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In the last chapter I have attempted to show how the 20th century view on the creation and evolution of the universe is neither a new nor an incorrect theory but one that supports the understanding, knowledge and wisdom of the mystics of the past. In that account I have, whilst maintaining both its scientific integrity and its concurrence with both the Chakra philosophy of India and the Ten Sefriot of the Kabalah, tried to keep the text as simple as possible. In this next chapter I hope to show how the Ten Sefriot and the Chakra philosophy are not only supportive of the 20th century scientific view, but actually supply more information about the origin, evolution and destination of the universe than could have been observed, deduced or theorized by the accredited authors of these diagrams and philosophies. These philosophies are, I contend, identical and will in this chapter argue that they originate from the same single source but differ only in the perspective from which that information has been interpreted and communicated by subsequent generations. I hope to similarly show how, when viewed as concurrent interpretations, they reveal more than previously believed and that this is substantive evidence of their common origin.


1: The Ten Sefriot of the Kabalah

This diagram reputedly given to Abraham by God is perhaps 5000 and is at least 3000 years old. As with the Sri Chakra and Chakra philosophy of India, which are of similar lineage, the Ten Sefriot contains information on the creation of the universe; information, as covered in the previous chapter, that is now supported by the 20th century scientific view. In addition to details on the origin, the ten Sefriot and the Chakras also contains details on the mechanism of evolution, and perhaps more importantly the destination and purpose of the universe. How, you may ask can ancient diagrams contain information on the future? Surely the universe is an accident, a fluke of random events without purpose or meaning and the order and life we experience is nothing more than a bizarre consequence of that accident. Is that not what science teaches us?

Actually you will find few scientists at the cutting edge who genuinely subscribe to that view. So much of what the universe has and continues to reveal to science points to the concept that the universe is or somehow was designed for life. The greatest scientific mind of them all, Albert Einstein, had strong religious beliefs and whilst he is the source of many quotes with reference to God, in particular “God doesn’t play Dice” my personal favourite is “Religion without science is lame whilst science without religion is blind”, for the scientist who calls himself an Atheist is his own paradox; he is a person who seeks to discover order in something he inherently believes has none. Similarly the scribe who refuses to incorporate new understandings and discoveries into his beliefs is a man who lives in ignorance and superstition, he walks not towards the Paradise of his God but stands still in the purgatory of his own making.

 So how you may ask can diagrams that are perhaps 5000 years old contain direction about our destination? The answer is for the same reason that these diagrams contain information on the creation, information that has only been known, within the scientific community at least, for the last 80 years: it was hidden from the generations that preceded our era. Hidden not in a deceitful way but in a way that it would only reveal itself at the time we needed to know, for these diagrams originated not from the minds of the men that recorded them but from the Super-Mind that spoke through them. They are the result not of scientific enquiry, processes of elimination or hypothesis testing but from direct communication with the Super-Mind. A mind that relayed information that would, like a seed lying dormant through a winter, sprout in the spring in which it was intended grow.

In Jewish mysticism the Ten Sefriot is shrouded in mystery. Jewish scholars put considerable emphasis on the existence of ‘hidden’ meanings contained in the Hebrew text of the Kabalah and the Torah (the old Testament), for in ancient Hebrew letters also correspond with numbers and if one adds and subtracts words from each other one creates new words. However such a complex system lends itself too easily to corruption, whether deliberate or accidental and so this ‘hidden knowledge’ is not contained in text, Hebrew or otherwise, but instead within the actual diagram. The same essential knowledge has also been secreted into the Chakra diagrams of India so that it is copied and protected. It is likely that this information was similarly secreted into the symbolism and diagrams of other cultures and civilisation; some of which are no longer in existence. For whilst the universe has an ultimate purpose and destiny the precise route by which that destiny is fulfilled still contains choice. Which civilisations would triumph in the growth and development of Man was not known but Mankind could not avoid such growth; just as a new born baby cannot avoid its destiny to adulthood, old age and death, so Mankind cannot avoid the destiny that it has with the universe. But such destiny still retains choice, just as the baby has choice in growing up and in how it approaches and lives through the stages of life so Mankind retains choice in the development of society.

So to help us the Super-Mind secreted information into all the worlds’ civilizations, thus ensuring that whatever choices we take in the growth of our species we still retain the information that we will need to guide us to our ultimate destiny. It must be remembered that this knowledge originated from the Super-Mind; the universe itself, God, for they are one and the same. Therefore the most important information has been incorporated directly into the diagrams and then repeated both within them and within the symbolism of other cultures, thus making this knowledge robust and ensuring its survival. If one part is lost a copy is retained, if another is changed its secretion into a parallel diagram provides the opportunity for recovery. Similarly such is the complexity and depth that some information has been divided, so that only when the diagrams are bought together is the full extent of the information revealed. All of this has been done to both retain the integrity and ensure that the essence is not lost. One therefore need not have all of the information to distil the truth for if that was the case then it would be easy for the unscrupulous to conceal, alter and bastardize it: and that’s exactly what they would, and in some cases have tried to do!  However in order to conceal a thing one needs to know what it is and so in secreting and keeping the meaning of aspects hidden within and between diagrams the Super-Mind effectively kept them invisible to lesser men who would have sought to remove them.


The Essence of the Sefriot, ‘the Skeleton of God’

The first thing that is apparent about the Ten Sefriot (left below) is that it is essentially made up of three stacked equilateral triangles with a circle, Sefriah, at each corner. The triangles are similarly overlapped so as to place the bottom circle of one triangle in the centre of the next. If one then counts these Sefriah then one notices that there are not ten but eleven, for one is repeated. So within the Sefriot the first thing that one notices is that the concept of the trinity is emphasized both by each triangle and by the fact that there are three of them and that one Sefriah is repeated. The Sefriah that is repeated is the most essential, for it is Keter (Top), God in creation, and Da’at, the hidden Sefriah, (Grey) God in Manifestation. Both the trinity and the Sefriah for God are repeated because of the supreme importance, the essentiality of God and of the trinity. Trinities in themselves are not uncommon and can be found forming a central theme in virtually every civilization and religion the world over. The same trinity, three circles surrounding a central core, is the central theme in the Sri Chakra of Sharda.

