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Experience                                                                                                                                         Years

* Professional software engineering experience                                                                           17

* System Architect                                                                                                                                    10

* Open source                                                                                                                                               15

* Embedded Systems                                                                                                                                  6

* Project Manager and Team Leader                                                                                                  10

* Internet/Intranet Applications and systems development                                                   8

* Component tool development                                                                                                             5

* OOP/OOD & Development                                                                                                                    10

* Client/Server (N-Tier) and RDBMS application development (OLTP)                              10

Web & Internet Technologies

* Java, J2EE, EJB development                                                                                                            12    

* Certified Netscape SuiteSpot Server Expert                                                                                10

* General Internet, Intranet, Extranet Network                                                                           17


C, C++                                                                                                                                                              19

Java, J2EE, Sun JDK                                                                                                                                  12

Visual Studio                                                                                                                                                15

Databases (RDBMS)

SQL: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix                                                                    14

Operating Systems

Windows                                                                                                                                                        20

Unix: Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, BSD, Solaris, AiX, HP-UX, SGI, SCO               16


Internet, Intranet, Extranet                                                                                                                 16

TCP/IP, (firewall, server deployment, socket development, network programming) 14

Hardware Platforms

Intel                                                                                                                                                                 12

Sun Sparc                                                                                                                                                         8

IBM RISC                                                                                                                                                          3            

HP                                                                                                                                                                       5

ARM                                                                                                                                                                   3

AMD                                                                                                                                                                   5

HorizonSystems ( (2004-2009)

Role: System architect and lead developer for IP connectivity software. Projects included:

Embedded Linux Mobile Bridge:

Developed bridging software between CDMA cellular modems and WiFi (802.11). Utilizing embedded processor (ARM) and Verizon Cellular CDMA modems. Written in C++, ported Linux to the target processor. (More detailed information available with NDA)

Linux based DVB Satellite video kiosk:

Developed WiFi “HotSpot” access point to provide Internet access for WiFi users. System connects to the internet via a DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) system, via a satellite for the downlink, and a Wireless CDMA modem for an uplink.

RoadWarrior / SMConn project

Developed commercial class, Linux based, embedded wireless mobile bridge based on the Soekris board, routing cellular 3g networks (EVDO, GSM, and Edge) to WiFi (802.11 b,g) and ethernet. Product was derived from the “Stompbox” project ( Commercial version included additional features and functionality, such as:

  • Multiple VPN clients: Cisco VPN, OpenVPN, and IPSEC.
  • Enterprise class application distribution and provisioning system
  • Local WEB administrative interfaced
  • Transparent display proxy/packet forwarding for SunRay thinclients
  • Kernel enhancements: CPU optimization, compiler optimization, USB buffer, TCP stack optimization
  • IPFW packet filtering
  • NAT, DHCP server, and DNS caching
  • Bonding interfaces for redundancy and throughput
  • IPSEC: Implemented OpenSWAN, enabled integrating with commercial and open source IPSEC implementations to IPSEC peers and gateways, including: Nortel IPSEC, Kame, and OpenSWAN as well.
  • Built LDAP client for enterprise integration.

Project included implementing Linux from scratch distribution, custom kernel configuration and building AMD Geode, kernel module modifications and debugging, device driver optimization of USB Buffers), 802.11 (WiFi) drivers (madwifi, hostapd), linux networking, implementing software configuration systems for consumer usage, and machine control. Functionality included data center disaster recovery.

S-Mobile Systems (

Role: System Architect and lead developer, author of VirusGuard

Designed, developed and released a widely deployed antiVirus and security software product for Nokia cellphones known as “VirusGuard”. Also built prototypes of AntiVirus software in Java, using J2ME. ( Also developed core AV scanning component for Windows platform.

S-Mobile Systems specializes in providing antivirus (“malware”) and security software products for the new “3G” Cell phones and devices. Primarily for the Symbian operating system (

S-Mobile Systems has applied for 22 patents based on this work.

Due to VirusGuard, S-Mobile Systems has been able to establish a relationship with Nokia. Nokia will be shipping VirusuGuard on all its new Symbian phones.

