Farun to Mbonvor and Malfakhal

Distance: 6.97 miles (+1.75 miles to Malfakhal)

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This trail starts out of the village of Farun and cruises through gardens.  The elevation is decent for the first part of the hike before plunging down to a black rock and sand beach.  The only really difficult part of this hike is the decent to the beach, which happens around the 2.5 mile mark.  This is VERY steep.  If it were slippery it would be a nightmare to descend.

The beach is very long and is not marked.  We couldn't bring ourselves to spoil the place with yellow cloth.  When you see it you will know why.  Really nice and unspoiled.

The beginning of the beach is mostly rock, which can be hard on the ankles, but then turns to sand.  Most of the time the sand is pretty well packed, but there are stretches where it is soft and that too can be annoying.

If you get tired of walking along the beach there is a place to cut off.  The trail starts at a point of fresh water and is probably 3/4 of the way down the beach.  It is marked, but not great and winds onto a coconut plantation where you have to climb over an awkward barbed wire fence.  Or you could probably just walk around following the coast if not pressed for time.

There is a small village you will enter called, Leungaighor, before going back to another black sand beach.  Honestly as you go west the beaches just keep getting better.  It is very, very tempting to swim, but Malekula is shark territory, so ask local advice before attempting anything.  Also never ask a Ni-Vanuatu, "Can I swim here?" (Mi save swim long ples ia?)  They will always say yes, because its water and you can in fact swim.  A better question is "Do you swim here?"  (Yu swim long ples ia?)  Because if they don't swim, you really shouldn't.

But you are on the beach again for another mile or so, before splitting off again into the bush for a very short distance into the village of Mbonvor.  If you have plenty of time you could try to reach Malfakhal which a bit of a larger village.  It is just a quick 1.75 miles further.  The trail is pretty clear because it is used constantly.