In addition to the trinity is another essential sub diagram; what I call the ‘Eight Sefriot’. This is made up of the six lower coloured Sefriah, the black Sefriah of Shekhinah and the hidden Sefriah of Da’at and whilst not repeated it is copied in the Chakra philosophy of India. This arrangement is relevant to the Ascension story of Mohammad and to the Ascension destiny of Man. These important sub diagrams; representations of God in creation (top right) and God in manifestation (bottom right) can also be found in the Sri Chakra of Sharda and the Chakra philosophy of India respectively. They are similarly reflected in the earlier diagrammatic representations of Weinberg’s first three minutes, and the next 700,000 years, the unbinding of light as covered in the previous chapter. 




The trinity: God in creation

The Ten Sefriot: the Skeleton of God

The Eight Sefriot: the manifestation of God



The evolution of the Ten Sefriot

The Ten Sefriot is depicted as a map, God in the image of Man, with the three uppermost Sefriah of Keter, the ‘crown’, Binah, the left hemisphere, and Hokhmah, the right hemisphere, the mind of God. In Jewish mysticism only these three Sefriah are associated with the Mind of God, the remaining Sefriah are all associated with the body and the manifestations of the upper worlds. There is currently little information on the interpretation of the Sri Chakra at Sharda, the diagram and the philosophies behind it having been all but lost. However the Sri Chakra reflects this upper part of the Ten Sefriot, ‘the mind of God’. I can only assume that this is why the Super-Mind guided me to Sharda, for there was no other way for me to learn of this Devine symbol or its relevance to the Ten Sefriot. 

In the Ten Sefriot Keter equates with the origin of everything: the first and the last, the singularity or Zero point from which the universe came into existence. It is from Keter that Binah and Hokhmah, the left and right hemispheres of the super mind originate. Binah is similarly seen as the womb, the feminine and spatial aspect whilst Hokhmah the temporal aspect of this mind. So as Binah is feminine, Space, so Hokhmah is masculine, Time. As Binah is the ‘mother’ so Hokhmah is the ‘father’. These three top Sefriah equate with the scientific concept of the Singularity and the Dimensions of Time and Space and are mirrored in the Sri Chakra by the central point and two of the surrounding circles. These are the supreme trinity of Thought, Space and Time that result in the production of the third circle in the Sri Chakra, the universe as represented in the Ten Sefriot by the lower Sefriah, the body of God.

In the Ten Sefriot the lower eight Sefriah represent the ‘body’ of God, what we would call the universe. In the mystical teachings of the Kabalah Tif’eret is described as the ‘offspring’ of Binah and Hokhmah however this is not strictly correct; for all six of the lower coloured Sefriah, are the direct offspring of Binah and Hokhmah. This confusion is due to the central position of Tif’eret within the Sefriot. As a consequence Tif’eret is incorrectly identified as the centre, the ‘Heart’ of God from which all the other Sefriah subsequently manifest. Whilst the analogy with the Heart is correct the belief that it is the sole offspring is not for it is the entire universe, all the lower six Sefriah that are the product of the union of Binah and Hokhmah, Space and Time. Da’at and Shekhinah are the subsequent products of these lower six and so are analogous with the grandchildren of Binah and Hokhmah. Thus the body of God is also representative of the family unit.

The ‘body’ consists of a left arm; Gevurah (red Sefriah), right arm; Gedullah (blue Sefriah), left leg; Hod (orange Sefriah), right leg; Nezah (cyan Sefriah), the Heart, Tif’eret(green Sefriah) and a phallus, Yesod (yellow Sefriah). However this last analogy is incorrect and perhaps has more to do with the ego and sexual understandings of subsequent scribes. For this Sefriah is better associated with the Solar Plexus of a Devine being who is A-sexual; one who has no mother, no father, no sons or daughters but is the origin of these and everything else. The lower Sefriah of Shekhinah and the hidden Sefriah of Da’at whilst still products are associated with the Kingdom, the Garden of Eden, in which the body of God will ultimately reside, and the presence or Soul of God which unites all the parts. 

Seven of these Sefriah, the six coloured and the hidden Sefriah of Da’at are similarly represented in the Chakra philosophy of India. For Gevurah is the root Chakra of Muladhara, Gedullah the third eye Chakra of Ajña, Yesod the solar plexus Chakra of Manipura, Tif’eret the heart Chakra of Anahata, Hod the navel Chakra of Swadhishana, Nezah the throat Chakra of Visuddha, and Da’at the crown Chakra of Sahasrara. Where these two representations differ is the way they communicate this information; for one, the Ten Sefriot is the placement of Chakras on the body of God whilst the Chakra system is the placement of Sefriah on the body of Man: the image of God. This can be shown more clearly in the diagrams below.


The Seven coloured Sefriah and the uncoloured Sefriah of Man on the body of God

The seven Chakra centres of God on the body of Man

The path of the serpent (man) as understood in the Chakra philosophy super- imposed onto the seven coloured Sefriot

The quantum plumb that reveals itself when the Chakra philosophy is married with the Ten Sefriot.


As is shown in the above the lower two diagrams, the conjoining of the Sefriot with the Chakra path, the so called path of the Serpent, reveals a third diagram; one that could not have been known or understood by the mystics of the past. Nor could this diagram become revealed without uniting the Ten Sefriot with the Chakra diagrams. This diagram is the quantum plumb of the earlier chapter; a diagram that reveals the relationship of quarks within the atomic nuclei and one which could not have been scientifically understood before the advent of quantum physics: a science that did not begin until the 1920’s; 5000 years after the Ten Sefriot and the Chakra system were first devised.  I should also clarify that this is similarly not a diagram that I would have ordinarily been able to construct but one revealed by the lights during my period at Pushkar.