The Ohio State University (2003)

Role: Software engineer for Department of BioInformatics (

Worked part time for the department of BioInformatics writing genetic processing software, to extract DNA sequences from files. Built small suite of tools in Java to correct file anomalies and extract specific sequences from offsets within source files.

Price Water House Coopers (2001 - 2002)

Role: Software Architect

Challenge: Provide software development expertise, system design and development effort.

PriceWaterHouse coopers was contracted by the State of Ohio Department of Education to develop a web based enterprise application to generate unique identification numbers for Ohio’s 1.2 Million K-12 students.

State computerized record systems need a unique identifier (or S.I.D. StateIDentifier) to track the statistical performance of Ohio’s students.

Existing unique identifiers may not be used (such as SSN’s) for privacy and security reasons. Therefore, a new identifier must be created. This new identifier must be made, without generating duplicates, and without confusing one student for another.

Since the state education system is broken up into districts, a careful approach in the design of the system was used to ensure Students receive an SID for the State, but NOT the personal data of the students.The system may ONLY show the State an SID number, and only authorized personnel in a district my view any personal information. This personal information is very limited, and is only used to help generate the SID number.


  • Designed and created database structure based on general requirements.
  • Developed software requirements.
  • Provided technical expertise to other team members.
  • Wrote Technical documentation for Security, Database and communications.
  • Lead team development effort, organized team on 3Tier and system functionality.
  • Created GUI look and feel based on existing state web site for rapid development.
  • Built robust, and solid design to ensure fault tolerance and fail-over redundancy.

Competencies Utilized

  • Technical Knowledge and Experience.
  • Software Team Development and Leadership
  • X.P. (eXtreme Programming Methodology)
  • Best Practices for: Production Deployment

Skills Utilized

  • Analysis and Design
  • Written and graphic documentation (ER-Diagrams, Process/Workflow)
  • Research
  • Software Development
  • Problem resolution
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Technical and analytical recommendations to mitigate project risk.

Technologies Utilized

  • ERWin (Database design tool)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft Visual Dev 6 (for ASP and website development)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) for web deployment)
  • Crystal Reports Enterprise
  • WebTrends (Website analysis package)
  • Microsoft Exchange (for secure file distribution)


  • Solid system design enabled state to identify duplicate student counts, correcting student population by over 100,000 Students, saving the state over $300 Million dollars per year.
  • Lead Architect for entire system
  • Created detailed requirements for development effort
  • Lead development team and tasks to rapidly create system (Divided up into 3tier architecture and functionality basis)
  • Created code templates for other programmers to adopt
  • Designed user interface
  • Assessed security flaws, and provided solutions
  • Developed Encryption options for data storage
  • Delivered system, on time, under budget

Battelle Memorial Institute (2001)

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Challenge: Rapidly develop software to interface with a BioMetric device (hand geometry scanner), co-developed inmate image display, and provided Microsoft Programming technology expertise for other team members.

Battelle Memorial Institute was contracted by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections to re-design and develop an application to scan and track information concerning prison inmates in the new “SuperMax” facility.

This new application features included scanning of inmate’s hand into a BioMetric device (for door access), capturing inmates image, initiating and tracking prisoner transfer routes throughout the prison. Furthermore, the system is an Enterprise wide application used by hundreds of prison personnel from dozens of client workstations.

The real challenge was to build the software to interface a biometric device which would integrate with the application and database, in order to store the image of each inmates hands.

With the system completed in time, and on budget, the “SuperMax” facility is now able to efficiently transfer prisoners between cells, and provide even greater control and security of the inmate population.


  • Developed initial time and cost estimate to comply with existing tight schedule.
  • Organized team into software component and functionality structure.
  • Required to develop solution with existing tool and technology selection.
  • Required skills and experience with multiple facets, such as data communications, database design, user-interface design and performance optimization.
  • Provided technical expertise and experience for technologies selected.
  • Developed standalone ActiveX control which interfaced with HandScanner Network enabling programming and data acquisition from scanners, and integrating control within user application and system database.

