MALODOS is a software I decided to develop after so many hours of frustrating attempts to find a very important invoice that I knew I had somewhere but didn't knew EXACTLY where.

So I started to look for a soft that could help me to scan and manage my papers, so that I would be able to find them easily by modern computer aided search engines. In the market, I didn't found any piece of soft which completely satisfied my needs.

These request were :

  1. simple to use
  2. not too expensive
  3. not kidnapping me, so I will not be forced to use the same program in 20 years if I still want to access my files.

I actually used paperarchiver (http://www.archivware.de/) for a while, until I realized that, if this program is not maintained, or if I decided to completely quit the MS WINDOWS environment, I would not be able to retrieve my data from the undocumented database / image format used by this soft. Apart from that, paperarchiver satisfied me, I must admit. However, the last point was very important and for that reason I decided to start developing my own code.

Note : after having presenting a first alpha version of this soft into forums, I was advised to have a look on pap'rass software (available from here) , which effectively could respond to my needs. But after having starting coding, you can't never stop...

So the MALODOS project born, and you're now visiting its helper page. And actually, you'll get a software which

  1. is simple to use (actually I hope so...)
  2. is not too expensive (no charge, however feel free to donate something if you think it deserves it)
  3. not taking you as an hostage (hereafter all the data format will be explained, and images are basically standard pdf files)

The program can be downloaded from here. 

Overview of the MALODOS program

Subpages (2): Documentation Roadmap