Summary of Experience!

Experience focused on computer systems and software with recent concentration in Web, SharePoint development and administration.  Some computer language skills include C#, JavaScript, JQuery, SPServices, CAML, HTML, CSS, .NET namespace, and Web Part development using Visual Studio.  I have developed various console and desktop network applications utilizing Visual Basic, .NET languages and PowerShell.
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Areas of Interest!

I have been interested in mobile devices for some time. I returned to graduate school to learn about microelectronics, semiconductors, communication theory and the associated computer languages that accompany the technology. My idea was to develop methods to trade investments using a portable device. After graduate school I began programming for small investment firms using desktop computers and ended up developing desktop applications to trade stocks, commodities and options.
Since then I have been programming, moved into government work, working on large computer networks, concentrating in SharePoint Development. 

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