Malaysia Real Estate Tools


Here are the variety of tools that you can choose from to aid you in your Real Estate needs:

Loan Repayment

It determines your monthly payments for your home loan

Entry Cost

It calculates all legal fees pertaining to loan agreement including scale legal fees, stamp duties, caveat, disbursement fees, search, travelling expenses, etc.

Maximum Loan I Can Afford

It calculates an estimated home purchase price based on your income and debts, and assuming that you will finance your purchase using conventional loan.

Insurance Quotation

It determines how much you will pay for your insurance in an insurance institution.

Fire Insurance Quotation


How much will you pay for your fire insurance?

Refinance Calculator

How much will you save in refinancing your current mortgage?

Loan Balance

What is the balance owing on my loan?
EPF Estimator

It calculates how much your Employee's Provident Fund contributions will be worth in the future.
WISE Wizard

Shows you the top loan packages amongst the 406 loans available from all banks in Malaysia based on your search category.

WISE Refinance

A 30-second analysis to find out how to get zero refinance cost in servicing your high interest loan