2: Duplication, Division, Union: The three processes of evolution

Within the ten Sefriot can be seen three distinct processes by which the universe evolves and grows. This growth pattern can be shown diagrammatically beginning with the duplication of Keter and the creation of Da’at, which then divides into Binah and Hokhmah. This step though is simultaneous, for the distinction between duplication and division is a finite one; duplication results in an exact copy whereas division results in two similar but distinct products. In the very first stage this distinction is blurred and so it is not strictly two separate but one single movement. However it is easier to appreciate and understand this as a two-step rather than a single process. These two products, Binah and Hokhmah then unite to create the universe and within the universe Keter, Binah and Hokhmah are initially duplicated.

These three elements then divide to produce the six Sefriah of Gevurah/Hod, Gedullah/Nezah and Yesod/Tif’eret. The subsequent union of these six produces a seventh Sefriah which then duplicates to produce Shekhinah and Da’at. However it can be similarly viewed as two unions, for ultimately it will be, with Hod, Nezah and Tif’eret uniting with Shekhinah whilst Gevurah, Gedullah and Yesod will unite with Da’at. These three processes of Duplication, Division and Union are similarly the three methods by which life also grows and continues; for cells and organisms duplicate, divide or unite in order to grow and continue the life process.



Keter duplicates to produce Da’at

Da’at divides to produce Binah and Hokhmah

Binah & Hokhmah unite to produce the universe

Keter, Binah, Hokhmah duplicate inside the union to produce the intermediate Sefriah

The duplicated Sefriah divides to produce Hod, Gevurah, Gedullah, Nezah Yesod & Tif’eret

These six Sefriah unite to produce another intermediate Sefriah

The intermediate Sefriah duplicates to produce Da’at and Shekhinah

The lower 8 Sefriah now unite as one universe. everything is now encapsulated within the universe; a point we are about to reach

The process duplicated within the two Sefriah of Da’at and Shekhinah: This is the point when the other realms manifest into ours.



In the above diagrams there is a growth, an evolution in complexity of the system. That evolution follows the sequence of Duplication, Division and Union; it is a repeated pattern, a simple sequence that is mimicked by the reproductive and evolutionary mechanisms of life. It is similarly a recursive process that when subsequently repeated is done so within the first. Thus inside the product of the first union, the universe, the contributory elements are duplicated. When they then divide and unite to produce the second union of Shekhinah and Da’at, whilst not shown, the process will again be repeated within these Sefriah. In this way the process is recursive. This sequence not only repeats in a recursive process but similarly grows in complexity, Thus each time the Universe goes through the three evolutionary steps there is an increase in complexity. However the growth is inward, it occurs not as an outward expansion but an inward recursive one.

From the inside of the universe, this growth or expansion is experienced as a relative one. It is the difference between two points but not to some external fixed measure, but too each other; thus if an object A has a size of 1, and an object B also has a size of 1 then relative to each other they appear to be the same, regardless if one is viewing from A’s or B’s perspective. If though B was to double in size, then from A’s perspective B will now have a relative value of 2. However from B’s perspective, A will have a relative size of 0.5, half the size of it.  So depending on where one is, one sees either a growth or a reduction in value relative to ones own position. If, A is Man and B the Universe, then from Man’s perspective the Universe is relatively larger and has expanded to be so but from B’s perspective Man is relatively smaller and has ‘shrunk’ over the same period.  Thus what you see depends on your relative perspective.

This is essentially the difference between The ten Sefriot and the Chakra philosophy, with one a diagram from Man’s perspective, Man is shown as distinct and existing separately from the other elements, whilst in the other the elements are depicted as existing within the body of Man, a copy of the Universe (God). Both diagrams and philosophies though see God and Man sharing an image. One diagram is the Created looking at the Creator, the other the Creator looking at the Creation; they are perspectively distinct but otherwise identical.   


The 8-Pointed Star of the Super-Mind

The Ten Sefriot and the Chakra philosophy are both two-dimensional diagrams however if one is to understand the future evolution of the universe then we need to start looking at these diagrams as being two-dimensional representations of a three-dimensional process. That is not to say that the two dimensional representations are wrong, on the contrary, the Ten Sefriot is a Devine diagram, as are the Chakra diagrams, and as such have information encoded in both two and three-dimensional representations, however each representation and interpretation has its time. Just as the quantum diagram has remained hidden for some 5000 years so the three-dimensional aspects have too.

The revealing of the three-dimensional aspects to me took place in Pushkar. At that time I had no knowledge of the Ten Sefriot, as a consequence interpreting the information from the lights was perhaps the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. For two months I was engrossed, at times I fasted for periods of up to eight days whilst the spinning lights, folded, twisted and streamed in and out of my reality. The space I inhabited during this period was neither of this Earth nor I suspect of another but somewhere in between. I cannot actually communicate how these lights were manifesting, they were analogous with the way consciousness exists within the human mind, not in any specific zone but between, only this experience was as if I existed within the consciousness of God, the Super-Mind. At best I can only say that the lights were neither in my mind nor in the room I was isolating myself in. Whilst Joyous it was not I would add a pleasant place for it tore one apart. In remaining in this place one begins to disintegrate, to lose concept of self and there are physical implications, for one wastes. During this period I lost over 2 stone, some 20-25% of my body mass. It was though a profound period, one that changed me completely and one that would take some fourteen months before I finally managed to extrapolate the information gleaned.


