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Ketingting/Teng Teng

Ketinting game also known as a game 'for stone house', 'Tingting and 'ciak tingting' is one of the Malay cultural heritage which is still popular nowadays. It's a children's game that is not only entertainment, but also beneficial for mental and physical to the players. This game was practice especially by rural communities that still maintain their ancestral heritage.

Ketingting introduced among the Roman soldiers as military training who honed physical the strength and resilience. During the training, the soldier will run while carrying heavy sacks and reliable method can enchance the agility and resilience of their feet. By leveraging this training the soldiers can survive longer in battle.When Rom children see the training, they begin to imitate warriors training to create and modify ketingting game. They adjust by reducing the total area of the parcel and facilitate the game with their own scoring system children. Ketingting game is different in many countries in terms of number and size of the box, how to play and the tools used. But the two basic features of universal game is 'squares' and skills 'jump'.

  • Corps players can not be the same because the players can be tricky to distinguish.
  • During the play, 'corps' may not fall outside the box, on the line of any parcel and the parcel 'home' player.
  • Hand and foot players can not step on the line while jumping or compartment while taking the 'corps' them
  • A player is given three chances only when the selection of the 'home' if 'corps' fall on the line, or 'home' of the other players, players are considered 'dead' and will restart the game from scratch.
  • Players can jump in their own 'home' but not at the other players' 'home' player. 

  1. Players need to remove 'corps' in the box 'HOME' following the fall by rotation. Core players closest to the line 'HOME' will start the game. Players will be standing at the beginning when you start playing. 
  2. Players must remove the 'corps' in box 1 first. Then the players will continue to jump until he returned to the starting point (jump on one leg for a single number and both legs for an even number of square)
  3. A players must finish the game until 'corps' him thrown in box 7. At the end of the round, now it is now step choose 'home'.
  4. Players will be throwing 'corps' in any of the places where the fall. In 'corps', will be 'home' players. 'Home' can be decorated with a pattern of players according to player preferences.