The Lesson of The Lights

(realizing the Super-Mind)



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When I sat in front of my computer to write the chapter Gaia in the Garden for a book intended to show how the natural mechanisms of planet Earth worked, and how in a post petroleum age we could exploit these systems without destroying the planet, little did I know where it was about to lead.

In putting that chapter together I decided to put a model together, one that would demonstrate the system in terms of function. Using my existing knowledge I begun with the simplest possible representation; three circles, one to represent the chemical processes, one to represent the mechanical processes and one to represent the biological product. Each circle represented a function in a natural system.

Then I divided each circle into three parts and as I built the properties into the system I noticed something, something I had never noticed before; a fourth component, one that unlike the ones I was working with had no form but like the components had function. As a realization dawned so the luminescence in the room began to rise. The model on my screen began to rotate and something began to move inside my head.

Then as I felt a movement that I can only describe as the two halves of my brain beginning to part a bright light began to manifest above me; a bright purple and white spiralling light that first increased in luminescence before it completely consumed me. One minute I was sat at a desk watching a computer screen, the next I was watching the universe reveal itself. Knowledge streamed in and before my eyes I watched atoms rotate, I saw fusion at my fingertips and I was aware; aware of so much but so incapable of telling anyone.

When I ‘returned’ I first wrote a piece called the three pillars, a piece that ended “this must not yet be revealed, there is much we must plan”. I felt too a presence inside and a strong urge to go to India developed; so strong that ten days later I had abandoned everything and flown to India.

I would spend the next 12 months traversing India, Pakistan, Kashmir and the Sahara in pursuit of that Spiral and during that time I would receive visions, have visitations from lights and be presented with puzzles. Over the next twelve months I would concentrate on unravelling those puzzles, interpreting the lights and writing this book. This;


The Lesson of the Lights

                                                         Malcolm McEwen, November 2006.  


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INTRODUCTION                                                                            05

CHAPTER ONE: The Song of The Universe                                 06


From the singularity to the evolution of light; this chapter begins at the beginning of everything. Starting from the scientific view on the creation of the universe it highlights how this account rather than being at odds with the religious accounts is actually supportive. It draws on the creation accounts of the Abrahamic and Hindu faiths and puts forward a scientific interpretation that compliments them and aboriginal beliefs. It begins therefore from ‘A point of Agreement’, then describes the early process of big bang, what has become known as Weinberg’s first three minutes, and shows how this evolution similarly concurs with ancient mystical interpretations; in particular it uses diagrams to represent this early growth culminating in a diagrammatic representation that contains all the same elements as the current scientific theory but pre-dates them by 1200 years.

After time, space and the four fundamental forces had emerged came the atomic nuclei and the building blocks the quarks. A difficult and complex branch of science is dealt with in easy and relevant steps to convey the strange behaviour of particles at the quantum level. Employing simple logic and appropriate diagrams the process by which quarks interact to generate matter is explained. After 700,000 years a universe that took just 3 minutes to form is nothing more than a sea of quantum particles and atomic nuclei but as the expansion begins to slow down and the universe cools these particles begin to capture electrons, form atoms and emit photons, light. Up until now the universe has existed in darkness but with the unbinding of light it experiences the electromagnetic equivalent of a sonic boom as light is unleashed and for the first time the universe gets to see itself. The chapter concludes with the whole process from the singularity through the emergence of the dimensions and forces to the unbinding of light being represented on a single diagram which acts as an introduction to the next chapter: The Ten Sefriot and the Chakras.


The Point of Agreement                                                            06

        Big bang; the first noise                                                             08

        Matter, Light, Life, The evolution of atomic nuclei                      12


CHAPTER TWO:   Secrets of The Chakras and The Ten Sefriot                               22

Beginning with a brief history of the Ten Sefriot and The Chakra philosophy in this chapter it is averred that these diagrams and philosophies are in fact ancient interpretations of the universe that are actually supportive of the modern scientific view;  posing the question, how did mystics without the scientific understanding of today come by such knowledge some 5000 years earlier?