The realization of self; the manifestation of the Super-Mind

Our universe has for the last 13 billion years, give or take a billion, been expanding and that expansion has appeared for the most part to have been even. In fact the rate of expansion has actually been slowing down and accelerating depending on the stage of the evolution but soon it will or may appear to stop. It may even begin to appear to shrink but it is not because it is reversing, heading towards some kind of big crunch but because it is folding.  This change may result in a reduction in size by as much as a quarter.  The reason for this is the universe also evolves through a series of balanced shapes and its current shape is hourglass like. In fact it is actually two spinning tetrahedrals (pyramids) joined at one corner and appears as two opposing vortexes. The central point between these two vortexes is in fact a shared point of the two tetrahedrals. This point though is about to divide as the two tetrahedrals slide into each other to form a double tetrahedral, an 8-pointed star.

Thus Shekhinah will yield Da’at. Each tetrahedral that results from this division will be made up of three of the six inner Sefriah and one of the two outer Sefriah of Da’at and Shekhinah. There are important implications with regard to us as a consequence of this division, the mechanism and sequence of which are shown opposite.


Stages of Evolution of the eight pointed star

1  The first three realms (the reflection of the upper diagram) divide in

    a process analogous with the first division by Keter.

2  The six realms then separate and then combine to create a shared

    central point of two tetrahedrals

3  The six realms rotate about the centre until;

4  The realms align opposite each other

5  The central point then divides to create two tetrahedrals

6  The two tetrahedrals combine to form an eight point star (centre)


3: The Sefriah, the Chakras and the 8 Realms of the Super Mind

As allured to above the division of the central Sefriah to create Shekhinah and Da’at has serious implications. The seriousness of which is best demonstrated by the Biblical concept of the Day of Judgment, for this division can result in the loss of the direct influence of the Super-Mind in our Universe. We could, if we are not careful be cut loose. However such a scenario depends on our actions for we have choice; that choice is to realize or not.

Whilst in Jewish mysticism they are known as the Sefriah and in the Yogic philosophy of India the Chakras, the Sufi’s, the Islamic mystics, call them the lights of the prophets. When the prophet Mohammad Ascended he called them the seven Heavens whilst western mediums and aboriginal shamans associate them with spirit worlds. Whilst not everyone who talks of them actually does believe in or have experience of them it would appear that all religions and cultures seem to have encountered them and each identifies them with aspects of the Devine, hidden worlds or as I know them the seven realms of the Super-Mind. However there are not seven but eight and this eighth realm is ours. For these realms are equal in size and complexity to ours. They are similarly composed of matter, have light and life. What differentiates them from our corner of the universe is the direction of the integer spin of the quarks in the nuclei of the matter in these realms.

As briefly covered in the earlier chapter atomic nuclei are made up of three quarks and these quarks have integer spin. What has not yet been identified is that spin can have two possible directions; it can be either left or right hand and only neutrons and protons that share the same direction of integer spin can directly interact with each other and form matter. Matter made up of nuclei with one direction of integer spin cannot interact with matter made up from nuclei of a different direction of integer spin. As there are three quarks in each nuclei and each has two possible directions of spin there are eight possible combinations (2 x 2 x 2). Hence there are eight realms. It is not though possible for instrumentation made of matter from one realm to directly interact and hence detect matter from another realm. The scientific community is therefore unlikely to ever identify these alternative states of matter through existing methods of observation and experimentation. However what we can, and have detected recently is the influence and in particular the gravitational influence of this matter. What the cosmologists currently call dark matter, which accounts for some 87.5% of the matter in the universe (7/8th), is the influence from these seven ‘hidden’ realms. These realms have over the centuries been intermittently communicating with our realm with such communication having been via thought, a property that only life can detect.

Just as the universe went through an initial sonic boom in big bang, that first noise, be it Aum, Logos or Boom that emanated from the singularity and then, 700,000 years later, it went through the electromagnetic equivalent of that sonic boom with the release of photons and the unbinding of light so now, at 13 billion years of age, it will soon go through the cognitive equivalent with the unleashing of thought. Thought, just as light once was, has been bound up within the material of the universe; but not for much longer will this, the last of the communicative forces, for sound and light are communicative forces, remain undifferentiated and be bound within the matter of the universe. This event is the activation of the Super-Mind, the manifestation of God. It is likely that the activation of this Super-Mind has already begun and that some, if not all, of the other realms are aware of the activation.

Foe like our Realm the origin of these seven realms lies in the early minutes following the birth of the universe. For after the manifestation of the dimensions of Space and Time, and the differentiation of the four forces the eight states of matter (2 x 2 x2) were formed in the proceeding quantum sea. Each of these states resulted in the formation of a universe. Eight universes that exist in the same temporal and spatial plane and are held together by the same four forces but do not interact on a material level with each other. These eight realms are the lower Sefriah of the Ten Sefriot and the Chakras of the yogic philosophy, the realms of the Super-Mind. Below is my interpretation of these seven realms of the Super Mind. An interpretation based on the knowledge of the mystics and the personal encounters I made during my journey; encounters that as more and more thought becomes unbound more and more of us will hopefully soon experience. For the universe is about to go through its cognitive evolution and it would be most unfortunate if we were not part of this evolution.


Interpretations on the Seven Realms of the Super-Mind

To give a thorough account of the extent of the nature and diversity of the other seven realms is though both beyond the scope of this book and my knowledge, for I could no more give a full account of what I have only glimpsed than one could produce a thorough guide to London having only traversed the tube. What I can give though is a summary interpretation of how these realms have manifested and communicated within and to our realm, and how that communication has manifested into the religious and spiritual philosophies of our cultures. This is therefore only a brief account; one broadly based on the accounts recorded in the Ten Sefriot, the Chakra philosophy, the historical stories in the texts of the Abrahamic and Hindu faiths and my own personal experiences and encounters with the consciousness of beings from these realms. 

