Mapping politics and exploring citizenship: Being a citizen

The use of GIS in the classroom can enable students to map socio-economic data across an electorate and collect unique data of a political nature as part of an exercise to gain an understanding of citizen character and the variance of views and opinions existing in an electorate.

The ‘Being a citizen’ course has been designed to be a signpost and resource for the teaching of civics and citizenship in the classroom.  As part of that exploration the CD contains process sheets, student worksheets, teacher resources and Internet links.  The links and documents on the CD have been selected and developed because of their relevance to the teaching of citizenship in the classroom.  In no way is this resource seen as a comprehensive listing of the entire plethora of material available in the area of citizenship.  However it is hoped the program provides a one-stop shop and signpost for teachers wishing to provide opportunities in their classroom /school for the development of the knowledge, skills, values and actions related to the area of citizen development.

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The Spatialworlds blog on GIS and politics.

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