Breaking the Sefriot down this chapter shows how it is composed of three equilateral triangles that are arranged into two diagrams, one which reflects the earlier Sri Chakra, which explains the original creation, and the other that reflects the later evolution of light but is similarly concurrent with the Chakra philosophy of India. Combining these two a third aspect in the form of a diagram, one introduced in the previous chapter, reveals an understanding of the quantum nature of matter; an understanding that pre-dates the discovery of the quantum world by over 3000 years.

Then using just three processes, the ones similarly used by life, the evolution of the Sefriot from the singularity to the manifestation of Earth is explained and interpreted as a three-dimensional representation it reveals even more; the manifestation of God the super-mind as a double tetrahedral, an eight pointed star. Interpretations on this mind using the historical understanding of the Ten Sefriot, the Chakra philosophy and the authors personal experiences are used to show how this mind actually generates more than one universe; and how these universes interact with ours in both a material and psychological sense. In the final section this chapter summarizes how Mankind and planet Earth fit into this super-mind.


        The Ten Sefriot of the Kabalah                                                               22

        The Essence of the Sefriot, ‘the Skeleton of God’                                   24

The evolution of the Ten Sefriot                                                              26

        Duplication, Division, Union: The 3 processes of evolution                       28

        The 8-Pointed Star of the Super-Mind                                                    30

        The realization & manifestation of the Super-Mind                                   31

        The Sefriah, Chakras and the 8 Realms of the Super Mind                      32

Interpretations on the Seven Realms of the Super-Mind                          34

Man’s Place in The Realization of the Super-Mind                                  42



CHAPTER THREE:  The Coalescence of The Faiths                                                    45

In this chapter evidence is presented to support the theory that both the Abrahamic and Hindu faiths have a common origin. Beginning first with the respective flood stories it then looks at the concepts of prophet and avatar and the influence of the realms of the super-mind on creating such figures. However of greatest significance are the similarities between the two most important figures of these two religious branches, Abraham and Brahma, with the idea that these two figures are one and the same being proposed and supported by historical and phonetically evidence. Such evidence includes their respective names, the names of their respective spouses and the interpretation of these names. However the most significant piece of evidence is the Abode of Goddess Sharda in Kashmir were it is argued that Sharda comes from Shadau, ‘the mountain dweller’. Shadau being the ancient Sematic root of El Shaddai, God Almighty in the Torah, the Bible, the God of Abraham. Finally the chapter concludes with an examination of the names of God and identifies a common vowel sound that is present in all the important names of the respective faiths. This it is argued is the hidden name of God in the Qu’ran, the forgotten name of God in Judaism and the unknown name of the Supreme God-Head in Hinduism.


            Manu and Noah’s Flood                                                              46

The Avatars of Destruction                                                           48

The Lake and the Well                                                                 49

The Importance of Sharda                                                            53

The Names of God                                                                      57


CHAPTER FOUR:  The Mathematics of Evolution:                                       62

This chapter introduces the concept that, at a fundamental level, three mathematical processes, a numerical base and two integer sequences, operate and have operated throughout the universe. These processes give rise to the order and complexity of the universe and are responsible for generating matter, systems and life.  Beginning with the evolutionary sequence it explains a mechanism of system growth that is recursive and over lays the primary balanced ternary base that is the original numbers system of creation. It then introduces the mathematical field of topology which it uses to show how systems communicate and how at a given scale generate secondary or ‘hyper-spatial systems. This system of communication is the third mathematical concept and it is responsible for the evolution of consciousness. In the last section the theory that the universe is at or is approaching a point in which it evolves into a new system is considered and the implications of this theory are briefly explored.


        The Pushkar Model: the Evolutionary Sequence                                  63

        Balance Ternary: the Mathematics of the Devine                                 66

        The Interactive Sequence                                                                   72

        The 43rd Step                                                                                    74



CHAPTER FIVE:  Building the Garden Society: Realizing Eden                    76

Where to from here? This chapter explores the potential to use this knowledge to deal with the optimal use of the planets resources and how models can be developed that permit considered management of those resources at both a local and global scale but within a single inter-connected frame work. This being the original concept, that the author had been working on, when experiencing a massive spiritual awakening and embarking on a 14-month journey across three continents. It remains however the most complex and difficult of chapters to summarize and in all probability will become the subject of  at least one more book.