The South 'Kula Trail
Sectional Breakdown and Information

The South 'Kula Trail spans across South Malekula linking Lamap on the east and Lembinwen in South West Bay.  It is approximately 45 miles long, and can be completed in 3 to 6 days depending on conditions and hiking speed.  All distances below are taken from GPS readings along the trail.  Sections of the trail are listed below with descriptions of the terrain and any areas of concern.  Again this is just a guide and due to weather the trail can change at any time.  Please use proper judgement before attempting any of the hikes.

Kula Trail Sections:

Lamap to Areuv Bridge  (7.1 miles, 11.4 km)

Areuv Bridge to Hokai (5 miles, 8.1 km)

Hokai to Akamb Mainland (7 miles, 11.3 km)

 Akamb to Farun (1.5 miles, 2.4 km)

Farun to Mbonvor and Malfakhal (8.75 miles, 14.1 km)

Malfakhal to Melip (6.65 miles, 10.7 km)

Melip to S.W. Bay (Lembinwin) (9.38 miles, 15.1 km)