Using GIS in field work activities

The GIS in the field CD Rom is a collection of introductory exercises and seven GIS applications written for teachers to use within their curriculum framework.  The projects aim at supporting the classroom introduction of GIS concepts and procedures and to develop the student’s ability to analyse spatial information.  

The projects are designed to provide basic to intermediate level templates for teachers to carry out meaningful and achievable field activities using GIS.  The projects are presented as a set of guidelines, with step-by-step instructions and graphics to direct students through the problem solving process.  All the data required to undertake the field projects are contained on the CD Rom accompanying the book.  It should also be noted that the projects are generally adaptable for teachers wishing to make them relevant to their students’ local area by acquiring their local data.

While Geography teachers have designed the applications, the subject material is often applicable to other disciplines such as economics, science, history, mathematics and environmental studies.

It is hoped the CD Rom encourages the creative use of GIS by teachers, resulting in students using GIS in the field whether that is in the local area or other geographical locations during field trips or for individual field studies.


Introduction to using GIS in the classroom

The basics of ESRI ArcView GIS

Getting started with ArcView GIS

Thematic mapping with world data

Skate park location

Pest plant location

Bushfire application 

Real Estate application

Streetscape application                                    

Wasp nest application                                                                   

Environmental management: revegetation                         

The ‘GIS in the field” resource teacher package includes a 210 page student workbook, teacher notes and a interactive CD Rom containing all the word documents of the book and the data required to undertake the projects outlined above.

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