Assistant Professor, Bogazici University

Department of Economics 
Bogazici University
Bebek, Istanbul
34342, Turkey

Phone:   +90 212 359 7650
E-mail: M.curuk "at" boun "dot" edu "dot" tr

"Intersectoral Labor Reallocation in the Short-Run: The Role of Occupational Similarity" with Gonzague Vannoorenberghe, Journal of International Economics, forthcoming

Working Papers
"Oil Trade and Climate Policy: Evidence from R&D on Renewables in OECD Countries" with Suphi Sen, CESifo Working Paper Series No. 5285
"Malthus Meets Luther: the Economics Behind the German Reformation" with Sjak Smulders, CESifo Working Paper Series No. 6110
"Structural Transformation and Technological Progress"

2014 PhD in Economics, Tilburg University
2011 Research Master in Economics, Tilburg University
2009 MSc in Industrial Engineering (course work completed), Bogazici University
2007 BSc in Industrial Engineering, Bogazici University