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Le Phenix, Small Counter Machine. Le Phenix, Counter Machine Le Phenix Machine No 1

Distributors Automatic Precision


As of September 29, 1906, by ministerial permission, it is allowed to use lemonade in their establishments vending tokens or vouchers do not distribute consumer one token or voucher at the time of the value of a consumption in the building or up the instrument; the value of the voucher or token distributes consumption is fixed 20 cents a maximum of 30 cents.

Heads of establishments that will run home distributor distributing piece of currency. one that will work well with chips that will sell over the counter, Which tokens will also be distributed by the device and can be replayed in, will be prosecuted under Art. 475 and 410 of the Criminal Code, because these kinds of dealers are a silver pocket game, since they do not do the simple distribution of a good to be served with a consumption

Devices Distributors AUTOMATIC

Chips or coupons Consumption

"THE PHOENIX" trademark

These machines are sold with warranty invoice, which is an absolute security for the buyer.

In all these mechanical vending tokens or vouchers consumption it is impossible to know the series and if the buyer so desires they are all visible with the distribution so that the person who uses the unit can realise so much these machines are precision machines and fair in front of all those who use it for entertaining a moment, they succeed each other or they precedent.

Beware of imitations.

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