Automatic Mach.3

Automatic Machine Company (India).

Ref. Collectors Guide to Indian Canteen Tokens. Praful Thakkar

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Automatic Machine Co (India).

℞. India, Burma & Ceylon 1 J.H. Somerville

Cu-Ni, 19 mm. Thakkar 101.A.14-2

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Automatic Machine Co. (India).

℞. India, Burma & Ceylon 25 J.H. Somerville

Cu-Ni, 24 mm. Thakkar 101.A.14.3

The Automatic Machine Co (India) was formed on 30th March 1940 with the address: P-96, Chowringhee Square, Calcutta.

J.H. Somerville was probably the manufacturer. Issued before 1947, at which time India, Burma and Ceylon were still ruled by Britain. In all probability, these were slot machine tokens used by allied troops stationed in India, Burma and Ceylon during World War II.

The maker, J.H. Somerville, was an Australian who had migrated to India looking for work during the Great Depression of the 1930s. He founded Eastern Scales Private Limited. The company was founded in Calcutta in 1939. He had first started out importing miscellaneous goods, among them ticketing machines, slot machines, delicatessen scales, and railway weighbridges. See: Tilting the Scales.

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