Such encounters are not akin to anything one can experience within this Realm, for these encounters occur in a plane that is normally restricted, out of our frame of reference and compares only to the extent of one’s own cogitative and emotional abilities. Therefore I have chosen to describe these realms in language that is somewhat simplistic; attributing only specific qualities, concepts and historical interpretations in an attempt to give a basic representation of them. I have similarly endeavoured to make this account concur with the general beliefs of the philosophies I have used to support my interpretation, chiefly the Abrahamic and Hindu faiths, but again this is not an inclusive interpretation since other cultures and philosophies have similar interpretations from which we can equally learn. That said it is the Abrahamic and Hindu faiths that dominate our world, the concepts and figures that I have used therefore relate more to these philosophies than any other. These realms, like ours exhibit many properties; they are diverse and complex and can no more be encapsulated in a few words than can our realm.


The Realm of the Red Serpent

This realm, Gevurah, the left hand of God in the Ten Sefriot and Muladhara, the root Chakra, the region where the legendary serpent of the Kundalini energy lies coiled, is associated with the left-hand side of the Super-Mind; and as with all things on the left this realm is predominately female in character. This realm is associated with security and the manifestation of emotion. It is sometimes associated with basic survival instincts such as the flight and fight response. In this respect it is strongly associated with the neutral emotion of Fear but is also related to the extreme emotions of Hate and Love. In our realm the Red Serpent has manifested through such people as Moses in the Abrahamic faiths and Shiva in the Hindu; both these figures being strongly associated with the Serpent: Moses having a staff that could turn into one and Shiva having conquered the serpent and turned its poison into medicine. Similarly both these men are associated with the flight, the Biblical Exodus, and fight, Shiva’s destructive tendencies, responses in Man.

For me the first encounter with this light was most intense for it was the light of fear. I was walking through London’s Oxford Street; it was two days before I was to leave on a one-way flight to India and two weeks before Christmas and Oxford Street was heaving. It’s manifestation was intense and in the book ‘connectivity’ I wrote: “and then, in the midst of it all something really strange happens, the whole of Oxford street turns red. It just dropped and it’s so intense like I’m looking through some blood red filter and I begin to become consumed with fear, not a fear of anything in particular just I suppose some sort of panic attack but it’s making me shake and despite the time of year I feel hot, bloody hot and I’m sweating.” This light remained with me until I touched down in India, some 3 days later. It has subsequently returned twice but these two times it appeared with a shadow, the shadow of a Serpent. This, the realm of the Serpent, the realm that Moses and Shiva are associated with, is a strange place, a place of Serpents. It is both the source of the Serpent of Adam, but also the Serpent of the physician and like medicine this light whilst beneficial can be both painful and bitter in our realm.


The Realm of the Well

The realm of the Well, Gedullah, the right hand of God and Ajna, the Third Eye is the realm of Wisdom. For as the well is the source of the water that quenches the thirst so this realm is the source of insight and wisdom that quenches fear in the Super-Mind. However this realm can also manifest as ignorance. It can be dogmatic and rely more on instinct that the more positive attribute of intuition. The colour of Gedullah, the Third Eye is blue and it is associated with the founding historical figures of Abraham and Brahma. It is the light of ‘small things’, the realm of all things meek. Just as the well serves the people so this is the realm of service; for service in the aims of God is wisdom and wisdom of this kind is Joy.  This realm is the one most strongly connected with the Super-Mind, the light of the Devine, just as both Abraham and Brahma are the most strongly connected in the traditions of the faiths. As a consequence it can be difficult to distinguish it from the Devine for with the light of this realm comes wisdom, the wisdom of the small, the creatures of the well, the ones that live and serve in the waters of the Devine.

My first encounter with this realm was as the blue light of Abraham and it was one of the first of the lights to manifest. It came at the same time as the Magenta light of the Devine, at the point the crown Chakra, the gate of Brahma opened and I first connected with the Super-Mind. Unlike the subsequent lights this one did not manifest around me but within. I knew only of the presence of this light in retrospect, for it manifested in my drawings, in my actions, in my mind; the way Wisdom does.


The Realm of the Cow (Animal)

This, the realm of the Cow is Yesod and is symbolized as the creative and preservative qualities of God in the Ten Sefriot where it is likened to the phallus of God. That said the Super-Mind whilst creative does not have nor require a phallus to be so. Instead the creativity of the Super-Mind manifests as intellect. In the Chakra philosophy this realm relates to Manipura, the solar plexus. The colour of the light from this realm is yellow but as it is particularly associated with the prophet Noah whose symbol is the rainbow, this being God’s covenant with Noah after the great flood, it is often associated with all colours. This is the realm of ‘Animals’, of the Cow and it is from this realm manifested the prophet Noah (Nu) in the Abrahamic and the manifestations of Vishnu and Krishna in the Hindu faith. Both these figures are associated with intellect and the protection of animals, Noah and Vishnu with respect to the Ark and the flood (for both the Abrahamic and the Hindu faith subscribe to the same flood story) and the last incarnation of Vishnu, the manifestation from this realm of Krishna who was both protected by and protected the Cow.

This, the yellow light of intellect visited me with the ‘Silver’ or more correctly the Cyan light of Insight/Communication, sometimes described as ‘ice blue’. These two lights were the first to visit me in India. This the light of intellect together with the light of insight visited whilst I was at Lake Pushkar, the Holy city of Brahma, the city of ‘The Well’. I had been in India some 3 months and the lights by this time had been joined with dreams, messages and visions. This lights manifestation was not all encompassing but a small disc of no more than 20cm in diameter. Together with the light of Insight these two discs of light traced out the means by which the universe was constructed, the way by which quarks ‘spin’ about the zero point to create the physical world; this was the revealing of the ‘quantum plumb’. Together the realm of intellect and insight communicated information that at that time I had not been able to understand from the spinning lights of the extended ‘vision’ period. I had it is fair to say not been trying to interpret the messages from the spinning lights at a quantum level for quantum physics is not my field.

