Kjetil Bakke from Asker,Norway.
Yachtmaster, has totally 40000 nm and 2 transatlantic crossings. 
Done ARC, Heineken Regatta and Antigua Sailing Week.
Sailed Oslo-Caribbean-Oslo 2011-2012.
Sailed Greece-Gibraltar-Oslo 1997-1998 as skipper.
Sailed Biscaya-Oslo 2002 as skipper.
Sailed Skagen Race every year in over 10 years
Sailed Færdern year in over 10 years, won in 2004.
SailedWatski 2-star and Simrad Onestar shorthanded offshore Race
all together 5 times.
Sailed in caribbean all together 4 times.
Sail-event-responsible in Navigarus AS.
Per Arne Skjeggestad from Fredrikstad Norway.
Yachtmaster, has totally 20000 nm
Sailed Greece-Gibraltar-Oslo 1997-1998 as co-skipper
Sailes Biscaya-Oslo 2002 as co-skipper.
Sailed Skagen Race every year for over 10 years, won last time in 2012.
Sailed Watski 2-star shorthanded offshore Race alltogether 6 times.
Won Watski 2-star overall i 2010.
Won  Skagen Race og Hollendern shorthanded.
Sailed in caribbean 2 times.