The use of technology in the Society and Environment classroom


In recent years many geography classes have moved away from the traditional textbook approach towards the use of technology in the classroom.  However there is a need to create a philosophical and intellectual framework around the use of technology in geography. 

Teachers need to shift the emphasis from discussing the use of technology in subjects such as geography as a thing to do, to a focus on an awareness of the type of learning and the role of technology in enhancing our efforts to develop student cognition and perceptions.


The DVD ‘Technology in the SOSE classroom’ is an interactive program which can be installed on the school network and used by teachers and students to access resources provided on the DVD and hyperlinked internet digital education sites.  

Sections of the DVD include: digital History, digital Geography, digital communications ideas, GIS skill development process sheets and data, general technology based internet links, digital tourism and virtual visualisations. 

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