This is the light from the realm of ‘Animals’, the animals that Noah and Vishnu so loved and preserved, the light of Yesod; foundation in the Ten Sefriot. For Yesod is not only symbolic of the creative powers of the Super-Mind but is the means with which we were created. For whilst we were fashioned from clay, so was everything else; it was with the animals that the Super-Mind perfected the means of creating Mankind; this is why Yesod symbolizes foundation. For just as the walls of a house sit on the foundations of earth so Man sits on the foundation of Yesod, the ‘phallus’ of God, the realm of the ‘Animals’.


The First Historical Trinity

Gevurah, Gedullah and Yesod in the Ten Sefriot, Muladhara, Ajna and Manipura in the Chakra philosophy are the three realms that make up the first and historical trinity of Abraham, Moses and Noah in the Abrahamic faiths and the Timitri of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu in the Hindu faiths. These realms similarly make up the primary attributes of the Super-Mind being analogous with emotion, intuition and intellect. When conjoined with Da’at they form the uppermost or primary tetrahedral of the eight pointed star.


The Realm of the Tree

Tif’eret is often confused with the creation itself but is an emanation of the creation, the product of the spontaneous doubling of the primary Sefriah that yielded it and Yesod. Of all the Sefriah and the Chakras this is the one that has the greatest similarities with regard to interpretation of the symbol of Tif’eret and Anahata as the Heart, the positive attribute of which is compassion whilst the negative is indifference. Tif’eret is the realm of ‘Trees’ and is associated with the colour Green in both the Sefriot and the Chakra. Tif’eret is has a strong association with Islam in the Abrahamic faiths and in particular the prophet Mohammad who was both compassionate and green (environmental). However as with all the realms it also has a negative manifestation; the heart can become hardened, indifferent and as such those who exhibit this negative influence can be intolerant and judgemental.  

In my journey the light associated with this Realm, the light of Mohammad, the last of the prophets fittingly manifested last. Equally fitting it manifested in Sharda, a place of trees, a place that reflects Paradise. The manifestation of this powerful light, the light of Tif’eret, the realm of the ‘Tree’ occurred in stages for it was through this light that I touched the mirror and experienced being as one. I was walking across the iron bridge that spans the Sorgun River and is the gateway to the Noran valley when I paused to experience the beauty. I wrote of this: I marvel at the power that lies ahead, So close yet obscured, Still unseen in all but effect, Such complete and magnificent effect though it is! For that brief moment I know being as the waters know being, I know being as the rocks know being, I know being as the trees know being, I know only being; For I have touched the mirror. I am complete!

It was the following day whilst walking along the banks of the Kisanganga that I experienced the green light at full force writing Then as I round a corner the Temple comes into view with the Narda peak directly behind it I am at the point of sheer absorption when a great weight falls from above knocking me down onto my knees. So intense so overwhelming was the beauty that only an Arabic phrase can describe it: Mush Allah! God is truly beautiful! I am close to tears! This the green light of Mohammad, the light from the realm of the ‘Tree’ is the light of unconditional Love, the Love of God, the Love of all things.


The Realm of the Bird

Hod, the left leg of God and Swadhisthana the Chakra of the naval or groin is the realm of the bird. The colour of this Realm is orange and the attributes are Peace and Perseverance. It is symbolic of the bird who soars high in an attempt to reach God. The realm of the ‘Birds’ is essentially the higher side of Gevurah (the Serpent); just as the birds are seen as having evolved from reptiles so Hod is essentially the evolution of Gevurah. It is symbolic of the struggle to reach for God, the need to shed what is not required and to rise up. From this Realm has manifested the prophet Buddha but also the last Tirthankara, and great Jain holy teacher, Mahavira.

In many respects this was the first of the lights that I experienced however it was a distant light, a faint glow that had preceded any of the subsequent events. The orange light of Perseverance is a light that I now associate with Buddha, for it is not only the light of Perseverance, but the light of sorrow. I encountered this light during a great period of struggle, whilst I persevered and failed to establish myself as an environmental consultant. This light manifested as a ‘distant’ glow for it appeared to radiate off everything. The feeling that came with this light was one of acceptance; not though acceptance of failure but the acceptance of the situation. I would liken this acceptance to the one encountered when it begins to rain whilst one is walking home without a coat. For one does not accept failure and cease to continue one accepts that one will arrive home soaked: one will get there in the end, it will just be unpleasant. For me this is the light of the ‘Orange’ realm, the realm of Hod, the realm of the ‘Birds’, the light of Buddha. I call this the realm of the birds not because it is a reality in which there are only ‘Birds’ but because birds symbolize the perseverance of one who soars, one who reaches for the skies, for God. They are the emblem of peace through the dove and perseverance through the annual migrations.

One other person deserves a mention but this person I cannot associate directly with a light but can associate him with many of the attributes of this Realm; this person is Mahavira, the last Tirthankara, and great Jain holy teacher. I encountered the presence of this man in Mt Abu whilst sitting in a small garden known as the Crocodile Garden. It was here, sat in the sun in front of a small shrine that I learned to meditate. Focusing on the words that adorn the shrine ‘ Arise, Arise and never cease till thy Goal is reached’ and on the opposite side ‘A man who lives for others truly lives whereas one who lives for himself alone is more dead than alive’ I began to enter into meditative states. At the time I did not know whom this man was, nor that I was meditating, for like Islam the Jain faith is opposed to attempts to depict the likeness of their teachers and saints but whilst Islam bans images the Jains instead use the same simple image to depict them all. I am sure though that without the help of Mahavira I would not have been able to reach the state required to encounter the other lights; for it was Mahavira who taught me to soar. 


