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Batu Seremban

Selambut or also known as Batu Seremban or Serembat is a traditional game played in Malaysia. Selambut is a reference to the north and east coast of Peninsular, while on the west coast of Peninsular is called Seremban game. It is usually played by girls individually or in groups of two to five people.

Selambut games only need a few pieces of fruit. Rubber seeds, pebbles or small stones, chunks of other objects commonly used round, often as much as five seeds. In addition, the cloth bag sewn and filled with saga seeds, sand, etc. are also used.

The game is often played at leisure, on the porch of the house, in the house, in the park or anywhere else that there is a clean, flat surface. The players sit on the floor, and play in turns.


In Batu Seremban game, There are several levels or different ways of celebration. The game will start with a simple first stage, in which a piece of fruit called a used, up to a more difficult level or top level of seven named.

Fruit One:
  • All fruits should be dispersed, put in all the fruit is not touching one another.
  • A fruit will be the mother, and the mother had to be tossed into the air.
  • At the same time, a fruit on the floor should be collected.
  • Such behavior will continue until all the fruit on the floor already collected.

Fruit Two:
  • Two ways of play is the same as the fruit one.
  • Only two pieces of fruit should be harvested in the same time.
  • This means that the mother will tossed two times.

Fruit Three:
  • Fruit three little difference.
  • On the first toss, just one seeds will be collected.
  • Toss the two, three seeds will be collected simultaneously.

Fruit Four:
  • Fruit mother would tossed into the air.
  • At the same time, the player must collect all four pieces of fruit that are on the floor together.

Fruits Five:
  • Fruit of the five will be played as four.
  • Players must toss of mother-to-air and collect the four pieces of fruit on the floor simultaneously.
  • After that, of the mother should be tossed into the air and at the same time, four pieces of fruit that is in the player's hand must be placed on the floor so that only the mother of the only ones who will be welcomed.

Fruit Six:
  • In the sixth stage, the players are slightly different opinion.
  • At this stage, the player will get two pieces of fruit that will be of the mother.
  • When a piece of it is tossed into the air, another piece of the mother should be exchanged with other fruits found on the floor to finish.

Fruit Seven:
  • Fruit is a sequence of seven of six.
  • Two pieces of fruit that is in the hand should be tossed simultaneously.
  • After that, only one of which will be collected seeds.
  • Fruit mother should be celebrated with both hands.
  • One in the left hand, and another on his right hand.
  • In the end, the mother of the latter will also be celebrated tossed.