Cigar and Cigarette Prizes

One Cigarette

Silvered Zinc, 17.5mm CIG001.1

Special Cigar

copper 17.3mm

(Image from PB coll.)

Special Cigar

copper 17.3mm CIG001.9

Special Extra Cigar

copper 17.3mm CIG001.2

Special Cigar

copper 17.7mm CIG001.3

Extra Special Cigar

copper 17.8mm CIG001.4

Extra Special Cigar ℞. Blank with star at base

copper 17.2mm CIG001.12

Old Chums Cigarette ℞. 1

Aluminium, 15.7mm CIG001.5

Old Chums Cigars ℞. 3

Copper, 15.5mm CIG001.8

"Old Chums" was an early, c1900, brand of tobacco from Charlesworth & Austin Ltd., 319 & 321 Borough High street, London, S.E.


Brass 17.6mm CIG001.6

2D CIGAR S all incuse

Uniface brass, 14.1mm CIG001.7

BA 2D CIGAR all incuse

Uniface brass, 14.7mm CIG001.10

Exchange for a CIGAR

brass, 22.3mm CIG001.11

Beatall ℞. G all incuse

Brass 16.2mm CIG001.13

Probably Beatall cigarettes. The Co-operative Wholesale Society had their own brands of tobacco & cigarettes from 1898 which were produced in Manchester. Among these were Beatall cigarettes and Beatall Rich Dark Flake.