The Realm of the Fish

This, the realm of the ‘Fish’ is Nezah in the Sefriot and Vishuddha, the throat Chakra in the Chakra philosophy. As Hod, the realm of birds, is the higher aspect of Gevurah so Nezah is the higher side of Gedullah (the well). The light of this realm is Cyan (pale or ‘ice’ blue) and it is the realm of Devotion with the higher side being knowledge and the lower ritual. As the throat Chakra this realm is the realm of communication and in particular speech. The main prophet associated with the manifestation of this realm into ours is the prophet Jesus, a man one associates with the symbol of the fish and who was, according to Islamic traditions, the prophet born with the ability to talk.

Of all the Realms the light of this realm is the one colour most often confused. Sometimes referred to as Silver but other times as white, this pale blue cyan light can be misinterpreted. This is the light of Jesus, the realm of the ‘Fish’. For me this light visited me three times. The first was in Cardiff, it came between the departure of the orange and the arrival of the Spiral and it manifested principally amongst the flowers; For it was the light that sparkled. In this form this light is indirect; one sees it not directly ahead but through the corner of the eye. I have since learned that there is a very simple reason for this as the eye contains two mechanisms for sight. The first mechanism is through cone cells and these are concentrated in the centre of the eye. These cells see colour but they need intensity and cannot detect faint light. However the eye also contains rod cells and whilst these are more sensitive they are colour blind. These rod cells are concentrated to the side. They are the reason why one sees more stars in the heavens to the side of ones line of sight than when looking directly at the same portion of space. So sensitive are these cells that they can detect individual photons; what I interpreted as sparkles, as the flowers trying to ‘talk’.

The second time this light came it was with the yellow light of intellect, as detailed above, and the third time in Srinagar, Kashmir. It came in the early evening after I had spent the afternoon in the old City of Srinagar where I visited the tomb of Jesus.  Whether or not this actually is the tomb of Jesus is something I cannot answer but the evidence that Jesus went to Kashmir after the crucifixion is compelling. It does though seem reasonable to me that the prophet who came closest to God should have later travelled to the Abode of Sharda, the promised-land. This final manifestation, the cyan light of the realm of the Fish came, as it always did with the feeling of Peace. It bought with it a realization that my belief in my impending death at Sharda was erroneous. Similarly this final manifestation was an encompassing one; for whilst it first manifested as sparkles, then as a silver disc, in this its third manifestation it came as a glow.


The Second Trinity

As Gedullah, Gevurah and Yesod form the Abrahamic Trinity of Abraham, Moses and Noah, which is reflected in the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu so Tif’eret, Hod and Nezah similarly make a trinity.  This trinity is both lower in position and higher in attributes for it is the trinity of Compassion, Peace, and Devotion. It is the trinity on which the Garden of Eden can be established, as the upper trinity is the means by which the manifestation of God is established. These first two trinities make up the six points of a six-pointed star, one that rotates about a central core that is the combined realms of Da’at and Shekhinah. This centre effectively acts as the shared point in two tetrahedrals but the universe will evolve and this centre will divide into Shekhinah and Da’at.


Da’at, God in Manifestation

Da’at is the realm yet to manifest for it is the manifestation of God at the completion and realization of the creation. Da’at is therefore hidden. The colour of Da’at is magenta, which just like the realm is the one colour absent from light for it is the colour produced by the mixing of red and blue and this does not occur naturally for red and blue are at opposite ends of the visible spectrum. When Man though makes the realization then the circle will be complete and God will manifest into Da’at and the universe will contain the eighth realm, the eighth colour of Magenta and the Super-Mind will be activated. For this Sefriah is the crown Chakra, Sahasrara, the Chakra of consciousness, the master Chakra that controls all the others.

My encounter with the light of the Devine was the most dramatic and it is a period I call ‘The Coming of the Spiral’ for this above all is the most powerful of lights. It was a light that came as a consequence of a realization; the realization of connectivity that resulted in the opening of the gate of Brahma, the crown Chakra, and a link with the Super-Mind. It preceded but came with the manifestation of the blue light, the light of Abraham. For these two came together and it was these two lights that told me of the three pillars of Paradise on which stands Eden. These three pillars, Devotion, Compassion and Pacifism, are the lights of Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha, the three Realms upon which we can build Paradise, the Paradise that is our inheritance, the Promised Land, the kingdom to come. However it is not a gift without a price. 


Shekhinah, The realm of Mankind

This is the realm of the Garden of Eden, Paradise or Nirvana, ‘The Kingdom’ yet to realize. Of the seven realms it is the one that is closest to yet furthest from God. The light of Mankind is black; not because we are bad but because it is into our realm that the other lights manifest. Shekhinah as in Mankind needs to learn the lessons bought by the manifestations from the other realms and in particular the manifestations of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad. My experience of this realm does not need explanation for it is the realm that we all share, for it is our own, the Earth.


The visions

Although I experienced numerous dreams and messages during the 9 months I was on my journey, many of which I acted upon but I did not record, three specific periods are worth mentioning: these were the visions. The first of which occurred in Goa some ten days after I had arrived in India. I had crossed India twice in that period, unsure of precisely why I had taken flight I had been unable to settle; that is until I reached Goa where I experienced the first and the most powerful vision.

In Goa I finally leaned to relax and reflect on what I was doing in India. I had come to write a book and had determined that rather than sit in one place I would take the opportunity to see India and would chose places dedicated to the concept of Saraswati; knowledge. I was sat reviewing a list, gleaned off the internet, of such temples in order to construct an itinerary when I became consumed in images; images of Sharda. I wrote of these images: As I underline the last I am immediately struck by something; I’m transported or enveloped in images, fast flashing images of a stone building, square in shape and surrounded by mown grass, then white buildings with dark roofs followed by a row of wooden buildings. The images then change and I see myself walking with two others, I cannot see their faces but behind I see the stone building, there are mountains, pine covered mountains and then there is a bang and I fall to the ground. The images stop and I’m shaking. I interpreted this last part as my impending death and as a consequence it influenced me strongly. The following day I experienced a second journey this time a message: We are to establish a library, a place where science and philosophy meet, where knowledge meets understanding, where function reveals purpose. We are to establish this Library in Kashmir, where the two rivers meet and the temple of Sharda stands. Here we will build a library; here we will build the three pillars of pacifism, compassion and devotion. Here is where we must go and when this library is built we will have finished the task.