Competencies Utilized

  • OOP Programming Methodology for component development (ActiveX COM)
  • GUI design and development.
  • Researched, implemented and knowledge transfer of HandScanner communications network for Battelle personnel.
  • Provided Microsoft technical knowledge to ensure success. (Knowledge transfer)

Skills Utilized

  • OOP Analysis, design and development
  • Microsoft development expertise: (Visual Basic, Visual C++, SQL Server)
  • ActiveX, MFC, TCP/IP programming, HandNet scanner libraries) ADO, DAO, programming.
  • Real time device integration

Technologies Utilized

  • Microsoft Visual Studio: Visual Basic 6, Visual C++, ActiveX
  • TCP/IP socket programming (WinSock)
  • HandNet HandGeometry scanner
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Access 2000 (for client user interface to database, and reporting)


  • Provided rapid answers and solutions to Battelle personnel questions and technology issues
  • Delivered final solution for deployment within an aggressive schedule.
  • Added out of scope functionality and features which enhanced usability and increased lifecycle of solution
  • Exceeded expectations regarding schedule and deliverables..

DataBrokers Inc. (1998 - 2001)

Founder and Principal for software engineering company. Built the company from $0 to a million dollar organization within three years. Projects included the following:

NexTel (Cellular Telephone Company) 2000-2001

Project Manager and Tech lead for J2EE EJB web based intranet application for processing cellular phone rate plans system named. RPAS was constructed to streamline and centralize the administration of the 50,000 rate plans operated by 1,000+ users.

System design included a traditional 3 tier architecture, with Java Servlets providing business logic, database I/O and sessions state management.

Managed development team of 10 programmers, lead design team in architecture and selection of development tools and software technologies. Planned and implemented deployment of system with redundant fail-over to ensure fault tolerance.

Utilized: Java, J2EE, WebLogic Application Server, Netscape Suitespot, Oracle 8i and deployed on Sun 4000 Series servers. (startup) 1999

Designed, and managed development of prototype web site which included a web based accounting system (AP/AR, Journal, Contacts, Vendors, Inventory, Payroll, fulfillment, shopping cart, catalog and electronic payment systems. The accounting system alone is impressive, with the ability to rapidly build B2B and B2C web portals for clients. This web site provided Doctors with the ability to enroll in an account with the company and make recommendations for neutraceutical products. Once enrolled, web site visitors could make purchases based on the Doctors recommendation. The accounting system would then keep track of the users purchases, and credit doctors with a commission.

Also assisted with the initial startup phase, including Business plan development, burn-rate (cost) development, system architecture and design.

After the project implementation, the company was offered VC funding of 500K.

Utilized: Sybase ASA, DynaScript, Java (Sevlets), JSP, JavaBeans, XML, Apache, Netscape Servers and IIS, Windows NT and Linux

HCDHS (Large local Municipality in Ohio) 1999

Converted old Dos based applications and databases to MS-Access for Y2K compliance. Development included seven separate applications, managed team of six developers and facilitated communication with clients IT staff.

Utilized: MS-Access, SQL Server, Visual Basic, C++

Media Consulting (Multi-Media CBT development company) 1998

Provided technical consulting and information to develop CBT (Computer Based Training Courses). Content of the course covered Internet development technologies such as:

  • Netscape Enterprise Servers
  • Web Servers and Internet infrastructure
  • How to develop Internet applications utilizing: Java, JavaScript, CGI, HTML, DHMTL
  • CISCO Routers
  • Web to Database applications

Great Oaks JVS: (Large Vocational School) 1998

Developed / Modified GradeBook software for tracking student grades and attendance for Vocational schools.  The application installed as an enterprise wide client/server app, and is utilized by 300+ teachers.

Utilized: Windows, Unix, C++, and Visual Basic

Great American Life Ins. (1996-1998)

Role: Project leader for Internet and Web development team. Responsible for designing, leading and managing projects. Projects included building Internet and intranet web sites with various technologies including: Servers: Netscape Suitespot, MS-IIS. Java development tools Utilized: Sun JDK 1.1.2, Borland Jbuilder, and NetObjects Fusion.

Team leader for ARPOHIO web site. Purpose of site is to sell Annuities to teachers within the state of Ohio. Designed and managed development of site.

