralight Reindeer Tour 2001 consisting of a map of Europe and the places visited during this tour. Observed with new reg. on 18.08.03.
9H-AED 228 Airbus A320 Air Malta 03.07.03/30.03.04   Arr. at 21.05 hours on 04.07.03, white livery. Summer lease.
9H-AEE  60-170 Gates Learjet 60  Eurojet  13.10.03 N170LJ, D-COWS  Arrived Luqa on 25.07.03 as D-COWS. Removed from German register on 14.10.03.
9H-AEF 2142 Airbus A320-214 Air Malta 07.01.04   Arr. 07 Jan 04
9H-AEG 2113 Airbus A319 Air Malta 03.02.04   Arr 04 Feb 04. Leased, with an option to buy. Re-registered on 17.05.04 after engine modification.
9H-AEG 2113 Airbus A319-112 Air Malta 17.05.04   Re-registered after engine modifications. Leased to a Canadian operator as C-GEAG. Aircraft departed Malta on 15.12.05
9H-AEH 2122 Airbus A319-112 Air Malta 03.03.04   Leased, with an option to buy.
9H-AEH 2122 Airbus A319-112 Air Malta 03.03.04   Re-registered 19.05.04 after engine modification. 
9H-AEI 2189 Airbus A320-214 Air Malta 26.04.04   Arr on 27 April. Leased, with an option to buy.
9H-AEJ 2186 Airbus A319-112 Air Malta 06.04.04   Arr on 06 Apr as AMC 3193 22.50 local. Leased, with an option to buy. 
9H-AEJ 2186 Airbus A319-112 Air Malta 14.05.04   Re-registered after engine modification. 
9H-AEK 2219 Airbus A320-214 Air Malta 20.10.04   Leased, with an option to buy. 
9H-AEL  2332 Airbus A319-112 Air Malta 11.11.04   Leased, with an option to buy. Re-registered on 12.11.
9H-AEM  2382 Airbus A319-112 Air Malta 04.02.05   Leased, with an option to buy. Re-registered on 09.02.05. 
9H-AEN  2665 Airbus A320-214 Air Malta 31.01.06   Arrived on 01.02.06.
9H-AEO  2768 Airbus A320-214 Air Malta 12.05.06   Arrived on 13.05.06.
9H-AEP    Airbus A320-214 Air Malta    
9H-AEQ    Airbus A320-214 Air Malta      
9H-AER  2178 Airbus A320-214 Air Malta 06.04.04   Based in the UK. 
9H-AES  15283455 Cessna 152 Malta School of Flying 17.01.05 N49412 Arrived in a container during Dec 04 w/US reg. Assembled and taxied to Safi as N49412 on 30.12.04. 
9H-AET    Dornier Do.328-100 Awaig Ltd. 15.04.05 D-COMM   
9H-AEU DC902B Swearingen Metroliner European 2000 Airlines 19.07.05 N3084W Arrived on 09.07.02. Aircraft carried small “Berry Aviation, Inc.” titles, but these have since been removed. First seen as 9H-AEU in the afternoon of 19.07.05. 
9H-AEV           Not yet allocated.
9H-AEW 222 DHC-8-102 Dash 8 Med-Avia Co. Ltd  14.10.05 PH-SDH  Arrived on 25.10.05. 
9H-AEX   Cessna 172 Malta School of Flying     Ex D-EJXT. Arrived on 19.06.06.
9H-AEY           Not yet allocated.
9H-AEZ           Not yet allocated.


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