How You Can Help


Come Hiking! - Come walk the trail.  Experience it for yourself and then tell your friends.  The Malekula Hiking Trails is not an easy experiences by any means, but it is on you are sure to remember!

Use Local Guides* - Guides are currently in the process of being trained!  By using a local guide it gives you a chance to interact with the friendly Ni-Vanuatu, while also putting more money on an outer island in Vanuatu.

Sleep in Villages - There are plenty of villages along the trail so that you could spend every night in one if you so desired.  While all of the villages do not have bungalows or tourist accommodation yet, most do have a Mama's club where you can sleep cheap and test local food if you want to.  The rate for these room is usually around 500 vatu per person per night. 

Donate Used Gear - Most of the Malekula Hiking Komiti are Ni-Vanuatu, who have volunteered their time to walk and mark the trails of Malekula.  These young men and women go on most of these over night treks with little more than a bush knife.  Most would not even carry water if it was not forced upon them.  However, in the future if they are going to steer tourists they are going to need outdoor gear such as backpacks, tents, rain gear, torches/headlamps, first-aid kits, water containers, etc.  If you are interested please use the contact information on the previous page.

*Though it would be very helpful to have a guide to make sure you don't lose your way, it is important to be able to take care of yourself on the trails.