The next time I received visions was several months later in Srinagar. I was sat on the houseboat when I was subject to another vision; a series of images that were as if I was watching from high in the stratosphere and from where I saw a great cloud spiral, the north Atlantic anti-cyclone. This gave way to five or six smaller spirals that then steamed westward; half a dozen hurricanes two of which were enormous. This image was then replaced by a series of near ground images; flooding, vast flooding followed by thousands possible millions of tents, homeless some clearly Western in style, North America but others mountainous. I appeared to have moved down and to now be viewing mountain valleys from a helicopter. I interpreted this as a series of hurricanes, two of which were monstrous that would batter and devastate the Caribbean and US coast. I posted messages to this effect on web sites but no one listened and at best I was called a nutter. Even after the events of Katrina and company the insults continued with similar venom.  I realize now that whilst the hurricanes and floods had been North America the mountainous images had not, but were Kashmir; the Earthquake.

Whilst I experienced a period in Pushkar where I was consumed with images that I was trying to interpret these specific visionary moments above were quite different from that period. Each came suddenly, blindingly and at such speed that it left me a little traumatized.


Man’s Place in The Realization of the Super-Mind

What most of this has been leading to is a realization. Whilst I am not the first to realize nor I hope the last I believe that in some way this realization was not meant to be personal. For some reason the life that I had led, the education that I received and the way I had observed the world all conspired to bring me to an inevitable point. Few I believe have the perseverance/stubbornness, Intuition/ignorance, Selfless/selfish qualities that has been the paradox that is me and it was only by living this paradox that I was capable of both withstanding the impact of the lights and then having the resolve not to abandon their teachings but to exhibit sufficient obsessiveness to persevere and put this work to paper. In doing so I have myself realized more and more.


The 8 States of Consciousness and the manifestation of Paradise and Being within the Super-Mind

One of these realizations has been the role that both the human condition and planet Earth play in reflecting both the ambitions and the structure of the Super-Mind. How these eight realms are similarly represented by the concept of eight levels of consciousness in Man; a theory first proposed in the west by Timothy Leary but one that has its roots in the teachings of the Sufi’s and the Yogi’s, the mystics of the East and the West. This theory contends that the human mind has eight states of consciousness with four residing in the left hemisphere and four residing in the right that become activated as we mature.

The first of these states of consciousness was termed the Bio-Survival Circuit by Leary and it equates well with the concept of the realm of the Well in the Super-Mind. This Leary regarded as a primitive state of consciousness, an instinctive state that is active in the human mind at birth. Leary however only regarded this level of consciousness as a rudimentary ‘either-or’ grid divided into nurturing-helpful things and noxious-dangerous things. According to Leary this level of consciousness matures early and forms the basis of an individuals life long attitude with regard to trust and suspicion. Whilst Leary was correct in equating this level of consciousness with instinctive responses he failed to identify that this mind has the potential to evolve and become the source of intuition and wisdom. 

The second state of consciousness identified by Leary was termed the Emotional Circuit and as the first equates well with the realm of the Well in the Super-Mind this second state equates with the realm of the Serpent. Leary identified this state as being the second level to become active in the human mind, usually at about the age of two; a period in an infants life in which it can exhibit the most extreme of emotional responses. As with the first state of consciousness Leary does not see this as having higher and lower states or the potential to evolve beyond what is imprinted at an early age except through extreme techniques such as brain washing. However whilst the early development does shape the individuals emotional responses it similarly retains the ability to alter itself through experience.

Leary’s third state of consciousness he termed the Dexterity-Symbolism state and he equates this with logic functions; something I would say was an aspect of intellect as typified in the Super-Mind by the mammalian consciousness.  In the fourth ‘brain’ Leary identifies this as the Social-Sexual Circuit and he appears to confuse much of this level of consciousness with puberty and ritualism. Up to this point Leary’s analysis of the eight states of consciousness concur well with my own observations and understandings although Leary goes further and determines when in our evolutionary history these conscious states became active, which as with his analysis of the other four states of consciousness is pure conjecture and not based on any mystical teaching or scientific analysis but his own personal explorations with psychedelic drugs. 

What Leary failed to do was to escape the hierarchal view that assumes evolution to be a progression through successive higher states; the Darwinian view of evolutionary progression through divergence. Whilst Leary was correct with the early development of consciousness in the infant, the human condition works because all the states of consciousness work collectively to produce the individual; the part that is the whole and not an aspect of any one part. When they do get into conflict then the individual succumbs to mental illness.

With the human condition the eight states of consciousness are actually seven for the eighth is the condition itself; the collective influence of the other seven, the whole. This is reflected in the Super-Mind but unlike the human condition, where the mind exists within the individual, the manifestations of the Super-Mind exist within the Super-Mind and not the other way around; the Super-Mind has no body except for the one it creates, the one it creates within itself. In some respects our universe is nothing more than the imagination of the Super-Mind, things appear real because they are all part of the same imagination. That said it is some imagination! This is reflected in all the religious texts but particularly well in the Qur’an ‘ He [God] only says to it “BE!” and it is’ [Surat 19:035]. Within the imagination of the Super-Mind lies all of the creation but of particular interest is our corner of the creation; the Earth, a place that has the potential to be the manifestation of Paradise within the Super-Mind.

Similarly whilst all the creation is as a consequence of the Super-Mind experiencing being, it is the condition of Man that has the greatest potential to experience that being. For only man can truly understand the creation, can empathize with any aspect of it, can experience it as God experiences it. For Man is not just the Image of God but is the future manifestation of God in the material. 


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