Who We Are

All About Us

The Malaysia-America Society (MAS) is an all-volunteer people-to-people organization dedicated to promoting understanding and friendship between America(ns) and Malaysia(ns).  It was founded in the early 1970s by the late Prof. Warren Hunsberger at American University in Washington, D.C. 

Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) who served in Malaysia have been at the core of its membership, as have been past and current American and Malaysian foreign service personnel and their families.  Current and former American and Malaysian ambassadors to the respective countries are honorary members.  Past U.S. ambassadors, such as Robert Miller and Ronald Palmer, and the late Thomas Shoesmith, have served as presidents and/or Board Members. 

The current MAS President is Tom Reckford, Vice Chairman of the World Affairs Council of Washington DC, and Vice President is Pek Koon Heng, a professor at American University and wife of a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer (FSO). Other Board Members include retired FSOs, Malaysians and Malaysian-Americans, former PCVs, and members affiliated with the US-ASEAN Business Council, the Asia Society, the East-West Center, Georgetown University, American University, George Washington University and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).  

The bottom line is that MAS has no corporate sponsorship, no partisan agenda, and its only advocacy focus is on education/promoting better understanding and relations from the ground up, so to speak, between America(ns) and Malaysia(ns).

Recent Years

The past year and a half have seen the sucess of numerous well-attended programs. These programs ranged from showings of Malaysian films to speakers such as former Malaysian Ambassador Rajmah Husain, former U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia Christopher LaFleur, Malaysian Ambassador Jamaluddin Jarjis, Muthiah Alagappa of the E-W Center, and a panel marking 50 years in the relationship which featured three former U.S. Ambassadors to Malaysia, former Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV), and Malaysians on professional assignments in the U.S. One of the Fall highlights was a program with the famous Malaysian cartoonist “Lat.”

Speakers in past years have included senior American and Malaysian officials, experts on Islam, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir's daughter Marina, corporate executives, and speakers on various aspects of Malaysian culture, flora and fauna.

The Malaysian Embassy has graciously hosted a number of these events.