Team leader for OASYS project. The project is a document imaging system designed to replace a product called FileNet. Client application enables user to review and annotate scanned paper documents that are stored in the database. Provided technical and business solutions for Internet and Web site content for internal Intranet.

Utilized : Sun Java JDK , Jbuilder, Sun Solaris, Netscape SuiteSpot

IBM Inc. (1995-1996)

Role: Lead programmer

Developed the "Players and Links Editor". The P&L editor edits data stored in an object-oriented database, or repository, which stores BLOBS. These BLOBS are actually a dynamic data object created by Hawthorn Research laboratory. The P&L editor can be extended WITHOUT ANY source code modification. The objects are distributed throughout an N-Tier network. The properties, events and methods are updated at runtime.

This application was designed and built to run on a multi-platform environment, including: OS/2, AIX, and Windows NT.

Utilized: NOA's (Hawthorne), Borland C++ (4.5) Rogue Wave tools, Zinc, Windows, OS/2 and AIX.

Cincom Systems Inc. (1992 - 1995)

Role: Software developer and technology consultant. Responsible for researching new software technologies, creating tools, and source code libraries for Visual Basic and Visual C++ applications, creating and implementing OLE 2 Automation technology.

Envisioned, designed, developed and presented advanced prototype WEB based HTML system (1993), which interfaced with existing, character based Cobol manufacturing software system, and database system. This system opened Cincom's Unix software to have a GUI interface on ANY operating system, utilizing an HTML form interface.

The system was built and presented to Cincom one year before the Internet achieved critical mass. Management declined to invest funds to develop the system to product status. The prototype was eventually shown to Northrop Aircraft, who had chosen Cincom as one of three final bidders for a $120 Million dollar contract, due to the availability of the web-enabled interface.

Designed, built, and implemented prototype OLE 2 Automation object ("The Link Agent") which enabled the VBA programmers to access the database, and application process on a remote server. This software is comparable to the Microsoft ADO to automatically generate forms based on meta-data found in Link Agent object.

Provided  training to dozens of other programmers in Visual Basic, Windows client/server, and Object Oriented, OLE 2, ODBC, OS/2, Unix, SQL, Pascal knowledge and training.

Designed, created, and implemented OLE 2 Automation object ("The Session Manager") which enabled the VB programmers a standard interface for the security system into Cincoms Control: Manufacturing, and Workgroup applications.

Recommended and helped implement the introduction and training on the usage of 'Internet' connectivity within Cincom.

Provided vital technology demonstration and presentations to large customers, to ensure closing of sales which was valued at $120 Million dollars.

Wrote internationalization ActiveX.

Designed developed and demonstrated prototype second-generation GUI interface for Control: Manufacturing. System is based on the HTML specification. 

Wrote documentation for all above projects. Documentation used of transfer of knowledge and technical references.

Stanley Tools  (Robotics Division) (1991-1992)

Role: Software developer and consultant

Developed communications interface between an Allen Bradley PLC and an IBM RISC/6000 running AIX. The program was written in C++ and utilized Berkeley TCP/IP Sockets to communicate with other process and computers.

Designed, and wrote statistical analysis package in C++, Excel, and Unix shell scripts.

Installed, configured and tested computers, customized software and Operating system for an ASRS system at the USPS advanced postal facility. Wrote technical manual for the computer and software system, taught a class of ten maintenance personnel.

Installed computer system, fixed hardware, software and control bugs. Provided quality testing of project for the US Navy. Wrote Unix shell scripts to automate testing. Designed, ordered, built and tested a larger industrial computer system for a second USPS contract. Saved over $70,000.

Researched and designed new industrial control system for a new Robotics product line. Reduced cost of old controls by 300%, eliminated errors and standardized the system.

Installed, configured, and maintained 25+ in house LAN, the system included PC-Interface (DOS), TCP/IP (Unix & OS/2) and Local Talk (Apple) Services: E-mail, ftp, NFS, X-windows to RISC/6000, and telnet.

Provided rotational support for three out of state projects.


The Ohio State University, Computer Science and Engineering