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NbClust package

Citation : Malika Charrad, Nadia Ghazzali, Veronique Boiteau, Azam Niknafs (2014). NbClust: An R Package for Determining the Relevant Number of Clusters in a Data Set. Journal of Statistical Software, 61(6), 1-36. URL

NbClust package provides 30 indices for determining the number of clusters and proposes to user the best clustering scheme from the different results obtained by varying all combinations of number of clusters, distance measures, and clustering methods.
This project was funded by the NSERC-Industrial Alliance Chair for Women in Science and Engineering in Quebec.

Version : 2.0.4

Depends : R (≥ 3.1.0)

Maintainer : Malika Charrad <malika.charrad.1 at>

Link :

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