A folding-bike city tour

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April 16th through April 18th, 2013


Iris, age 68, retired

A folding-bike city tour throughout Malmo / Sweden

Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

The basic idea of this tour originates, as I found a concert of Mary Gauthier at Malmo at the Babel Venue on April 17th 2013.

As I am covering her music, it has been a must for me to see her on her tour in Sweden. Unfortunately, she didn't come to Austria, where I life or to Germany, which would be more closer.

I had the chance to shake hand with Mary on the occasion of the sound check. But learned quickly, she prefers privacy, which I have to respect.

The only words we exchanged, has been: 'fish swim' - her reply 'birds fly'... :-)

The ticket has been quickly purchased online, as well the flight ticket and the hostel arranged.

Useless to say, for me as a lifelong bicyclist, I have decided to take the chance and pack my Brompton folding bike and carry it with me.

That's make me touring around the city of Malmo / Sweden.

To travel to Malmo, is somehow easy. I have taken a direct flight to Copenhagen, using my free miles. Then by train to Malmo, which is nowadays just 35 minutes away from Copenhagen. So far, as I know, the train passes a sub-sea tunnel, which shortens the travel time drastically down.

Needless to say: I had a wonderful concert, a wonderful stay and enjoyed riding the city of Malmo.

I have never seen a 'bicycling ride city' as Malmo before, but it is in competition with Copenhagen, which seems to have people with the same habit. Language of Denmark and Sweden is somehow similar. Both countries are rather expensive. Both countries still on their original currency, the Swedish crown or the Danish crown. A foreigner needs not to change money. Everything can get paid by credit card. Really everything; even the toilet usage at the train station.

Enjoy the pictures and my report.

Good luck to our followers!

the sister cities:

A suitcase with a folding bike inside: (saves money at the airline, as they do not 'see' a bicycle, therefore not receiving any payment for this...

the folding bicycle & the rider:

1st & 2nd day:

riding throughout Malmo / Sweden

See pictures below:

The concert of Mary Gauthier at Malmo's Babel venue:

Mary has been accompanied by songwriter and singer Ben Glover.

Both artists delivered a perfect concert.

Ben Glover

Mary Gauthier performing 'I drink'

Mary Gauthier together with Ben Glover, performing 'Mercy Now'

Mary Gauthier: performing 'Mercy Now'

3rd day:

a walk and hop-on bus tour at Copenhagen /Denmark:

See pictures below:

Enjoy some of the taken videos below: