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"Getting a new idea adopted, even when it has obvious advantages, is often very difficult… a common problem for many individuals and organizations is how to speed up the rate of diffusion of an innovation”                              Everett Rogers, Diffusion of innovation, 1995 

Website background on GIS across the curriculum

 By now most teachers have heard, if not participated in spatial technology activities.  However for many the steps towards introducing spatial technology and related concepts into their classroom are daunting, if not insurmountable.  There are a range of impediments to the introduction of spatial technology in the classroom.  They included factors such as software and data access, hardware availability, computer room access and teacher expertise.  While not denying the existence of these very real implementation stumbling blocks, there is a need to develop a strategy at teacher and system level to enhance the use of spatial technology in the curriculum.  This website and associated Spatialworlds blog sets out to “demystify” the area of spatial education for  teachers, who in the majority are untrained in the area. The website also aims to give some practical across the curriculum starting points that can be employed to introduce spatial technology into the curriculum.

Click on the pdf below to download 'The Getting a start with GIS skills on a meaningful task' presentation at the International Geo-spatial Information Technology Workshop for School Education on December 19th, 2008.


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"The introduction of spatial technology into the curriculum is more than just about the introduction and use of a new technology but really is concerned with engaging students in meaningful spatial learning."

Malcolm McInerney, 2002

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