road bike training tour

Welcome  to our Radltour!

 March 17th trough March 24th 2012 

Iris, age 67, retired
Road bike training Tour Mallorca 2012 (Spain)
Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

here is my report and pictures:

1st day

March 17th 2012:

travel day

my bicycle has been rented by Sport Bequi

Rolando has taken the bicycle right to my hotel...

Great Service!

Rolandos web page:

2nd day

March 18th 2012:

I started at Playa, using the coastal bikeway, heading for Palmallorca. Had a short break at Calvia and climbed the Galileo summit. Further on via summit Grau to Valdomossa.


day distance: 100 kilometers

3rd day

March 19th 2012:

The weather didn't look so promising...

Found the way to Bunyola, but have turned in into Orient summit road.
On the way back to Playa, I tried a new route.
A  wonderful, paved downhill, but ended...
see below:


I have tried a new route on the way back to Playa de Palma, but ended in the middle of nowhere:


a very good training for our next tour at Greece...

Back to Playa de Palma



The bicycle way from S'Arenal to the West end of Palma is now completed!

But not worth to ride on Saturdays and Sundays.

Too many playing children, roller skaters, and all kind of non-cycling people...

Simply dangerous!

day distance: 100 kilometers

4th day

March 20th 2012:

Cold and rainy weather made me to shorten my tour...

Cala Pi, Lluckmajor; I  tried the Randa road, but failed as it started raining.

Very strong front wind (..makes us so strong...) :-)

Briefing and 'Debriefing' of bicyclists:


day distance: 100 kilometers

5th day

March 21th 2012:

Soller, Orient

day distance: 100 kilometers

5th day

March 22nd 2012:

Soller, Puig Major


day distance: 140 kilometers

6th day

March 23rd 2012:


riding with a German Bicyclist (Udo)


day distance: 100 kilometers

7th day

March 24th 2012:


riding again with Udo, the German power machine...



day distance: 100 kilometers

After seven riding days, the bicycle vacation has ended...
with sweet 740 exercise kilometers